Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: More right click functionality for compression

Keywords: compression, ore, ice, gas, inventory
Note: Right clicking the cargohold itself gives a compress all option, instead of having to select all uncompressed ore first

QoL feature that lets you compress ore faster and more efficient

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@CCP, Why can’t I read this post? I’m a big boy, I can handle LITERAL words on a SCREEN.

in case u are unaware you can use the Radial Menu* to effortlessly change your orbit value on the fly without changing the default.

*many people don’t use the Radial menu because it pops up at times you don’t want it to. so they increase it’s popup delay so it won’t. but you can set a shortcut (extra mouse button) to call it up on command.

That said I do like your idea too, it could be applied to lots of commands. unfortunately command clutter is always a concern.


Suggestion: Simple desktop icons to launch a character
Keywords: Client, Launcher, SSO, Desktop
Note: Use a simple SSO token launch direct from the desktop or have the user ID, password, character used to launch directly into the client. For more information read the original posting.

Edited as requested 4/19/2024

Original Posting

I am not even certain the OP dev is still here, with the date of June 2017. Hopefully you are still working for CCP or someone has picked up the empty slot to fill your shoes.

My small QoL suggestion would be the new launcher or rather the lack thereof. I don’t see any need to use the new launcher. I get the client running and shut the launcher down. I realize the launcher acts as a SSO tool to log on without a password. Why not make a very simple version using a desktop shortcut?

For Example
The current shortcut points at the following;
Command: C:\path to eve\EVE\eve-online.exe --product=eve-online
Working Directory: C:\path to eve\EVE\app-1.3.3

Why not use;
Command: C:\path to eve\EVE\tq\bin64\exefile.exe /noconsole / /ssoToken=
Command: Command: C:\path to eve\EVE\tq\bin64\exefile.exe /noconsole / user_ID=Hunter2 password=N0p455w0rd character=“John Rochard”

Then I could have an icon on the desktop to login as John Rochard or any of my other characters as I desire. No launcher needed. I understand the need of a launcher for the following reasons;

  • Multiple character upkeep
  • Multiple game access
  • Important and Critical notifications

None of these are part of the current launcher. I am not against others who desire to view the launcher, but all most players need is one click launch.

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Not sure. Im not pulling her up on X

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Suggestion: Strip fitting on seperate high/med/low racks.

Keywords: fitting, ui, qol
Note: Options added to each rack similar to simulated fitting, or a right click option, to strip a specific module rack from a ship.

QoL to make reffiting faster and more efficient.

@CCP_Swift is @CCP_karkur no longer with ccp? Is someone else stepping up to do these possibly or is this thread done?

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CCP Karkur is very much alive and kicking! We are always on the hunt for Little Things™, though sometimes they’re not so little as they appear :smiley:


No doubt. Thanks for the confirmation

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No, I didn’t know that :smiley: Thanks. I’ve just tried it out and there’s even a nice slide feature to fine tune the value.

Suggestion: Add a ‘Topic’ or ‘Subject’ line to private chat requests

Keywords: UI, private chat, conversation request

Note: allows players to see what an incoming chat request is about before accepting

Most incoming chat requests are just blind requests from an unknown name. No way to tell if they’re a corp invite, an SP Referral link spam, a foreign language, or an answer to a question you just asked.

A chat request topic line would help people communicate and socialize better.


Suggestion: Add more variations to the regroup command

Keywords: Settings, Navigation

Note: Give people the option to edit the default orbit ranges of the regroup command for fleets, or even set it to a keep at range command rather than a orbit command.

Give more variety and function of this command. Similar to warp formations.

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Suggestion: Fix text typo in mission The Anomaly 1 of 3
Keywords: Mission, typo, text, edit
Note: In the Anomaly 1 of 3 when interacting with the escape pod containing Oura Madusaari, a text window popup has her name shown as Ooura Madusaari with an extra O.

Class with skills and ships dedicated for mercenaries. Also a contract creator Just for Mercenaries to hold up the balance in-game. Want more info? contact me!

When setting program duration in PI please allow the duration/time setting to be persistent every time you go do your PI OR have pre-sets that you can choose from that are easily accesable.

PI, Industry, Planetary Interaction

Currently if you move the extractor heads then the duration needs to be reset from scratch and trying to select you exact time from the slider is finicky and not user friendly.

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In PI Allow us an option to select all 10 extractors at once rather than clicking on each one individually.

PI, Industry, Planetary Interaction

Having to click on individual heads is time consuming, obviously keep that option for people that prefer that method but there is enough space for a “select all” option for those of use using 10 heads on the same extractor, this will lighten the load on the carpel tunnel inducing current system.


When setting new extractor heads, stop the overlap, I have tried various things to try and prevent this from happening but sometimes it overlaps and sometimes it doesn’t. Perhaps allow us to have several saved preset head formations so we can easy choose them without have to drag and rearrange the head locations. Along with the preset formations, allow us to rotate that formation to fit the shape of the hot spots that we want to use

PI, Industry, Planetary Interaction

This would give an options for an easier set up of PI on any given planet

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Make an option that the ship goes into an emergency warp jump only when all the drones are on board the ship.

Lol no. And ccp wont see your suggestion anyway

Yes, I read many posts here, many people have very good ideas to improve the game. But apparently the bolt was hammered into them