Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Giddy McFee) #997

This thread seems a little redundant to me, does anyone from CCP actually look at it? is there any indication anywhere as to what is possibly being considered to be implemented? It just seems like a space for ideas and we have no idea if they are going to be implemented or even looked at.

How many of the good suggestions that were listed here have been introduced into the game and when?

(Mintoko) #998

Yes. The dev that started this thread would see it. That he doesn’t chime in regularly doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see it.

Edit: I was wrong. He does chime in regularly. Some of the ideas in this thread have made it into the game.

(Elrond Imladris) #999

Suggestion : When you use the “Buy All” allow the ability to select/change a market/location.

Keywords : Buy All, Fittings

The default behavior for “Buy All” is to assume your buying at your current location. This is not always the case cause you could be in space, a citadel/complex that has no market or you want to use a different market.

(Veskin Sentinel) #1000

Yes, this thread is regularly visited by devs. CCP Karkur monitors it regularly and she and her fellow devs do implement the good things that we suggest. Here is a recent dev blog, describing implemented changes, based on player suggestions. :slight_smile:

(Tau Hopper) #1001

Suggestion: Allow for Moon ores to be compressed
Keywords: moon mining, ore, compression

Currently, all ores but Moon mining ones can be compressed. This is inconvenient –to say the least– when harvesting and hauling them.

Said ores include: Bitumens, Carnotite, Chromite, Cinnabar, Cobaltite, Coesite, Euxenite, Loparite, Monazite, Otavite, Pollucite, Scheelite, Sperrylite, Sylvite, Titanite, Vanadinite, Xenotime, Ytterbite, Zeolites and Zircon; plus their denser variants.

(ISD Sakimura) #1002

This is not likely to happen any time soon, CCP purposely made it this way so that they will be able to control the volumes being traded between regions.

(Tau Hopper) #1003

A pity, to be honest; but it is good to have some insight on why things are that way, even if the answer is a negative one – thanks.

(Rowells) #1004

Suggestion: Including more structure info in the system information tab
Keywords: ui, information window, structures
Note: Make it easier to identify certain structures

Perfect example:

(I am aware this a is a truly worst case scenario, but the problem persists elsewhere as well)

I am told that there is a structure here that i can use, one that is owned by a trusted third-party. How do i figure out which one that is without being explicitly told the name? Lots of clicking. In some cases even having the name can be ambiguous. With common names like “Freeport” and “Waypoint” being used multiple times, it becomes a small effort of research to figure out which one is which.

My proposal is to add some of the details that might be commonly sought by pilots when trying to find a specific one. Standings colors, structure type, even a corp or alliance ticker included somewhere would go a long way of turning a list of random structure names into something more easily searched through.

This is especially useful when trying to figure out which one when it has not been linked to you directly.

(Via Lucis) #1005

Suggestion : Mechanism to detect cloaked campers
Keywords : game, cloak, camp
Note : A system-wide scan detecting cloaked ships over time, e.g. 15 minutes

Free thought: There is currently no counter measure against cloaked campers sitting in systems from DT to DT or any drawback to them for doing so!

Please introduce a system-wide mechanism which can be installed under one’s sovereignty that would be able to locate energy fields of cloaked ships over time and thus allow them to be probe-able with combats!


(Hirmuolio Pine) #1006

Suggestion: Delay the notification on login
Keywords: ui, notifications

When you log in the notifications pop up before the game has even loaded. A delay before notifications appear after login would allow you to see them.

(Durallian) #1007

Suggestion: Indicator for Alpha Skills whilst playing as Omega
Keywords: UI, Alpha, Omega, Skills,
Notes: Useful to have either some colour or the ability to filter for Alpha Skills. This would enable anyone that’s joined and intends to play as an alpha but is playing as Omega to be able to just see skills that they can train.

(Fuzzy Pink) #1008

Suggestion: Change “warping” display to indicate actual warp status

Keywords: ui

Note: “warping” is sometimes a lie

When player’s ship is 3/4 or more of max speed the HUD changes to “warping”. If a ship is moving too fast it will not enter warp, but the display will not indicate this. It would be better if “warping” displayed actual underspeed/overspeed until warp was actually achieved. This would give the player some indication about how long it might be before they can leave the grid

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1009

Ccp made a list of alpha skills. I made an excel sheet. Message me in game, and I will send you the excel sheet.

(Julien Brellier) #1010

SUGGESTION: SP countdown in character sheet


NOTE: Too many players asking what size of injector they need

Can we please have another button in the character sheet skills page that counts down the total SP in the current queue alongside the timer counting down the time until the queue ends?
It’s frustrating not knowing which size of injector or how many injectors to purchase in order to finish the queue (or even how many SP we need to hit each level of any given skill)
I imagine that making total skill queue SP visible would only lead to more injector sales.

(Tragot Gomndor) #1011

SUGGESTION: Seperate shipskin choosing window
NOTE: the ability to open just the ship skin window without the fitting window, so that we can actually see our own ship when changing skin :smiley:

(Sasha Viderzei) #1012

Suggestion : the laser emitted by the Modulated Strip Miner II module change color depending of the mining crystal used.

Keywords : Strip Miner, Crystal.

Note : Very small change, but when you’re mining you generally have a lot of time to appreciate the designs of Mining Barges/Exhumers/(Capital) Industrial Command Ships, why not give a new thing to look at ?
And concerning the fact that this apply to energy turrets, it should please our fellow Amarr miners :slight_smile:

(Beetle) #1013

Suggestion: Notification for courier contract delivery complete and settings option for it
Keywords: Notification, courier, contract
Note: It helps to have a ding for delivery done, then there is no need to stare at item hangar while waiting but for example at chat instead.

Why was it removed together with an option for it in notification settings??? It’s incredibly useful when for example I issue a rush job courier contract to get on a deal in market. I am very used to it :frowning: please give it back.

(Nocobo) #1014

Suggestion: Option: setup as default skin for ship class
Keywords: skin
Note: if skin set as default, apply this skin for new unpacking ship.

(Dominous Nolen) #1015

Suggestion: Timer on anchorable bubbles and interdiction spheres
Keyword: QOL, timer, UI

Currently when anchoring a bubble you cannot see the anchoring time remaining on the bubble unless you try to anchor it again.

Also a timer on the remaining life of a bubble (for the pilot who initiated the sphere) would be helpful to know the remaining time.

(Dominous Nolen) #1016

Suggestion: Allow for customized default chat window settings
Keyword: UI, Chat

When launching any new windows or private convos initiate they are defaulting the medium portrait view with default text sizing from the initial client install. For those who like to have their font scaled a specific size or change the channel layout this would be helpful to bind a default setting to use on all new window launches.