Sansha null sec, which spots?

Short question which sansha nullsec spots are good for ratting, = no frigs / no capital ships. no pain :stuck_out_tongue:

Long story :
So I flew into a sansha nullsec haven with my alt and her Vexor Navy Issue and didn’t pay too much attention.
Yesterday all went easy peasy and I got few mio after my first try, rocky haven.

This time I was really fast webbed and warp locked :smiley:

Some sec later I was gone.

Instead of taking a further look at the scenery, I just jumped out and in with my main char in his Ferox and ran into a dreadnought.


Read the dev blogs. :wink: Dreads and Titans only spawn in Havens and Sanctums. And since you are a filthy VNI, you have no business in these anoms anyway. Get out of them and run lower tier anoms like you are supposed to be.

I love those guides, they tell me Yeah try the rock havens… great idea :wink:

So forsaken hub? and which else?

Every anom under Haven has no capital spawns. Frigates and elite frigates spawn in all anomalies.

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slowly I grab the sausage of wisdom and start pulling it towards my brain

Sansha_Forsaken_Hub … no frigs

Just wait. ^^ The first 3 waves are without frigs. must be out of date -.-

It might actually be like this. I’m speaking from experience with other forsaken hubs only. I have not run Sansha ForsHubs in ages. You see soon enough when you test it out. :slight_smile:

You know I handle loss with a goldshower for ccp, lets start injecting some more SP … filthy Double VNI Penetration is coming…

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