Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Create different icons for boosters (and possibly for other items - need careful re-examination of assets).

ui, icons

Currently, in ICON view, it’s impossible to say which booster is of which TIER. It’s possible, however to switch inventory to LIST or TABLE view.
Observe these two Hardshells of Tier1 and Tier2 - no difference!


Make shortcut for fleet “Watch List” be TOGGLEABLE.

ui, fleet

Toggleable windows help to save space and only appears when needed.
Currently, watch list shortcut is working in “show watch list” mode. To close it I cannot use my “close active window” shortcut, nor TOGGLE “watch list” shortcut. ONLY to hover my mouse over the CLOSE icon in respective corner and press the button. It’s too long.

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Suggestion: More options under contracts, particuarlly courier contracts

Keywords: Contracts, Market

Notes: In addition to the current options under courier contracts, add additional items to offer a bonus if delivered within X amount of time.

Also offer shorter expirations and alter days to complete to hours to complete.

For example

Ship to



Expiration (add a 1 day expiration in there as well as the current options)

Hours to complete (alter this from days and allow a minimum of 2)


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are you talking about the doubleclicking to toggle top/side view, or alt-p to toggle probe window? if you have some way to position probes without the mouse i’d love to hear it

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Can we please have some updates for PPI, I would love to see a better interface for PPI. Less clicks would be so much better with the option to save your mining layout.

Also a goto button would be very helpful when trying to find all your mining modules.

Suggestion: Add “View Market Details” and Buy in NES buttons for the SKIN in the Character Sheet
Keywords: UI, Character sheet, Personalization, SKIN
Note: It is currently possible to view market details for the ship, but not for the SKIN.

Since the whole panel is made for viewing available and missing SKINs, it is more logical to have “View Market Details” option in the right-click popup for the SKIN itself, not for the ship. Maybe add a NES button for SKINs, which are available on NES, as well. This would speed up the process of buying missing SKINs.


Suggestion: Add a flamethrower or disinfectant icon to “Clear all content” in the chat menu, if the chat contains text: “Channel changed to local : Jita” or if you are in Jita.
Keywords: UI, chat
Note: This is not a serious suggestion, but it would make a nice easter egg :laughing:


Suggestions: add personal bookmarks to note

Keywords: ui, note, location
Note: Add (personal) location to notes

So we dont have to navigate the location folder which can be sometimes be a bit cluttered.

It’s a pity that “little things” attract more attention than “global” ones. It's time to connect Eva Online with REALITY!

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Thank you for contacting me in game and explaining the mechanic. I deleted my suggestion based on our ingame convo o7 cheers

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Suggestion: Add cycle time and yield to tooltip of Gas Cloud Scoop I in ship hud
Keywords: UI

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Suggestion: Radial menu for modules

Keywords: ui, modules

This will give more engagement and practicality for players in space activities and battles.

For example, I want to reload the ammo of a given module, I just press left click button, radial menu of this module open, and I select reload option. Just Imagine the other possibilities.


Suggestion: The Routes Management needs a “Clear All Waypoints” button.
Keywords: UI, route, route management, waypoints, destination,
Notes: The only way to remove all waypoints at once is via the A sublevel menu. The Route Management window should have a big red button to clear them from within this MANAGEMENT window.


Suggestion: Scan probe results shareable within a fleet
Keywords: UI, fleet, probe window
Note: Useful to quickly scan a system with multiple characters with minimizing pilots scanning the same signature. ONLY cosmic signatures, not items requiring combat probes

This may be more useful in wormholes but making scan results shareable with your current fleet would make scanning cosmic signatures faster and therefore better for the whole community if people are looking for something specific.


Suggestion: Show each jump clone Region, Constellation also in the Jump Clone selection window
Keywords: jump clone, region, constellation
Note: Useful when planning to travel or jump

In the Jump Clone window, the only “location info” is the Base Name at which the clone resides. Granted this includes the name of the solar system. But even after some time, that’s not enough info for me to quickly know the answers to questions such as:

  1. Do I have a jump clone near where I want to be next? (This is my usual concern when planning a ‘trip’)
  2. Are my clones spread out throughout the Galaxy, or are there too many in one area?

Can the developers add the location hierarchy information such as that displayed on upper left corner of the screen for one’s current location?

For example:

Villore 0.5 < Vieres < Essence add this line
Vilore VII - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support

It requires no computational cost to calculate and it doesn’t give players “too much information”.

Perhaps there are other use cases where this information will help players solve their puzzles quickly without going down a rabbit hole of research or clicking.

F10 > Personal > My Jump Clones map filter is enough to answer both questions

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I didn’t know about that! I checked it out and that is cool. I’ll use that. My suggestion still stands, as I think there can be more than one way to view the same information.


Suggestion: in corp project i suggest the ability to select spicific location as consetlation or region. At this moment it is only system.


The update to corp prejects is upon us with 14th November Havoc expansion. Let’s hope its already there :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Allow the use of Buy All for your clone killmails as well as your ship killmails
Keywords: Multibuy, killmails, market
Note: Save time by buying the implants you just lost all at once

When my ship gets blown up, my killmail has a “buy all” at the bottom which saves a lot of time. When my clone gets blown up, it doesn’t. Why is that? It’s not more fun buying 10 implants individually instead of all at once, you know.