Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Alcorak) #1057

Suggestion: Activate/Deactivate module cycling
Keywords: ui

Ability to re-activate (green) cycling of de-cycling (red) module mid-cycle. ‘Oops, I double-clicked my scram and now its set to deactivate after this cycle. Guess I’ll watch this guy warp off’

(NateX) #1058

Suggestion: Make the shortcut for Jump/activate gate work when you want to jump wormholes.

I use shortcuts for most stuff, but its annoying me that you are not able to press on the shortcut and then left click the wormhole to jump through it.

(Feronanthus) #1059

Suggestion: Mobile Inverse Cynosural Field Jammer
Keywords: pvp, sov

A personal deployable structure (like MTUs, Depots, mobile cyno inhibs) which inverts a system wide cyno jammer to create a small pocket in which a cynosural field is activated. It should create a system wide beacon and have a significant activation time (10 minutes? 5?). Once active it acts as a cyno beacon available to every jump capable pilot (no bridging as its too dispersed to provide a proper lock) due to the resonances created by the two fields interacting with each other, though its spread is much wider than a normal cyno so pilots end up spaced in a sphere of radius 100km (50?) around the effect.

A mobile cyno inhib anchored within range of the inverse jammer can overpower its effect.

Does nothing in a system without an active cyno jammer.

(Mustache Dealer) #1061

Suggestion: Send citadel status updates to notification feed

Keywords: Citadels, Assets, UI

When you have assets in a citadel, any major event involving that citadel (hull timer, unanchoring) will send you a notice of its status in the notification feed. For those that have assets in far flung citadels, this will give them enough advance notice to try and move their assets before entering asset safety. Not sure if corp-owned citadels already do this, but it should do it for all citadels you have assets in.

(Hefalumps) #1062

Suggestion: Make it possible to create a contract that can only be accepted by those with the contracting role

Keywords: Contract, corporation management

When you create a contract to a corporation, anyone in that corp can accept it. There are times when I would like someone to make a contract to my corporation that only those with roles can accept.

(Cassie Helio) #1063

Suggestion: Hover over chat tabs and see full name
Keywords: ui, chat
Note: Useful when many chat channels are grouped in a window and names get cut off.

I have a few windows with several chat tabs grouped together in them and I can not see the full titles without expanding the whole window. It would be a QoL improvement to be able to hover over the chat tab and see the full title.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #1064

I am quite confident that it does work.

(Sendo Nokana) #1065

Suggestion: make notepad menu’s collapsible and remove or reduce minimum window size for notepad
Keywords: notepad, ui
Note: Useful when you only want to see one note without it taking up too much screen real estate or double click a note to open in a separate window without the menus

(Mina Sebiestar) #1066

Suggestion: Add 4 dots (16 total) on all 4 sides of active boosters timer top(4) left(4) bot(4) right(4) that represent in color(green/red) booster side effect applied.
Keywords: ui,immediate information presentation.
Note: By making them static ie booster slot 1 always left,booster slot 11 always bot user can obtain in an instant most critical information of action hi just took(consume) without any need to use mouse to hover over timer.

(Kalaratiri) #1067

Suggestion: Clarify that the “Laboratory Operation” and “Advanced Laboratory Operation” skills affect both the number of Research and Invention jobs available

Keywords: skill training, science and industry, research and invention

Currently the skill descriptions only mention Research jobs, making it very difficult to find that there any skills able to increase the number of Invention jobs as well.

(Elrond Imladris) #1068

Suggestion: In the Fitting Window include the simulation of the fleet bays and give the ability to save fittings with items/modules in the fleet bays.

Keywords: Fitting Window, fleet bay, Save fittings, Items/Modules

There are several classes of ships that have fleet bays in EVE. The Fitting Window simulator should be able to simulate the fleet bay and have the ability to save fittings with items in the fleet bay since the fleet bay is basically a sharable cargo-hold.

(Theodore Eriker) #1069

If you are training only for that , sure. If you are doing several things, and skill Z is several down the queue, there is no easy way to get an estimate of when skill Z will be done. (Evemon will tell you for example). Let me be more precise.
You want to know when Connections V will be done. You can see it will take 26d for that one skill, but you also have 14 skills in queue ahead of it. Some take 1d, some 14d 3h, etc. It would be nice to have a column that added those up and provided a cumulative time. So i would know it will be 69d 3h until Connections V is done. (And if it also gave day and time, that would be awesome).

(Lion Drome) #1070

Suggestion: Ability to see Paid Taxes in Activity Tracker

Keywords: ui, market, PVE, PVP, industry, taxes,
Note: Its very satisfying to see how much in taxes you’ve paid and how much ISK you’ve put out of the game.

Activity tracker follows many things but one major thing it lacks is the ability to see market features. For example how much in taxes you’ve paid. That would ba incredibly nice feature to follow as market active players make hundreds of millions or billions disappear from the game, same goes for manufacturers/researches (all this tracked in one tab. Not in separate categories in research tab, manufacturing tab etc)

(Diego Giacometti) #1071

This actually sounds super fun to me! Hope something like this will make it into the game some day - even if it’s just part of an event.

(CowRocket Void) #1072

In your wallet there is a drop down menu called “Ref. type”
That data is also available via ESI

(Ragnar Sorlandschip) #1073

Suggestion: Give the Bomb Launcher icon red lights to differentiate it from the Probe Launcher and highlight its aggressive nature.
Keywords icon, bomb launcher
Note: Just don’t feel like two such different modules should share the exact same icon. Interdiction Sphere Launchers already have their own icon with orange lights, so why no love for the Bomb Launcher?


(Krops Vont) #1074

Joining fleet after a player moves, the next member to join joins that squad.

I propose a Join squad, wing option since there is only an invite to squad.

Little pop up menu like the stored fleets option.


(Watchme Warsong) #1075

Suggestion, Currently it is super annoying to be in a standing fleet and if the fleetboss leaves game and lead is passed to someone AFK or goes AFK a new fleet has to be made. My proposal is an option that can either be enabled or disabled for voting to remove the fleetboss and passing it to someone else. vote%20kick

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1076

Suggestion: Normalize scanning probe stats
Keywords: UI, scanning, modules
Note: Does not change how anything works

Scanning probes show their stats at their base scan range.
So combat probes are 20 str, 0.25 AU deviation at 0.5 AU
core probes are 40 str 0.125 AU deviation at 0.25 AU.

This makes it seem like combat probes are worse. In reality they are equal (as long as they are used in same range. Core probes can go to smaller range).
The stats compare combat probes at 0.5 AU scan to core probes at 0.25 AU scan.

The stats shown in the stats should be normalized so that all probes show their stats at same range. I would show them both at 0.25 AU scan to avoid changing the value shown for core probes even though combat probes can’t scan at that range.

So the stats shown would be.
combat probes: 40 str, 0.25 AU deviation, 0.5 AU base range.
Core probes: 40 str, 0.25 AU devoation, 0.25 AU base range.

(B0T0) #1077

Suggestion: Implants in pod fitting window.
Keywords: ui, fitting, implants
Note: It would allow saving of multiple implant sets as fittings.