Nullsec anoms

Is it possible to complete nullsec anoms in a gila? not the sigs you scan but the ones that are there readily in nullsec space, also which ones would you not attempt in a gila?


Depends which space you rat in but Gilas have no issues at all running Angel, Guristas and Serpentis anoms. Blood Raider, Sansha and Rouge Drones I am not sure about. They can run any anom, most preferred are the easy ones Forsaken Rally/Hub, Haven/Sanctum, normal Hub, normal Rally Point. Forlorn and Hidden are not a good choice.

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Possible, yes.

Smart, no.

If they get on top of you in the slightest your tank will melt and you will be warping away in your pod almost immediately. Plus, waiting for the drones to move from target to target… You’d be better off just doing Abyssals, tbh.

Because they will die in a fire either way?

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