Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Def Monk) #66

Hey! Yea. So, for the smaller screen landscape, I did explicitly mention I wanted it as an option. I know this wouldn’t work for everyone’s screen layout (especially ones that keep the chat channel thin, rather than fairly wide like I do), so tabs should still remain if someone prefers them. I know this adds complexity to the code pipeline, but considering how customizable the UI is currently, it is sort of a necessary evil.

As for the chat windows, the title of the channel would turn bold when there’s unread messages (which is the same as it is currently, it also blinks, as you said). The colors would only be for people entering and leaving the channels, with priority for people who have entered. So, if there has been both, it would be green (since there’s more concern for a new random person than someone you already looked at). It’s specifically useful for keeping track of when a new random enters local, rather than always having to keep local separate.

Buddy list is, in my experience, very unused ever since the two-way requirement. In the select few cases people do use it, you already get a notification in the notification center for it, which I would think would be enough to notice that.

(ISD Rontea) #67

Suggestion: Add “Remout repair amount” in "Messages in Space"
Keywords: ui, messages in space, log and messages
Note: Now you can`t disable messages like "500 remote shield boosted to %target% - %remote_repair_module% separately. You can only disable all messages in space.

(Veskin Sentinel) #68

Suggestion: Add Volume in Industry window Outcome Tooltip
Keywords: UI, Industry, Tooltip, Volume
Note: Useful to know the exact volume of the thing you’re going to produce.

Would be really cool and time saving if we had the option to see the volume of the things we’re producing - in the Outcome section of the Industry Window - shown in a tooltip upon mouseover on the Outcome icon. For example when we want to know how much cargo space would be required for hauling purposes.

Not sure if someone already suggested it, but here it goes. :slight_smile:

Here are some mockups:

(Hemp Invader) #69

Suggestion: In the personal assets window remove the “All items” Tab, rename the “Search” tab text to “All items”, set it as the first tab. You can include the search box to the region and constellation tabs as well. Crossing my fingers on including the Total Estimate Price next to the system name.
Keywords: UI, Personal Asset window
Note: I think that the “All items” serves no purpose and it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the asset windows because it has no search bar.

(Dior Ambraelle) #70

Suggestion: Make the drone window indicate when drones take damage more obviously
Keywords: UI, drone window, damage
Note: There are a lot of windows people usually have to deal with during combat, it would be nice if we could see easier when our drones start to take damage, like the drone on the list is being highlighted with red for a second.

(Annatolya Dalloncourt) #71

Suggestion: Better Cloaking Notification
Keywords: ui, cloaking
Note: More visibility for when you’re zoomed-out.

It’s easy to miss the green blink on your modules panel when you’re focused on something else, like moving around a battlefield. A notification like the “Warp Drive Active” when initiating cloak and one like the “Capsule Ejected” with the red text and all when breaking cloak would really help things out when in a messy situation with a hundred ships.

(Rina Asanari) #72

Suggestion: Bring back the Jukebox
Keywords: ui, tools
Note: Managing a playlist with the tunes present in EvE Online (and maybe given in a specific music folder on the system) shouldn’t be that much of a hassle, right?

(Rina Asanari) #73

Suggestion: Audible alerts on player movement
Keywords: ui, ingame, alert, audio, player movement, PvP
Note: Assistance when being on picket or guard duty

When someone is put on guard duty (mainly to watch for war targets or generally not-blues) he or she usually has to watch local like a hawk and yell on TS or Discord when there’s suspicious movement.

It would help much if one has a configurable audio alert to give a warning whenever a player meeting specific requirements (not blue/not of fleet/war target - the watching player’s choice) enters local. It’s still up to the “guard” to relay the warning to his fleetmates, but it might make his job easier.

(Red Frog Rufen) #74

Suggestion: Being able to copy whole bookmark folder to a container
Keywords: Bookmark ui
Note: Still don’t know why this is not a thing after so many years…

(Rivr Luzade) #75

Suggestion: Industry window needs Constellation range option
Keywords: Industry window, UI, menu, range
Note: Constellation range option needs to be available in Facilities tab for better granularity than 5 system range option.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #76

Suggestion: allow us to remove medals from the list if a medal is for a limited time use.

Keywords: Corporate Management, medals, UI

Note: some medals are for one time events, such as surviving a major battle, gaining the first kill in a war, etc. Yet these medals persist in the medal section until a corp is closed, creating a cluttered mess. Plus a later player could grant the medal to themselves, diluting the original value of the medal. If we could remove the medal from the list, this would be great. I am not saying delete the medal from the game, but simply a way to remove the medal from the list and prevent anyone from giving the medal out.

2 examples… I created a test medal in my Indy corp to try the system. Until I close my corp, that medal will always be there taking up space.

In another instance, when RvB when through a leadership shake up, and ex director issued himself every medal. This dilutes the value of say the medal for achieving the first kill in the forever war. Had we been able to clean up the medals prior, this would not happen.

(Snypar Australis) #77
Suggestion: Multi-Activate ship SKINs
Keywords: skins, ux
Note: makes life easier for all us SKIN-whores/hoarders

We can plug-in multiple implants at once, why can’t we activate multiple SKINs at once?

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #78

Drone Management

Much like we can move around threats and so forth on the overview I would love a feature were we could manage what our drones shoot at first by priority. With the advanced AI coming and them liking drones more I would love to see a proactive way to manage where and what drones are aggressive or passive too.

(Rivr Luzade) #79

Suggestion: Another way to move around fleet than dragging yourself.
Keywords: UI, fleet, moving around
Note: Moving around a fleet when people mass move and the list constantly resets to top of the list is annoying.

right clicking your name works but try to hit your name starting with anything but Aaa in a list that keeps refreshing to the top every second. The Move option should be in the white square menu in the top left corner.

(Annatolya Dalloncourt) #80

Suggestion: Set Default Ship Skin, faster skin application
Keywords: skins, visuals
Note: Allow players to set a “default” skin to be applied when assembling a hull, and apply a skin without having to open the fitting window.

Say, you like to fly Ruptures, and you got that sweet Firewall Breach skin. You go through the hulls often, so you’re frequently assembling/buying more ships as the time goes. You can always fit them without even boarding, but you always need to open the fitting window while docked and manually set the skin yourself.

Notable with that Capsuleer Day Skin, which you must manually reapply every single time you switch into a pod.

(Rivr Luzade) #81

Suggestion: Show percentage of activity index after level 5.
Keywords: UI, sov indexe, activity, level 5, percentage
Note: It is not possible to see at which percentage level 5 of an index is, which is absolutely suboptimal for many cases, both defensive and offensive.

(Benje en Divalone) #82

Suggestion: Need a way to mute or adjust the Character Customizer’s background music
Keywords: audio, music, options, character customizer
Note: The Character Customizer’s audio does not honor any of the now very limited audio adjustments nor does it mute itself when the window goes out of focus and all music related focus muting options have been selected.

Yes it’s a catchy tune but I’ve heard it enough. Now that you’re executing the Commanders Quarters the Customizer is one of the shrinking options I have left to see myself as my character instead of a bland hunk of space junk.

(Joe Bloggz) #83

Suggestion: Jump Portals become active module
Keywords: Black ops, jump portal, bridging
Note: Change the Jump Portal Generator and Covert Jump Portal Generator to an active module. So when activated a box pops up containing the systems that appear through current bridging options, eg. like the current system/structure search box, with options of people and beacons. As well as adding the cycle time to the module view.

(MechaJeb Kerman) #84

Suggestion: Confirmation pop up when closing multiple stacked chat tabs and other UI elements.
Keywords: UI, QOL
Note: It’s a bit too easy to accidentally hit the little x and close multiple stacked UI tabs, a confirmation pop up would be nice.

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #85

Suggestion: add context menu to lock/unlock “group all weapons” on fitting panel
Keywords: ui,fitting
Note: Make the control useful.

On the fitting window, to the left of high-slots, there is a button to group weapons. However, if you have that setting locked, you must undock and unlock it in order to group weapons.

I suggest adding a context-menu to the group weapons button to enable it to be unlocked and locked in the fitting panel.