Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Alendia Alrassador) #1178

Suggestion: Make notes shareable or add an alpha mark in the character sheet
Keywords: notes, sharing, chat, communication, skills
Note: No more need to copy novels.

It would be wonderful if notes would be drag and droppable or there would be the ability to make them into an item like bookmarks. Recently I created a list of all skills learnable of alphas because I didn’t find one online and while you are in omega account state you can’t see which skills you can’t use anymore when you drop back to alpha. Because notes are limited in characters I needed to make several notes on it. I thought about sharing my list with a friend who started playing just recently so he can see which skills he should train, but it was impossible except for sending him a mail with the context of 20 notes copied. So please make notes droppable or add an indicator on the skills so I can see while maxing out my alpha in omega which I need to train and which I don’t need to train any further because Lvl 5 of this skill is not available for an alpha.

(Rah Wren) #1179

Suggestion: place scoop to cargo farther from remove from overview
Keywords: ui, mtu, mobile depot
Note: misleads user thinks it was scooped when it disappears from overview

On the right click of a mobile depot or MTU the menu option for “scoop to hold” is next to “remove from overview”. I will unknowingly click “remove from overview” by accident. Then the mobile depot/MTU will disappear from my overview and I will think that i scooped it. I wouldnt normally call this a bug but I have done it so many times it is driving me crazy.

(Rainus Max) #1180

Suggestion: Add a new control role in structure profiles to allow users to man but not refit/remove items
Keywords: Structures, ACLs, Profiles, Control
Note: Corp Security

Structure fittings are expensive and have we have no ability to give people access without potentially risking significant corp thefts. Could we create a new control profile that allows a user to man a structure but not remove modules, ammo or fighters (excluding moving things back into the ammo/fighter bays)

(Rah Wren) #1181

Suggestion: low temperature monitors, the yellow gate/station icon doesn’t stand out
Keywords: ui, overview, gate, waypoint
Note: when waypoints are set the yellow isn’t yellow enough

At night when my monitor is at a low temperature (2700K and below) I can’t tell which gate is next in my route. The yellow color of the gate icon in the overview isn’t distinct enough. All the overview items look to be the same color at these low temperatures.

(Vas Havar) #1182

Suggestion: Make it possible to increase the font size of Evemail. Tiny text is hard on old eyes! lol. You can adjust context menu text size, chat window text size, but no options for Evemail text.


(Tovh) #1183

Make an Eve movie. That would really improve on the quality of life. Well, parts of life.

(Reaper Uitoh) #1184

Suggestion: Add multibuy’s “Add items listed in clipboard to order” to contract’s “Also request items from buyer”
Keywords: ui, multibuy, contracts
Note: This will be useful for sharing industry materials between alts.

Currently if you want to share materials between alts you have to split stacks and create a contract from the spliced items. That is a very mundane process that eats up all your time. The most desirable solution to this would be to add the clipboard functionality to the “Pick Items” part of creating a contract. But I am sure that would require a serious overhaul (Although this would also benefit people creating mass contracts for doctrine fits). That is why my suggestion is for the “Also request items from buyer” part of contracts, because I suspect that would not require as much change as the “Pick Items” part.

(Traxon Mandarro) #1185

Suggestion: Ability to save and load shortcut settings between accounts/characters
Keywords: ui
Note: It’s a pain having to set them all the time!

Having several accounts with multiple characters makes this a major p.i.t.a. to do and Eve must be one of only a handful of MMO’s that doesn’t allow for this

(Donirsand Koragar) #1186

Suggestion: Launcher to pre-select character
Keywords: Launcher, Client
Notes: Simplify getting into the game with required character(s)

With the introduction of Launch Groups as part the new Launcher, would it be possible to extend the launcher/client such that Groups can pre-select the Character to launch into? Rather than just launching a client for the account(s) and leaving the character selection till after it has loaded?

2 accounts with 2 characters on each (A1, A2, B3 & B4)
I like to set up groups such like:

  • Group Alpha loads A1 and B3 directly into clients
  • Group Beta loads A1 & B4 directly into clients
  • Group Gamma loads A2 & B1 directly into clients
  • Group Delta loads A2 & B4 directly into clients


(zuzzik) #1187

send isk from corporation to corporation please. quick bar. as well as from corporation to person
and how from person to person. how is now possible.

(Jerry Falcone) #1188

Give/take isk option, is how you give isk to corp, or take isk from corp to /from an individual pilot

(zuzzik) #1189

Suggestion: “Stack all” for personal and corporation assets .
Keywords: ui , personal and corporation assets . Stack all, tab, bookmark, remotely.
Note: Now the game has the ability to separate items remotely. Request for reverse operation - merge.

personal and corporation assets . stack all. please. (group)

(zuzzik) #1190

right click on the icon corporation

(zuzzik) #1191

and do something with learning skills (panel) very inconvenient. (add list)

(Jerry Falcone) #1192

If you follow the rules in the first post, your “suggestions” might make more sense.

(zuzzik) #1194

Извините за неточность, мой английский ужасен

(Taliah Meyhin) #1195

Couldn’t CCP add an option (in Settings) to let players choose between commas and dots ? That would be doable, imo.

(Haley Anstian) #1196

I’ve had this Idee for a while now but never got around to post it …so here goes

When you have mutliple accounts mining on orca for boosts and the way you can access the orcas fleet hanger via the radial menu…I love that feature

Imagine my surpirse when i tried it on a rorqual with hulks sitting there thinkin this is easy .

So i guess im asking CCP to please ad that same fucntionality to the rorquals Radial menu


(Taliah Meyhin) #1197

Suggestion: Add real values for each activity in the Activity Tracker
Keywords: ui, activity tracker, counter
Note: percentages and points are good but real numbers are more explanatory

In the Activity Tracker, please add counters for each activity.
Currently, we can only see percentages or “activity tracker points”, not the real numbers of L1 missions, L2 missions, of Relic Sites explored, nor the real number of Incursions done. :frowning:

(Taliah Meyhin) #1198

Suggestion: Allow the Inventory search engine to search within Secure Cargo Containers
Keywords: ui, search engine, searching, search, inventory, container

In the Inventory, there should be an option to make the Search Engine seach inside Giant Secure Containers.

Mockup :