Question regarding Sansha Anoms

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So I’ve been running anoms in gallante space for a hot minute and I’m tired of shooting at Serp rats. So I get an idea for myself “why don’t I go to sansha anom space and farm there till I get myself a frigate and cruiser bpc and build one for my “Collection””.

Anyway, I was doing really well in gallante space shooting serp rats and scanning down 3/10 and 4/10 sites. I come out to the Ammatar Mandate side of space and I’ve been running sansha anoms for over a week now.

So my question is this, is there a better place to run these anoms? I read in eve uni that some of amarr space also has sansha anoms, but I have no clue where. Also are Sansha sites predispositioned to be a lot worse rates of faction rat spawns etc? I’ve run countless in the last near 2 weeks and have not had a single faction spawn on an anom and the 3/10 and 4/10 I’ve ran have dropped personal effects and I got two faction armor reppers but that’s it.

Maybe there is something I’m missing here? Does anything else change the spawn rate for the faction rats? also if anyone knows a good cluster of .05 and .06 areas to spawn dens etc could you please tell me?


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There shouldn’t be a preferential space for these anomes besides Stain itself.

There are a couple of high sec islands in Derelik and Devoid where you can sometimes find a lot of anoms and signatures that have accumulated there over a couple of days. Look at Dotlan to find them. Domain also has vast stretches of 0.5 and 0.6 systems.

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I’ll have to check out Domain then. Not having much luck in Derelik.

I remember when I was playing years ago there was some hidden factor in how good the ratting was by something I think they called a systems “true sec” or something similar. Didn’t know if the same thing held sway in High sec space and Anom running. I’m coming up on 2 weeks and a couple hundred sites run in Derelik with no faction spawn to speak of. Just rather weird it seems.

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