Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #957

Suggestion: Ability to remove multiple items at once from reprocessing
Keywords: reproc, salvage
Note: Time saving reprocessing

I’m not sure if its been mentioned, But will we ever have the option to remove more than 1 item at a time when reprocessing? When there are 200-300 items, going through and removing 100 of them gets tedious when its one at a time.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #958

Suggestion: Add estimated value of all items in a facility to the structure hack report.
Keywords: Structures, hacking, wealth
Note: Impetus for structure bashing (particularly in wormholes) when players have better approximations of how large a loot piñata has become.

(Nasar Vyron) #959

Suggestion: Repackaging fit ships also repackages the fit modules
Keywords: repackage
Note: I have never understood why it didn’t do this already. If you’re repackaging a hull 99/100 times you’re also going to repackage the modules that were fit to it.

(Siren Ventress) #960

almost 60,000m3 of material goes into each factory planet and I’m certain i’ll develop carpal tunnel with all of the clicking to expedite transfer the materials around lol

(Bren Derlin) #961

Suggestion: Global settings for chat windows
Keywords: chat, ui
Note: It is tiresome having to set EVERY window to “show text only” and “show compact member list”

Thank you!

(noone kun) #962

Suggestion: Grouping for all active modules
Keywords: ui, modules
Note: less time to activate multiple modules or change their scripts

Suggestion: Unified and draggable locations - in - space
Keywords: ui
Note: more easy to share bookmarks, missions, expeditions and scanned sites and in-space objects

(Sian Neue) #963

Suggestion: Round up loyalty points both in terms of LP given and LP spend
Keywords: LP, Loyalty Points, PVE
Note: I’ve a fair few LP from NPC corps whereby I cannot get them to 0. the OCD in me wants to be able to remove LP completely from the list and unless I am lucky enough to have the exact number of LP as any given item/s then I am left with pointless LP for corps in my jounal.

By consolodating the number of LP given and item LP cost I can eliminate compltely all LP for any corporation that i want to, either that or allow me to just trassh any LP that I want to trash.

(Adda Pahineh) #964

Suggestion: Add option to highlight all messages from a pilot in a chat room he sent before, then you aim his nickname with you mouse
Keywords: chats, ui
Note: Will be very usefull in big chat rooms with big number of active pilots

(General Guardian) #965

Suggestion: Let us Cancel locking a target
Keywords: Targeting.

Countless times I’ve misclicked a target I don’t wish to lock and would like to cancel locking it.
Bigger difference when it comes to slow lock times, having to wait forever to cancel the target once it’s locked.

(Giddy McFee) #966

Suggestion: To be able to free slaves
Keywords: Slaves, Feel Good
Notes: from somewhere I picked up some slaves, it was only when i was trying to cotnract a bunch of stuff to an alt I was told I had illegal items in my contract and had to remove them, I would like to be able to right click and free slaves > they can disappear from my hanger or become janitors, I don’t care, but rather than trash them, or sell them which is putting them back into slavery I want to free them. And I think a coutner to show how many slaves you have freed will be good too.

(Elrond Imladris) #967

Suggestion: Allow mobile structures to be added/included as a part of the a ship fitting.

  • Mobile Depot
  • Mobile Micro Jump Unit
  • Mobile Warp Disruptor
  • Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor
  • Mobile Tractor Unit

Keywords: Fitting Window, mobile structures, Mobile Depot, Warp Disruptor, Cynosural Inhibitor, Tractor Unit

Your allowing other modules to be added/included in a fitting so you should allow these as well. At the very least the Mobile Depots should be added/included since they are very commonly used.

(Elrond Imladris) #968

Suggestion: When reprocessing materials for a corp, the materials are in the corp hanger, and you have access to the corp wallet then allow the costs to be charged to the corp wallet.

Keywords: Reprocessing, Corp Wallet

This is a bit of a hassle although a minor one. When I’m doing a job for the corp which involves reprocessing ore, I personally get charged for the reprocessing cost and then I have to reimburse myself from the corp wallet. It shouldn’t be this way; the $$ should come straight out of the corp wallet.

(Elrond Imladris) #969

Suggestion: Allow the ability to setup a automatic ISK transfer between wallets and Corporations. This would function just like a manual ISK transfer but would have the option to have it automatically transfer at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly time frame. The entry would appear in the automatic paid tab of the corp wallet.

Keywords: corporate wallet, Automatically Paid, ISK Transfer

There are many times I have to transfer a amount of x ISK on a regular basis for one reason or another and while it doesn’t take a great deal of time it be very nice to automate the process so I don’t necessarily have to be online for the transfer to take place.
Note: When and if they ever get around to having multiple personal wallets this feature should be included.

(Elrond Imladris) #970

Suggestion: Allow viewing & searching of Corporate Assets inside containers just like you can with personal assets.
Keywords: Corporate, Assets, view, search, Containers

No reason you shouldn’t be able to allow this functionality since its available for personal assets.

(Elrond Imladris) #971

Suggestion: Make it possible for a corporate officer/director to create a standardized corporate profile(s) which then can be assigned to members and officers. The profiles would include all assignable roles.
Keywords: Corporate, roles, profile

I own a small corp operated my me and two other people with multiple alts and I know Its small scale compared to many other corps. Each time I add a alt I have to go thru the same process of giving them access to the needed areas and services. Being able to create & assign a standardized profile which would give them the access, mostly divisional hangars, they need would be great. Its a minor hassle for me but for larger corps I know it be a huge time saver.

Also, these profiles would be editable after they are created.

(Elrond Imladris) #972

Suggestion: Allow Skillbooks to be remotely injected from anywhere.
Keywords: skillbooks, remote

Similar to SP injector this would allow you to remotely inject a skill without having to travel to the market.

(Elrond Imladris) #973

Suggestion: Allow Cerebral Accelerators to be remotely consumed from anywhere.
Keywords: Cerebral Accelerators, remote

Cause why not?

(Elrond Imladris) #974

Suggestion: Allow the Market to view and select other regions other then your current region. A simple drop down box or some other similar method would suffice.
Keywords : Market, remote, Buy

There are many places in Eve where the closest market hub is in the next region and you can’t see it or access it because the market browser only shows the current region. There is no reason you can’t allow it for the non-programmer player since you can do it thru ESI.

(Elrond Imladris) #975

Suggestion: Allow Remote Buy, Sell, and Modification to work beyond the regional borders.
Keywords: Market, remote, Buy, Sell, Modification

If you have Buy or Sell orders within your skill range of placing or modifying buy or sell orders and its in a neighboring market region you should be able to see, place buy & sell orders, and make changes.

(Bud Goode) #976

Issue: Single belt rats don’t approach close enough to trigger drones.

While mining in Asteroid Belts, when multiple rats attack they fly close enough to trigger my drones, but single rats never get closer than 8500m, which will NOT trigger my drones.

Suggestion: Make behavior for a single drone, the same as multiple drones, so they actually trigger my drones.