Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Wylex Cross) #1037

Suggestion : Spectrum analyzer to listen to space communication
Keywords : Concord, radio
Note: With a similar interface design to the project discovery mini game (which is sleek and good), I thought perhaps it could contain the waterfall spectrum analyzers contain and use that to find signatures of distant ships by the patterns found, or find an nfm signal and/or listen to what concord are actually saying… It might be an interesting way to find lost beacons or pirates as well.

(Van Hoff Sotken) #1038

Suggestion : Hotkey for search in star map OR Default focus in search field
Keywords : Hotkey, shortcut, map
Note : I consistenly find myself opening the star map using keyboard shortcut, only having to use mouse just to open the search menu, back to keyboard. Either defaulting the search menu open or allowing a keyboard shortcut to open it up removes a lot of the back and forth between KB->Mouse

(Nocobo) #1039

Suggestion: add damage module for turret + drone
Keywords: modules,drone,turret
Note: analog C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System. this will increase interest for dominix navy, proteus(drone)

(twoflower Secret) #1040

Suggestion: Suggestion for balancing serial wardec’ers in hi-sec, add a risk concord kicks in against agressors and/or ending wardecs prematurely.
Keywords: wardec, concord
Note: I would like to see a good change of Concord kicking in against agressors for a couple of days and end wars prematurely. Then wardec’ing would bring a serious risk for serial wardec’ers as well.

(twoflower Secret) #1041

Suggestion: Add a route list to the map (if a route is shown)
Keywords: Map
Note: In the current map it’s difficult to see if a route show is passing through troublesome or ganked systems (like uedama) or low/null-sec.

Adding a list of the route to the map would be very nice addition to see what’s ahead (the same one you when you’re viewing the route tab of solar system info.

(twoflower Secret) #1042

Suggestion: When doing missions for R&D always show buy datacores when you can buy at least one.
Keywords: R&D Agents, UI, Performance
Note: When you accept a courier mission for an R&D agent you have to close the dialog and double click the agent again to be able to buy datacores (if any).
I would like to see the buy datacores button after accepting courier type missions, much like you get when you complete a mineral delivery (and have a stash of minerals already in the station or ship). This would prevent a number of mouse clicks and probably lower client-server communication a bit.

(twoflower Secret) #1043

Suggestion: Add standing filter to ‘deliver to’ recipients
Keywords: UI, Structures, Performance
Note: When you have an extensive list of contacts (with quite some having bad/terrible standing for obvious reasons) it would be nice if the recipients popup show when delivering items in a structure had the option to filter on standing (a simple good/bad would be enough).
Reason behind this is quite simple: you will almost never deliver items to someone you have a bad/terrible standing with.

(Shadowlance) #1044

Suggestion: Add volume and summary fields in “multiple items” contracts
Keywords: ui, market, contracts
Note: better usability of contract system

I’ve posted a small similiar suggestion here already, but this one is much better.
Just look at the pic that explains how it could be done:

(Gabriel Dayn) #1045

Suggestion: Include region information in entosis and structure notifications.
Keywords: notifications, sovereignty, structures.

The notification that a structure (sov or otherwise) is under attack, has been reinforced, or destroyed, does not include region information. Given the massive proliferation of structures in space, it would be helpful to get this information as part of the notification so that we don’t have to rush to Dotlan every time some random TCU or Raitaru is being hit halfway across the galaxy.

Example: “Infrastructure Hub in 7RM-N0 has been destroyed.”
Proposed change: "Infrastructure Hub in 7RM-N0 (Pure Blind) has been destroyed. "

(Shameus Donohue) #1046

Suggestion: Add copy paste functionality to the compare tool.
Keywords: Compare Tool Usability
Dragging and dropping items into the compare tool is just too much of a hassle. The ‘compare’ option on the variations screen of a module is a great start but just lacking flexibility (my cheapskate self does not care about officer modules and need to remove them every time).

With a simple copy paste functionality that exists elsewhere in game (import fits/multibuy) it would be possible to import a list of modules from a pre-saved list. This would make comparing different kinds of things a lot easier. For example: which T1 frigate has the largest capacitor or power grid, which interceptors have 3 mid slots, etc. Next to that, you could easily export a number of modules with a couple of compared stats, which would be useful to us theorycrafters.

Simple background of myself: i like to theorycraft and spend almost as much time in the fitting window as i do actually flying ships. I know quite a bit of people in my alliance who have the same love for creating the ultimate minmaxed fits. What are your thoughts (perhaps from less theory-crafting individuals) on this proposal?

(Lucy Royal) #1047

Suggestion: Option to use old ship models through something akin to activating skins.
Keywords: Skins, Ship Redsigns, Ship Models
Note: History of past and resent ship designs.

With all the recent changes to ship redesigns, that have been very well received through the community; I thought it might be nice to have an option to revert to an older model through an activated “Skin”. I personally liked the old dinosaur looking Gila, but I also love the new redesign but having a choice to revert could be something nice, not only to reminisce but to also show some of the newer capsuleers how far the game has come.

I’m not sure on the mechanics of this but as skins are easily changed out, something similar could be done with the models too? Anyway just a thought.


(Iowa Banshee) #1048

Suggestion : Highlight station type in UI
Keywords : UI, Structures

They all look the same to me - Do you ever forget what type of structure you are docked in ?

  • A simple colored border round the station services panel and you could tell at a glance if you parked in a Citadel, Industrial or Refinery.

Of course if the station “skins” become a thing maybe some love for the interiors wouldn’t go amiss.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #1049

Suggestion: Add a random search [I’m Feeling Lucky] button next to the new primary search bar on the test server.
Keywords: UI, UX
Note: Player may customize fields to ignore categories in ‘random’ search. Integrate spam cool-downs as needed.





(Mustache Dealer) #1050

Suggestion: Add a small animated circle that appears next to your market orders that tracks order modification time.

Keywords: Market, UI

There would be much less “you must wait X more minutes before you can modify this order” annoying messages while trying to re-update your market orders. It’s design looks just like the session timer circle. A lot of traders would love this addition.

(Theodore Eriker) #1051

Suggestion: Add a column to skill queue that shows total cumulative time to train

Keywords: UI, Training

Note: This would help players answer “when will I be able to fly X?”. As an alternative, it could show date when that skill is expected to complete.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1052

It literally says how long to train when it’s in the queue

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #1053

If you have a fitting with a red ‘X’ moving your cursor over the x will show how long to train necessary skills.

(Mustache Dealer) #1054

Suggestion: Add a “transferring” sound and visual FX to the Upwell cargo deposit

Keywords: Cargo deposit, Citadels

Successfully depositing cargo while outside into a citadel should play a special sound when transferred (maybe the same as ‘loot all’ sound? Also, a beam of light or different colored tether (yellow?) should briefly connect to the ship. This would be neat to watch for others scouting the station or for miners doing their thing nearby like on a refinery.

(Mollie Athonille) #1055

Unless I’m missing it somewhere else in the options screen, I don’t see a hotkey for “Assign Drones”. Can you add that to the “Little Things” list, CCP Karkur?

(Whitehound) #1056

Suggestion: allow us to restock market orders

Keywords: market, orders, trading, restock, bloat, GUI

As a trader can one often end up with multiple orders for the same items. So can it happen that one has multiple sell orders for the same items on the market, because of how these were delivered over time and sometimes before the existing orders have sold out.

Similar can happen with buy orders, where these fill up and one sets up a new one only to cover for another buying period.

This then leads to a bloated market with more orders than is desirable for a trader and their customers.

If one could restock a sell order with new items, as well as resupply a buy order with more ISKs, in order to increase their volumes, then it would clean up the markets’ appearances and reduce the bloat of market orders. It would make price changes easier for the traders and also make trading easier for customers.