ESS & Bounty Payout Adjustment - I hate it, it ruins the game for me

I don’t understand why this new mechanic was accepted. Why is this mechanic okay with other players? Why does it remain in the game? The only party it benefits is CCP because we make less ISK therefore are forced to play more or buy PLEX from the store with real life money and ultimately makes the game less fun.

Why do I hate this mechanic? Because the ESS isn’t a bank, it is leaching my hard earned ISK into a vault with no protection from a cheap cruiser to come in and steal if I don’t watch the vault for the entire 3 hours its stuck in there. On top of that, The BPA can take away up to 50% of my pay because each system is dependent on pvp. If no body pvps, the system loses its value and up to 50% of my earned isk is taken away from me because CCP found a way to make us lose isk and get away with it and call it pvp balance… So, 50% can be taken away by the bounty payout adjustment and another 50% can be easily stolen if some one isnt gaurding the vault for 3 hours.

It’s stupid, its lame, its gives all the power to the attacker who can simply see the vault from the agency overview. It doesn’t help players venture out to more profitable systems, instead it forces players to pack into systems so theres more players to defend the ESS.

I personally play an hour at a time before I need to take a break. If I start to farm at the beginning of the ESS time interval, I have to risk losing half my isk to a stabber cruiser because he stole in the 5 minutes I was away taking a ■■■■. I don’t have time to gaurd it for 3 hours straight until it refunds.

If its a bank, why can’t i withdraw my isk payout? Why is it held hostage in a vault for some one else to steal? Sure, I can link up and lose more isk but I can’t do that if other players are farming with me, so it stays stuck in the vault for some one else to easily steal.

This is ■■■■■■■■ mechanics. Remove it or make the following adjustments.

  • Make the pay out every hour or allow players to withdraw their bounty whenever they please. It’s a bank right? Why can’t I effin withdraw my money?
  • Stop nerfing my income, either remove the bounty payout ■■■■■■■■ mechanic or raise the minimum adjustment to at 80%.

I mean, unless your in a super farming CRAB sites, you aint making ■■■■ in null sec. I’m better off sitting in a FW PLEX afk with a 2m destroyer capping sites. Make more isk that way, nobody can steal my payout, im not risking anything, and I don’t have to do ■■■■ but let my drones auto attack the npc every few minutes.

I’m fine with the idea of the ESS and allowing players to steal payouts, but you cant have a bounty payout and a ESS system. It’s ■■■■■■■■. Pick one, either allow players to steal or stop robbing us of our income with the bounty payout adjustment ■■■■■■■■ shity ass mechanic.

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Have you tried mining?


IT is here to staty as @CCP_Rattati has already confirmed. Furthermore it is being refined so that 100% of all rat bounties will soon go into the ESS and the payout moved to every 12 hours so more players can involve with PVP and defend.

The majority of players voted for this though so it is a well received mechanic and you should not be complaining as it generates high quality content.

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Believe it or not, there are actually players that like it because it encourages conflict and/or they make more money under the new system. Of course, there are also players that don’t like it. From listening to their complaints, it sounds like the vast majority of these guys struggle to defend their bank, prefer to act bot aspirants, and/or angrily persist in using deprecated strats while they come up with crazy conspiracy theories about how the change was done in order to encourage plex sales.

You’re not entitled to anything that you aren’t strong enough to take and hold onto.


I have no opinion on the matter since I am not a nullsec player and I wasn’t here when they implemented this thing so I actually know nothing about it and your post is the first explanation of the system I read.


If it is so, then you should reconsider whether:

  • you should be in nullsec and highsec isn’t better place for you
  • you should play game that is directing you when to play at all

You know, most players like you are paying sub with real money because they cannot farm enough ISK to PLEX their account within their timeframe. While it would be possible, you will realize that you are grinding ISK almost whole month to be able to do it again the next month. The fact that you were able to PLEX your account in nullsec while playing only hour a day and not everyday is probably what CCP didn’t like and rightfully so. I don’t see it balanced either.

Sounds like garbage to me, but honestly I’m struggling to care. Haven’t logged in for weeks and I doubt I’ll re-up when my 6th months expire at the end of August on my 3 accounts.

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Why, yes indeed, and I love it!

6 minutes of work for me, and 6 hours for you. What’s not to love about it?


How come?

Can I have your stuff?


OFC not you dirty beggar. Stay poor.

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I never said I plexed my account, nor did say I only played an hour a day. This isn’t about me plexing my account. This is about risk vs reward balance. Null is pretty effed up especially with this ESS and bounty payout adjustment. I already gave an example how FW pays out more just by sitting afk in a plex flying a 2m destroyer vs farming combat sites in 2b marauder in null sec. Sure, if you farm in a 40b capital, you’ll pull out ahead.

Luckily with the coming marauder changes you wont have to worry about it much anymore. But ESS in risk free sov space is a good mechanic to help balance out.

Keep the marauder rumors in your locked thread, troll.

Alright, the way you wrote it it indicated that to me. Still as @Shipwreck_Jones wrote:

You’re not entitled to anything that you aren’t strong enough to take and hold onto. Not in highsec and definitely not in low or nullsec.

This is nullsec, so called toughest part of space in game where real pro players live and does real PvP on a daily basis.

If you aren’t one of them (perhaps you rented a place in their sov?) then you need to reconsider whether you should stay there or move elsewhere. That is normal and when players had to move from highsec into null or wh it was applauded to. There is no shame to move opposite way. Highsec is best anyway.

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FYI, he is a troll.

But, if you’re going to quite anyway, can I have your stuff?

Why don’t you do that then, if it pays more, instead of continuing with the frustrating mechanic?
If you deem you’re losing out in Null, why not get out of there?

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It’s not about strength or ability to hold it. It’s about the new requirement that If I want to farm some ISK, I’m forced to play for nearly 3 hours straight in order to protect this new mechanic that has a pathetic 1 ding warning when someone attempted to steal from the bank. It’s 1 ding, so I have to stay glued to the screen in that timeframe or risk losing 50% of my isk. It’s ■■■■■■■■.

I’m not suggesting the ESS be removed. I’m suggesting that either the refund timer should be every hour. Not 3 hours. Or I should be allowed to withdraw my isk from this so called ‘bank’ when I’m done playing. Stupid to call it a bank, its a hostage vault.

Why don’t you stop supporting stupid mechanics that only benefit CCP? Why isn’t the risk vs reward balanced in null sec? As Vokan put it, “This is nullsec, so called toughest part of space in game where real pro players live and does real PvP on a daily basis.” Wheres the reward? 60% Bounty Adjustment plus the risk of it being stolen makes a total profit of 30% bounty. Yea man, reaping the rewards of a 5m isk tick boy, sure are making bank in null sec riskin 2b.

This aint about me going back to FW, its about the terrible balance of null sec vs hi-sec and low sec. It isn’t balanced especially now with the ESS and Bounty payout.

Most noobs go directly to nullsec, and Highsec is the arena of elite PvP.


Where have you read that I support ESS?!?
Where have you read that I support CCP’s stupid mechanics?!?
This is our first exchange and you bite my head off?!?
Stay in Null and rot in there then.
Not my problem.

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