Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Matt Vane) #834

Suggestion: Update ingame Bug Reporting image capture tool with useful features.
Keywords: Bug Reporting, images
Notes: The ability to capture images for Bug reports ingame is very useful, however the tool is slightly limited and could use a couple more features.

  1. Introducing an option to toggle some delay when taking a screenshot. If you need a couple seconds to toggle a menu when taking a screenshot for the bug report or you need to wait for a hover tooltip to appear when capturing Bugs. Currently, there is no delay when capturing the screenshot, meaning that you can never capture bugs dealing with the right click menu or with any tooltips. An option to have a couple sections of delay before the screenshot is taken will help these issues be more visible.

  2. Prevent the “Take a Screenshot” button from closing the right click menu. Currently, when you press the button to take a screenshot to add to the bug report, it will close the right-click menu if you had it open. This prevents screenshots being taken for evidence of Bugs with the right click menu.

  3. Add the ability to capture small gifs when reporting bugs. There may be some cases where a small gif could easily help describe the Bug, however there is no way to capture a gif using the ingame tools.

  4. When using the crop tool on the captured screenshot, Make there be a way for the image to automatically resize without having to save the image, which exits the image, and then clicking on the option to edit the image. A little checkmark next to the crop button would work so that once you have the image cropped to what you need, you can press the checkmark and the crop with be performed. Currently, if you don’t save and then edit the image, it can be hard to read the text of the image, even though you cropped it down to a specific area, because the crop did not actually happen.

  5. Add an email when you get a response to a bug report. This is not to do with the ingame bug reporter, but rather the bug report section of the eve online website. Currently there is no way to known if someone has responded to a bug report asking for clarifying information without checking the bug report over and over again for responses. A simple email notification could be used with the email attached to the account that notifies the person whenever there is a response to the Bug report so that they can provide any followup information.

(addelee) #835

Suggestion: Abyssal sites - On disconnect, make the restart the abyssal site
Keywords: Abyssal
If a player disconnects while running an Abyssal site, warp them off somewhere within said site and kill the timer
Upon reconnection, put them back into room 1 of the site with a new timer.

Reason: Network connections can be iffy. If you cannot reconnect to the client within 20 minutes (or the remainder of the timer) this would prevent a lossmail and a bill of xxx million isk.

I recently had this issue and lost a 800+ Gila. This feature would remove the risk vs reward vs ISP battle.

(Whitehound) #836

Suggestion: A history for input fields with Up- and Down-keys for scrolling through previous input values
Keywords: UI, history, input
Notes: Certain input fields, like search fields, should remember previous values in a history, and this history should be accessible simply by using the Up- and Down-keys to scroll to previous input values. We already have sort of auto-completion for the input fields and a history seems like the next logical step to add, because such scrollable histories exists in many other applications.

(Evaldia) #837

I can smell the abuse miles away…

Here is an example:

A player is about to fail a (Filament) pocket with maybe 2-3mins of time left on the timer and still way too much to kill. To avoid ship and pod losses the player pull out the Ethernet-cable or deactivates WiFi network and waits a few minutes before re-plugging the cable back in. Logging back into the game with a refreshed timer of 20min.

(Servanda) #838

Suggestion: ICan we have a way to set chat channel options like compact memberlist /text only etc globaly and not in every channel over and over again?
Keywords: ui, chat, settings

Especialy if you have to do it for multiple accounts this can get very anoying.

(Stequna Kasenumi) #839

Suggestion: Return the Captain’s Quarters!
Keywords: station walking, quarters, dock
Note: whe whole point of creating a unique character
Many players still want this back. Nothing has to be improved, it was already perfect. If some players don’t care about this aspect of a game - they dont have to use it. A feeling of personal space on the space station is amazing and unforgettable.

(Hyperion Kado) #840

Suggestion: Multi Split Stacking
Keywords: Inventory , Items
Notes: Have it so when you say CTRL+SHIFT Drag a stack it gives you the option of X amount of stacks with Y amount of Items. This little QOL will make it easier for people to sort and move items. AKA People that put up Doctrine Contracts with Rigs in Cargo (Multi fit can’t stock rigs in cargo so you have to manually do it) and people wanting to split items up between multiple areas (Like Corp hangers/containers or Alts). Also helpful for sorting PI stacks for multiple planets/launchpads that need that same PI input.

(CCP karkur) #841

(edit: oops, a bit of typo there)

(Hyperion Kado) #842

Well didn’t notice that. I have apparently been doing it wrong for so long :stuck_out_tongue:

(Waylon Dowd) #843

Suggestion: Allow adding modules to cargo in fitting window
Keywords: Inventory , Fitting, Modules
Notes: It would be nice to be able to add some modules to the cargo hold of a ship and save those in the fitting window, as there are times when certain ships are “multi-purpose” and adding a mobile depot and the modules that would be changed out to the cargo of a fit would be nice. For instance, in a Stratios, fitting a Web and Scram, and being able to change out to Analyzers, and then back I imagine is fairly common. You currently cannot save the “alternate” modules in the cargo hold of the ship in the fitting window.

(Calaheim Koraka) #844

Suggestion: Allow Players to set theyre wallet to 0.00 isk if they have less than 1 isk.
Keyword: Wallet, UI, CCP Round
Notes: This is mainly to stop the problem of thinking you have enough isk but in reality you are off by a thousandth of a isk.

(Leonidas Ceasar) #845

Suggestion: improve system autolinking to show which region the system is in and how many jumps to that system.
Keyword: QOL, Search, Searching, System searching, Star system
Notes: I made a Reddit post about this TL:DR of the Reddit. this is what the system search looks like now, when there is multiple options, the search should display what region each system is in. One commenter on Reddit said “Would be +2 if they added the number of jumps to it as well.” (Credit “Sentient_Blade”)
This would make things easier for people trying to quickly search systems when they don’t know more than the first 3 characters. This is my first post on the forums, sorry if i got anything wrong.

(Cletus Graeme) #847

Suggestion: Keyboard Shortcuts for 0% & 100% Window Transparency
Keywords: ui, shortcut, transparency
Note: To make it easier to switch transparency when docking/undocking

When I’m docked I need 0% Window Transparency (by default)
because “Spreadsheets Online” :slight_smile:

When I undock I’d like 100% Window Transparency (by default)
because “Internet Spaceships”

Currently, I have to hit ESC and fiddle with a slider every time I dock/undock.
Can we please get the option to bind the above to shortcuts and/or have the ability to specify separate defaults for when docked vs undocked?


(eXeler0n) #848

Suggestion: Add a notification, when there is a new calendar event for you.
Keywords: ui, calendar, notification
Note: Don’t miss calendar events. CCP events are already in notifications.

(eXeler0n) #849

Suggestion: Make calendar events linkable, so we can refere to an event in chat or evemail.
Keywords: ui, calendar, notification, chat, evemail
Note: Make calendar events linkable, so we can refere to an event in chat or evemail.

(Amelia Sturges) #850

The ability to share/sell/trade/send Filters would be awesome

(Chainsaw Plankton) #851

Suggestion: Add a security status slider in the Agency window
Keywords: ui, agency, pve
Note: Many pve Mechanics rely on security status

When I’m searching for an agent I usually want it to be in a 0.5 system to max LP gains, The agency window currently shows the 12 closest agents which isn’t very useful data.

Suggestion: Abyssal Mod Sorting
Keywords: ui, abyssal, inventory
Note: It is very tedious sorting through abyssal mods

I’ve been doing some bulk rolling with decayed mutaplasmids, as a result I have 100s of abyssal mods and no useful way to sort them. Being able to sort by PG or Optimal range would be rather helpful I think.

(Michael Austren) #852

Suggestion: Ability to activate multiple SKINs at once
Keywords: SKINs
Note: It would really help when there is over 50 SKINs to activate

(Lucian Thorundan) #853

Suggestion: Allow monetary fields to accept and convert common short hand letters, such as k,m,b and t to the appropriate 0’s
Keywords: contracts, market, transfer, thousands, millions, billions, trillions

Being able to use this short hand would make transferring / selling / buying so much easier

(Dominous Nolen) #854

Suggestion: Wreck filtering options for overviews (Full vs. Empty wrecks)
Keyword: Overview, UI

Note: For PVE/PVP content it would be nice to automatically filter off a viewed wreck or empty wrecks from the overview grid automatically to reduce clutter in the overview list.

Edit: NVM Cause apparently this is possible with the current overview settings.