Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: HUD Target groups
Keywords: ui, HUD
Note: Enhanced target management

When successfully locking targets, they automatically appear in the next empty slot of the targets display.
With many targets it gets messy pretty quickly while you might have to juggle hostiles, friendlies and wrecks while killing hostiles, providing reps and tractor/salvaging.
Currently you have to drag and drop HUD targets to re-arrange them into some orderly fashion.
To streamline target sorting, I propose that extra HUD target groups are added, each with it’s own anchor point so it can be placed freely as like the current target display, and each with it’s own lock target hotkey so targets locked with that key join that group. Targets should be draggable between groups in case the player changes their mind about what group the target belongs in and unlock target works the same between all groups.

For example -
Hotkey 1 click to lock a target, it goes to the default group.
Hotkey 2 click to lock a target, it goes to the second group.
Hotkey 3 click to lock a target, it goes to the third group.

Menu locks would go to the default group I guess.

Of course, it would be optional as the player would need to bind keys to the groups. Not doing so would result in no change to their current gameplay.


Suggestion: have an option to send an ingame mail (to corp/alliance) when setting up an event in the diary
Keywords: simple, ui … maybe? admin, QOL

Atm were using discord, fleet up, ingame mails and the diary to sort through timers and events, whilst looking at the diary today it just struck me as odd that the option to ‘send as mail’ wasnt there - seems simple tbvh.

Would also free up a lot of time posting in several places… wondering if i can somehow export the diary settings into discord and fleet up - maybe using google or perhaps there should be an export but too…?

CONTENT is important, i feel the less time we can spend organising it and sending mails everywhere the more time we have to actually play…


Suggestion: allow different wallets to be set up to do different things
Keywords: QOL, management, wallet

Currently you can assign member roles to different wallets but afaik the only way to put isk in is manually; there are some uses to pay for stuff but you cant designate a wallet to take tax from bounties for example and have that specific wallet division set up to pay for i dunno, alliance maintenance - whilst having another set up to take money from… refineries to pay for upkeep of other stuff; whilst also having another that handles wardecks…
currently i think most of this stuff just goes into the same wallet?

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Working constellation chat that you can’t opt out of

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Suggestion: Events listing in the specify dropdown in the agency window.
Keywords: Dance, Dromedary, UI.
Note: G sharp

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Suggestion: Format in-game links differently if they lead to URL
Keywords: Chat, mail, text, text links

Links in chats/mails/notes all look the same wether they lead to chat channel, fleet, item info or URL. This is problem especially on URLs that can be disguised to look like item/chat links. To see if a link leads to a internet page instead of something in-game you need to hoover on it to see what it links on. It would be nicer if links leading to out of game had a link symbol at the start of the link like this kuva but a different color/underlining would work too.

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Suggestion: Timed bookmarks.
Keywords: ui, bookmark
Note: My suggestion is to create additional option when creating bookmark - expire time. This modifier can be applied to bookmark and bookmark folder, and every bookmark, created within, has settled its expiration time.


Suggestion: In the Agency overview, on the main screen (not on the map screen), a button that says “claim reward” instead of “view rewards” or a small “claim reward”-button on the side.
Keywords: ui, agency, events, abyss
Note: Loading the whole map just to click a button feels unnecessary difficult. Especially if you are in the abyss and you have to load the whole map just to click a button (loading takes 2-3 sek + blocking a lot of the screen), so the agency can cycle to the next task for the next pocket.
Or maybe just auto-collect the reward?

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Suggestion: Display # of jumps from the jump clone’s location to the autopilot destination (if any) for each jump clone.
Keywords: UI, jumpclones
Note: Useful to determine which jump clone is closest to your destination.


Removed a troll post.


Suggestion: allow distribution agents to see into fleet hangar to verify delivery.
Keywords : distribution missions, fleet hangar, missing cargo warning
Notes: I love the new look of my Bustard, and have been doing distribution missions with it. Lvl 3 and 4 cargos fill the cargo bay quickly, so they go into the fleet hangar. I pick destinations so I can haul up to a dozen missions at once. Unfortunately, when I get to a receiving station the mission list won’t indicate which one can be delivered/completed. Dragging all cargo into item hangar of station will allow completion, but mission list still doesn’t recognize that the required items are on station. The new list won’t tell you where the item needs to go, unless it is in cargo bay. I have started keeping the agent conversation windows open so I can click through them to see what missions can be completed at the current station.
Again, I like the new ship models and even the new mission list, but please allow it to read the fleet hangar inventory.


Suggestion: Ability to sort our medals and decide in how they are displayed.
Keywords: ui, character sheet, medals, decorations.
Note: Useful to play around with our little accomplishments and “souvenirs” of fun/glorious moments.

Medals are used by corps with different objectives, from marking a big accomplishment of one of the members to just make a joke when something particulary funny happens… they are the deffinition of a “little thing”, but most of us find joy and amusement when seeing them in our character sheet.

Actually, we can only choose if those medals are private, public or to delete them. I think it would be nice if we could at least sort them by date, and/or decide in what particular order we whant them to be dislpayed, or group them according to what they are related to.


Suggestion: Remove or shorten the useless dotted line in the Sovereignty tab in System/Constellation show info windows.
Keywords: UI, Show Info, system, constellation, sovereignty
Note: The line wastes a lot of space unnecessarily and serves no purpose whatsoever that cannot be conveyed with a shorter line or different graphical tool (like a diagonally striped hazard band like effect instead).

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Suggestion: Modify the overview filters to allow pilots to select sizes of deployable structures they want to see. (e.g. have keepstars on the overview but not astrahauses).
Keywords: ui, overview, citadels

There is a tremendous amount of deployable structures in most well-trafficked parts of eve. Very frequently you’re not going to want to see the smallest structure. For example, in the goonswarm capital system of 1dq, 90% of people in the system only want to see the keepstar on their overview, and the fortizars/astrahauses are irrelevant and just clog up the overview. As a result, you need to have an overview filled with spam, or use the right-click window that doesn’t actually tell you what size each structure is, both of which are suboptimal.

This is also important in highsec, where everyone and their mother has a private astrahaus or raritu and nobody wants those on their overview, but you may want market fortizars or public sotyios on your overview.

This would be done by replacing, for example, the “citadel” overview option with “keepstar” “fortizar” and “astrahaus” overview options.


Structure Browser: Right click on a Structure Profile: Duplicate Profile.

Behavior: Creates a duplicate profile, with the word COPY appended at the beginning of the name. Those of us who manage hundreds and maybe thousands of citadels across many different profiles who have to make frequent changes will thank you.

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Blockquote This would be done by replacing, for example, the “citadel” overview option with “keepstar” “fortizar” and “astrahaus” overview options.

Along with this, in the right click menu in space under Structures append the type of citadel before or after the name like [Keepstar] SYSTEMNAME - STRUCTURE NAME or maybe instead of [KEEPSTAR} just use the icon for that type from the overview.

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A while back, you added a search box to the My Structures tab in the Structure Browser.


Could we also have the same search box in the Upcoming Extractions tab?

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Suggestion: Rename fit function

Keywords: fitting, simulation, naming

Suggestion: Repairing turns disabled modules online if able

Keywords: repair, modules, fitting
Note: I can’t think of a use case where I would want my module to remain disabled.

Suggestion: Fitting window module swap, simulation module swap

Keywords: fitting, module, swap, simulation
Note: currently one can not move a module onto a slot if another item is there, work flow of remove other module, move current module, find other module somewhere, replace module is quite annoying when there could just be a swap module

Suggestion: Option, add first 15 members of fleet to watch list

Keywords: fleet, watch list, option, small gang
Note: When fleeting, there is almost no reason to fill your watch list, so an automated process to do so would be nice.

Suggestion: Option, Don’t create a new newbie ship every time we dock in a pod

Keywords: pod, ship, destroyed, annoying, option

Suggestion: Option, Don’t remind me of unused skill points on login every time (or option to disable)

Keywords: nag, skill points, annoying, option

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  • allow way more than 250 personal/corp fittings saved
  • allow more personal/corp bookmarks saves
  • create a specialized freighters for mineral transports same as gallente have t1 indies, but with like 10 mil m3 just for minerals
  • weird final suggestion, why can we put 2 bestower hulls in an expanded bestower, but not a freighter/dread/carrier inside a freighter, when a single expanded charon can store a packed bloody keepstar with several packed forts and astras

Suggestion: Ability to adjust the scan probe size slider using the scroll wheel