Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Dominous Nolen) #1017

Suggestion: Subsystem Bay Button on the fitting window
Keyword: Fitting, UI

Please add a subsystem bay button similar to the cargo and drone bays in the instance when a t3c is being fit.

(Dominous Nolen) #1018

Suggestion: Allow for the ghost fitting windows to use a specific implant set (similar to external tools) when simulating a ship
Keyword: Implant, Fitting, Simulate

Allowing us to simulate a specific attribute set from implants that are intended for the fit will allow us to centralize the fitting experience in game against in game fittings rather then using external tools.

(Nocobo) #1019

Suggestion: the progressive complexity of the abyss
Keywords: abyss
Note: before the new pocket player decides to go further or to get out of the abyss. each subsequent pocket becomes more difficult and the reward grows.

(Elrond Imladris) #1020

Suggestion: Add a shortcut for Fighters to orbit a selected targeted object
Keywords: Fighters, Carriers, Supers, shortcut

Anyone who uses carrier fighters knows one of the keys to keeping your fighters alive longer is to keep them moving. Once they stop they become easy targets so you want to keep them moving by orbiting something. The current method of doing this is a pain and a shortcut would work better.

(Salt Foambreaker) #1021

Make hotkeys work no matter which sub window has focus, excepting input controls of course.

(Licio Caleb) #1022

Suggestion: Ability to write length of PI’s extraction cycle
Keywords: pi
Note: Instead of using a dial or the +/- buttons

Currently we use a “slider bar”/dial to determine the length of extraction cycles. It would be helpful to have the ability to write down x days, y minutes instead IMO.


(Licio Caleb) #1023

Suggestion: Remove the queue from all PI “factories”
Keywords: pi
Note: Currently we waste the queue materials AND whatever is in the cycle when we switch programs.

I love micro managing PI and often need to change programs in all my factories. It is so sad to see the queued materials going to waste. Alternatively add a button to “unload” or automatically unload the queue when programs are switched.

(Licio Caleb) #1024

Suggestion: Add the possibility to add “tabs” and/or separators
Keywords: organization, qol,
Note: Currently there is no way to arrange the contents of any container (ship’s cargo hold, secure container, station hanger, …).

I am sure everyone has thought about this, and most likely asked before in the long history of eve, but why cant we have separators or tabs in containers? It would make life so much easier in so many levels. The tabs wouldn’t add space like containers do, it would just be for organization purposes.


(Nocobo) #1025

Suggestion: the GUI should be more customizable
Keywords: UI, customize
Note: Can not move info about current system/route/tasks from left-top to other location.
Now i try set overview panel/targets to top-left and not need see current system in current place.
(i accustomed read text from left to right and not need see secondary information in the foreground.)

(Nocobo) #1026

Suggestion: shortcut for clear current chat
Keywords: UI, chat
Note: not to see the already read messages (time spent reading), I would like to mention the chat as “read” and after killing a couple of ships and switching of attention to the chat to see new messages only. For example I read the chat message, pressed the “spacebar” all posts are the grey italics.

(Nocobo) #1027

Suggestion: hide the reviewed contracts
Keywords: ui, contracts
Note: the ability to mark contracts as “reviewed”,not to see them in next search. Whether the selection of modules improved abyss

(Nocobo) #1028

Suggestion: badges and colors for ships in the hangar
Keywords: UI, hangar, ships
Note the holds and warehouses, a branch of the hangar - the ability to separate the ships, not just in name, but the default icon(frigate,battleship,…), as well as change the color of the title text.

(Feronanthus) #1029

Suggestion: Color code links posted in chat (external vs killmails vs links to chat channels vs contracts, etc)

Keywords: ui, chat
Note: Useful to avoid trolling or just ignoring that guy who constantly posts links to youtube music videos. Possibly could be user defined color coding.

I just want to know what I’m about to click on before I click it and without needing to wait for the destination popup (who’s time is, of course, controlled by the uselessly global tooltip delay setting, but that’s a different issue)

(Thorbit Klefman) #1030

Suggestion: add the “search by” drop down box to new eden store gifting window
Keywords: ui, NES, gift, search
Note: when buying someone a gift in the new eden store, the “enter character name” box doesn’t allow fine tuning of finding character name, some name searches i do result in hundreds of character in the result, sometimes its fairly difficult in find the character. search box im talking about is the one you see when you search for someone in the people and places window. or maybe if you search for someone with the exact name in quotation marks, return only that character name?

(Via Lucis) #1031

Suggestion : Shorten anchoring distance requirements of Citadels from gates and other objects
Keywords : citadels, distance, other objects in space
Note : So all other objects can be fired at from citadels as they deserve to

Free thought: because madness and chaos it would create befits this EVEverse \o/


Feature request - locked on targets mod
(Rivr Luzade) #1032

Suggestion: Move all variable Show Info window elements to the right of the tab row.
Keywords: UI, show info window, tabs, variable tabs
Note: It is frustrating when you want to open the SI window with the Route tab by default but every time a system has structures, the window opens in that tab and then moves to another tab if a system has no structures. Same goes for character, corp, alliance show info.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #1033

Suggestion : Item multi-split
Keywords : ui, inventory, hangars
Note : Quite often we have to split stacks of multiple items (usually ammo or pi inputs for planets). would be nice if we could select multiple items and split stack in such a way that we would get stack of x size of every item selected for splitting.

(Nocobo) #1034

Suggestion : requirement of T2 modules in LP store
Keywords : LP, LP shop, fraction, modules
Note : 1. when buying items in the store fractions partially replace the necessary cheap T1 modules on T2 analogues (reducing the requirements in the isk?).
2. add to fractional guns the ability to use T2 ammo (now guns are useless)

(Veskin Sentinel) #1035

Suggestion: Ability to share a custom route
Keywords: UI, Space route planning, fleet, autopilot, system route
Note: Share-able routes would help fleet members and scouts.

I think someone has already suggested this, but here it goes, just in case it was missed.

Basically when a fleet commander plots a custom travel route, it would be nice if they were able to share that route, be it via a custom button that they can drag in fleet chat (which then turns into a link in chat) or any other suitable way. When a route is shared, it should be a perfect copy of the pilot’s route, the way they have customized it. This way fleet members and especially scouts, would be able to know where the fleet is heading. If a fleet member is not in the same system with the fleet when they receive and apply a custom route from the commanders, then their route would lead to the first system from the custom route and then add the custom route itself.

(Ethan Armstrong) #1036

Suggestion: Add blueprint project completion status to notification feed
Keywords: Notification Feed, Blueprints, Production
Note: All blueprint project states should be sent to notification feed.

It’s be very useful to have completed blueprint projects appear in the notification feed. This would include completed production, research, and reaction runs.

Sometimes its easy to forget to check on that long running research/production project so I propose to have its finished status sent to the notification feed upon completion. This would be fantastic to have, especially for those that only login a few times a week and can forget about long running projects easily.