Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Ability to Copy wallet transaction for Corporation or personal log in one click than scrolling pages.

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Suggestion: Ability to Reward via Corporation projects like Ships, ISK, Medals…ETC.


Suggestion: Ability to notify corp members if Corp Bulletins edited.


Suggestion: Ability to Write more than 1000 letter in corp advert. (3000??)


Suggestion: Ability to right click a corporation name under loyalty overview tab to see the history of LP. Either personal or corporation.

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  1. Corp offices: There is no reason that there shouldn’t be any available to rent in a station. Especially Jita. Also, WTF is with the Jita corp office TAX. That is just pricing the little guy out.
  2. Fix the lower end combat sites. Some are DED some are not. Sometimes things spawn, sometimes they don’t.
  3. Reduce the session change timer. I’m not sure why you need 10s
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Reword your post into 3 separate suggestions based on how the OP asks

@Pernicious_Cheese yea your post is def not gonna be seen. You have to follow the guidelines in OP.

I recommend you read this about the session change timer.

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Oh… I’ve got it just now… Atgeir is red (Minmatar), Azmaru is gold (Amarr), Steel Yarl is blue (Caldari)., Sarissa is green (Gallente).

Well, I guess it kind of makes sense now.

Suggestion: Ability for corporation to see what it member mined other than moon mining.

Suggestion: Ability to send feedback on mission conversation about that exact mission under more icon.

Suggestion: Add “Refining” and “Reprocessing” to Industry window, Facilities tab, Activities dropdown
Keywords: UX, industry
Notes: It’s a pain to find the best yield nearby

Suggestion: Fix lower end DED / Combat sites.
Key words: DED Combat sites PVE
Notes: They are broken. Sometimes they don’t spawn properly. Sometimes there is no loot. Some are DED, some are not. There is no consistency

Suggestion: Corp offices need to be reviewed
Key words: Corporation Office Market Tax
Notes: The tax in Jita prices the newer player out. Sometimes corp offices are not available.

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In what way are you referring to taxes? Sales tax? Broker fees? Relist fees? All fixed with skill training

Having an office or not in jita, does nothing for taxes in market.

I will agree with the expansion of jita they could open more offices up.

With the gunnery skills in the market, could you introduce sub catagories split into capital, large, med, small.

This allows people to find skill books faster and easier.

Key words: UI, Market UI

Add information about laser lens damage taken in the TOOLTIP!
Currently, it’s impossible to evaluate lens quality “at a glance”: one needs to insert them into lasers first! And then hover the mouse over the chosen turret… Desperado!

Suggestion: Ability to filter market orders by location

Keywords: ui, market, orders

Note: Having multiple orders in multiple locations gets a bit messy when you have a high number of orders, especially when they are in different stations within the same region. A simple filter that allows us to show all orders in a particular station/location would be very helpful in maintaining orders.

Suggestion: Ability to Load the game launcher faster. It seem there is three layers of images with high res.

Suggestion: Ability to report players with more variation. Only Bot and ISK spammer is available.

Report Bad Name.
Report Hack suspect.
Report Bot.
Report ISK Spammer.


Suggestion: Fixed NPC Fitt with reasonable combat ability that is static not dynamic. Impossible for frig to target 1K km or to swap from beam to pulse while fighting as example .