Angel anom ratting in nullsec - cheapest cruiser

heres my profile:

  • im 27m SP but currently alpha so some skills are locked
  • have 44m isk budget
  • i always aimed at skills for combat
  • able to fly all ships so picking other races is not a problem but mainly amarr, however i know they are the worst choice against angel as they deal therm/EM

let me ask this:

  • what is the lowest (easiest) combat anomaly available in nullsec ? cause there are tiers of difficulty right (hideaways, ports, havens etc)
  • what would be the cheapest standard cruiser-type ship that i could complete it with ? it doesnt have to be the most optimal, just enough for me to kill and not die myself

i know VNI would be ideal to run highest sites but its simply out of question, i cant even afford the hull
im just fine running the lowest ones available in nullsec as long as i have fun and some profit with it

thanks in advance <3

Use the simpler Vexor. Cheap, decent drone support and you could run a similar shield/kiting format that should work for the weaker anomalies.

For what is the lesser, check:

keep belt ratting ill you get enough ISK for Vexor Navy. Or do it right and sell XXX amount of PLEX where XXX is amount of ISK you need right now / price of a PLEX. The quickiest way, and grind sucks in the GAME…

The Region that you’re in has some impact on your choice also. What kind of rats are they?

If you need to ask these questions, should you really be there?

angel cartel

Since when is asking questions a crime? Don’t be so pessimistic.

Gila maybe, except for the price :frowning: and then a Mach.

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