Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion : bump up connected bookmark folders to say 5… 3 isnt enough at times

Keyword ; bookmark folder

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Suggestion: Space Right-Click menu markdowns.

Notes: If I use Right-Click Menu in space, it could be an enhancement to have markdowns similiar to the content overview (e.g. homebase, next jump through stargate en route, reputation of station owner/allied/corporation station, docking rights, standing information of station, etc.) .

I too agree that representing the information twice across two identical columns and in an expanded unnecessarily verbose format adds no additional useful information and that the contents of the Type Category should be revised.

What do you think about moving it (maybe resize and attach to INFO window below?) off the FRONT position a bit? Or remove it completely?

I agree that it interferes with the ability to easily navigate through intended PI tasks.

All the more reason to post QOL suggestions with the hope that they are considered during the redevelopment process. It would stand to reason that redevelopment was informed by actual player concerns.

This then requires a filter for every version of every ship that uses a unique form of ammo. If you fly enough types of ships with enough ammo variants you would potentially end up with hundreds of filters. One lock button is a far more elegant solution.

Hell yes.

Suggestion: ‘Add to Calendar’ button
Keywords: Corporation UI, Projects UI, Calendar UI
Note: Do folks even know that an In-Game Calendar exists?

Add an ‘Add to Calendar’ button that auto-fills Project details to Access List approved Players In-Game Calendar.

Add the button to the Corporation UI, Projects UI windows.

Add the Calendar to the left side menu bar of the New Upwell Corporation Window.

If a Project has a designated time frame or simply a start time/date such as a Mining expedition, Fleet operation, Ship reimbursement opportunity, or Materials request, allow it to be auto-filled to the Calandar and make the calendar visible and easily accessible from the new Upwell Corporation Window UI.

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Suggestion: Prevent pasting “Reason” accidentally into “ISK” field when using “Give Money” or “Transfer Corporation Cash” from generating extremely large numbers
Keywords: ui, give money, transfer corporation cash
Note: Avoids accidental overpayment of ISK
Pasting text + Numbers eg “Transaction 222342345234” intended for “Reason” field, accidentally into “ISK”, will ignore the text and simply use the number, allowing for accidental transfers of high volumes of ISK unintentionally, instead it could simply error out or paste nothing if text is included.


Suggestion:Better viability for Console
Keywords: QoL, user interface, UI

We need either the ability to turn off crazy nebula glows and the like or console buttons need a shaded area behind them so we can actually see the timer/activation glow. It would also be nice if the buttons could scale up so it would be easier to see that razor-thin timer circle.


Suggestion:Location Search Actually Searching Your Bookmarks
Keywords: user interface, UI

I have never understood why the Search tab in the Locations window doesn’t actually search your bookmarks. It serves no purpose since we have an always-visible search field at the top left. This seems like such an incredibly basic function that’s been overlooked.

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Suggestion:Improved Universal Search
Keywords: QoL, user interface, UI

Add some basic functions to universal search like every other search has: quotations for exact matches, boolean operators, etc.

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Suggestion:Improved Corporation Search
Keywords: QoL, user interface, UI, corporations

Corporation search could really use some extra options in the filter lists as well as additional lists.

  • Areas of Operation: add Pochven and empires (“Mostly Gallente space”, “Mostly Amarr Space”, etc.) Include pirate and precursor factions.
  • Looking For: add all homefront types. Show multiple types of “roams” (WH, lowsec, null).
  • [new] Amenities: corporate hangers, ship replacement, resource buying, manufactured item buying, other common corporate benefits.

The ability to show locations of all corporate hangers, as well as your access status for each one, would also be immensely helpful. If this is already in the UI somewhere its well hidden.

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Suggestion: Market buy orders to different containers.
Keywords: market buy order
Note: Setup a buy order to deposit straight into a warehouse container. this would save ‘losing’ items in multiple item buy orders and keeps things neat and tidy.



Suggestion: Option to disable “ship exterior view disabled” warning
Keywords: ui, settings

i play on older hardware (gtx 970) so i need to disable exterior view when multiboxing so i don’t turn my room into a sauna. it would improve the experience if i could play without seeing the warning every time i jump.

Suggestion: Allow users to delete default overview presets

Keywords: ui, overview, power users
Note: Enable better flexibility, and efficiency for more experienced users while providing a verbose default for newer players

Allow users to delete the default overview presets to reduce spam in the DSCAN filter dropdown, and overview settings & context menus. Make it so these deleted presets are deleted when someone clicks on my shared overview - but restorable by clicking ‘Reset Overview’ in the Overview Settings Window. - This provides the flexibility to older players we’ve had for years while keeping the new overview packs available for newer players and those who don’t want specialised overviews.

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Suggestion: Structure Engineering Rigs should list all BPOs that are affected by the Structure Engineering Rig Bonus in the industry tab of that rig in the show info widow and vice versa
Keywords: ui, industry, QoL, BPC, BPO
Note: It can be very hard to know what specific Structure Engineering Rig will give a bonus to a specific BPO and vise versa if you have a BPO what Structure Engineering Rig will give you a bonus.

For example all items involved in industry already has a industry tab in show info that lists “Required For” and then a list of all BPOs that item is part of to build. Something similar would be very nice for structure rigs and BPO/BPCs since the industry UI isn’t very good at showing what rig give a ME or TE bonus to what BPO/BPC. by adding a similar “Required For” list but with “Gives Bonus To” or “Bonused by” and lists all the BPO that Structure Engineering Rig give a bonus to or vice versa in a BPO shows what Structure Engineering Rig will give a bonus to it.

For clarity I photoshopped examples of how it would look