Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Daphne I Greengrass) #1241

Suggestion: Turning off chat channel blink when specific characters chat
Keywords: Chat
Note: The ability to turn off chat blink for your alts posting in a channel. E.G. If I have 2 characters in the Blueprints channel I dont need the channel to blink on toon 1 when toon 2 chats.

Probably not extremely important in the grand scheme of things but who knows.

(Almethea) #1242

No, i know the SHIFT thing, but what i dream is a panel asking me how much i want in each stack (equal parts) and an option for incremental step (ex : +1 unit at each split)

(Grandpa Fogie) #1243

Suggestion: Take turret layout into consideration when designing SKINS
Keywords: SKINS, Turret Models, Overheating
Note: There’s a turret squatting on the most interesting part of this SKIN (Cynabal) Moving the turret layout fixes this, but prevents efficient overheating.

I cant look good and heat my guns efficiently :frowning:

(Residium Fall) #1244

Suggestion: Seed skillbooks in Ammatar Consulate Academy stations
Keywords: Market, skills
Note: The Imperial, State War and Federal Navy Academy stations all have NPC skillbook sellers but for whatever reason the Ammatar Academy stations don’t. Infact we don’t have a single school station in the whole of Derelik. Help us educate our children :heart:

(twoflower Secret) #1245

Suggestion: Add standing filter to contacts selection dialog’s .
Keywords: UI, ease of access.
Note: Above the list of contact dialog used for selection pilots for item delivery or contracts, add a filter on standing (so for example 5 small buttons that when clicked filter on terrible, bad, neutral, good, excellent).

(twoflower Secret) #1246

Suggestion : Show buy data cores button for R&D agents.
Keywords : UI, ease of access.
Note : Show the buy datacores button always when a mission is accepted when there are 1 or more datacores to buy. Now the button is only shown when in the same station and the (mineral) mission is completed. If you accept a courier type mission, you first need to close the dialog and double click the agent again to be able to buy any datacores.

(Knicpaw) #1247

Suggestion: Provide [r]eason in Journal related to MarketOrders

Keywords: ui, esi, wallet, journal, market, marketOrders
Note: Brokers Fee / Transaction Tax / Market (Escrow/Transaction) entries in journal/wallet would contain MarketOrderID in Reason field

As a dutiful “backoffice” accountant for my corp, I need to reconcile my trader’s MER for our portfolio… :wink:

When attempting to calculate the “cost” of a MarketOrder, there is currently no direct ‘link’ between the many Brokers Fee/Taxes back to an original order; currently need to pull the transactions table and associate the DATE/TIME & CLIENT & VALUE (if it matches) against the Journal row.

Ideally, the [r] would = marketOrderID… however, it needn’t be anything more than a unique id per character. Then, downloading Journal entries in ESI would enable association for all items related to a single order.

Optional addition:

Similar to how Bounty payments include a [r]eason raw string of typeIDs and count (eg 23955:10,23958:9,23959:8,)… and when the [r] is hovered in the client, it shows an enriched table of “rat” x2 due to a typeID lookup…

… it would be nice if (in client) when one hovers over the [r], instead of the raw marketOrderID, the UI would provide an enriched hover dialog containing the Order details:

  • Order ACTIVE or INACTIVE … opt. enhance to:
    ** Open [aka unfilled]
    ** Partially Filled [aka still open]
    ** Filled [aka filled/closed]
    ** Cancelled [aka closed/unfilled or partial]
  • typeID of order
  • quantity
  • price
  • expiry date (if ACTIVE)


Thank you for your consideration,

Knic o7

(Knicpaw) #1248

Suggestion: Sort / Enrich HUD Turret RightClick Ammo Selection

Keywords: ui, hud, turretAmmo
Note: Order the ammo by range when RightClick Selection

When an FC calls for a kitchensink (non-doctrine) frigate or cruiser or whatever fleet, it is extra work to have to remember all the different ammo “names” when instructing fleet.

FC calls for “switch to long range ammo” or “… short range ammo”… given the 4 major weapon types, and T1/T2 ammo types, there are 8 different names the FC needs to disseminate to avoid all the newbros asking “what is the long range ammo for [turretType]?”

Suggestion is to sort by range, and enrich the list with indicators (assume below “bars” are pushed to right side of dialog, but left justified… ignore dots (.) used only for spacing):
Aurora . . . . --------
Radio . .. . . --------
Microwave .. . -------
Infrared . . . ------
Standard . . . -----
Ultraviolet .. ----
Xray . . . . . ---
Gamma . .. . . --
Multifrequency -
Gleam . . .. . -
… not sure if there is a need to put a “hard” separator between T1/Faction and T2… or to put T2 both at top and T1 below. I trust your judgement. :slight_smile:

Community Addendum:
Where “range” is not applicable (missiles?), include the damage type indicator… for example: Mjolnir vs Inferno

Optional addition:

  • Within the HUD Settings, make option to enable/disable this feature (just in case people are annoyed).
  • Within the HUD Settings, make an option to show “all” ammo types ‘usedWith’ turret, even if unavailable (call this education-mode :slight_smile: ):
    ** Grey/Gray for not in hold
    ** Red for in hold, but cannot be loaded
    **** for the situation where grouped EnergyTurret (x5), but only x4 of a type of crystal


Thank you for your consideration,

Knic o7

(Niriam DoT) #1249

Can add damage type icons\colorcodes aswell

(Wedge Yamamoto) #1250

Suggestion: Make factor of 10 or 100 market typos less punishing
Keywords: market
Note: One player gets punished a lot and the other player hardly ever notices. Why?

Consider a regional market where the bid price for PLEX is 3.0M isk and the ask price is 3.1M isk. Suppose you want to enter a buy order at the bid price for 1000 isk and you accidentally hit ‘/’ instead of ‘.’ so the entered bid price is effectively 300M isk. The order will settle immediately at the bid price and you just lost 297B isk for hitting the neighboring key. In some market PvP, the action can be fast-paced with prices updating every few seconds and the margins quite tight. So, executing the current buy order at the ask price is already a punishment because you’re losing money on the trade. So, why instead choose to settle a the bid price when bid >> ask? Is the punishment proportional to the offense? To make matters worse, the player on the other side of the trade probably won’t even notice, at least not right away. Instead, they’ll just wonder how they suddenly got so much cash and then they may dig through their market transactions to find out why or they may not but ``reward’’ for the other player is buried deep in transaction logs. I’ve only ever noticed myself when someone sends me mail to congratulate me on my good fortune for their typo. Still, the whole reward/punishment aspect is way out of balance for a missed stroke. Compare it to ship vs. ship PvP. You hit or don’t hit the wrong button and at worst you lose your ship/pod but you don’t also lose all your cash as well.

Same think happens on the sell side. Suppose you want to sell 1000 PLEX at the current ask price of 3.1M isk but accidentally drop a zero and enter 310k isk. The sell order immediately settles at the order’s ask price even though ask << bid and the seller loses 2.7B isk and the buyer gets a windfall that they probably won’t notice right away if at all.

This could be solved in two different ways. First change the default market mechanics to always settle buy orders at the ask price and sell orders at the bid price when ask < bid.

Another way to solve it is to have a UI configurable market safety option (maybe even like the PvP–related safety button) which will automatically set buy order bid prices to the lowest ask price if you enter a bid price that is higher and will automatically set sell order ask prices to the highest bid price when the entered ask price is lower. This would be the ‘‘green’’ mode. Note that you will still usually be losing money when this happens, just not ridiculous amounts of money. Finally, you could have a market ``red’’ mode which is totally unsafe where you could sell your stuff way below market prices or buy way above market prices if that’s what you really want to do, but it requires you to set to red first. Most players, I imagine, wouldn’t ever want to set to red.

(Ryland Thorn) #1251

Suggestion: Overhaul corporation permissions

Keywords: Corporation, Permissions
Note: the current members permissions within the corporation settings is not very well developed. It is complex and while having many settings does not have some abilities that I would like. Such as just giving people access to read the wallet, without taking out money.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #1252

FW faction war NPCs are sometimes awoxxers!

In faction war when you enter a plex, the NPC rats will properly identify you as friend or foe.

However, in faction war missions they always want to kill you. Can you please fix this please, for allied rats to not shoot you?

(Cryogenix DarkMatter) #1253

Suggestion: Ability to see compact local

Keywords: ui, local
Note: Useful to see hostiles in your system when the system has a larger volume of players than your local window can handle vertically.

So basically I am suggesting that we have a compact option for local, or the ability to pull out or detach the player list and have it hide all player names, so the only thing visible in this new window would be the standings icons for everyone in local, this would allow us to compress the information we really want to see while being able to see more of it.

Imagine a window like an inventory window, only its not modules inside its +'s and - icons, for player with zero standings they should have a hollow box icon.

(Lion Drome) #1254

Suggestion: Changing Impetus-Potency boosters to survive clone-jumps

Keywords: Drugs, PVE, Missions, Standing, Booster
Note: It would be really helpful if the Impetus-Potency boosters would survive jump clone changes. They are timed the exact same way as cerebral accelerators so one does assume they would work exactly the same.

It would also help prevent players wasting said boosters like I did by accident since the game does not inform you that you lose booster effects upon jump-cloning.

(Adam Galactica) #1255

Suggestion: Ability to add bookmarks to overview
Keywords: Bookmarks, Overview
Note: It would be very helpful to be able to add personal and or corporate bookmarks in the current system to your overview much in the same way as you can with structures / ships / drones / etc. etc.

(Oreb Wing) #1256

It would be nice if we could have a “Renew” button on the bottom of an expired contract.

(Berger Luckmann) #1257

But how will I escape gatecamps if my convo requests don’t block their tackle mods? oO

(Vapor) #1258

Suggestion: Make the ship you are currently piloting default to the top of the Repair list, when docked and using Repair in structures/stations.

Keywords: Repair, ships, list, docked

Note: Mostly when you dock up and your ship is damaged, you want to hit repair and select your active ship and repair it either before you undock again, or before you switch ships. I’ve noticed end up scrolling up and down the list in the pop up window looking for my ship.

(Julien Brellier) #1259

Suggestion: Add “split stack” to the right click menu when right clicking on a stack.
Keywords: UI

Note: Every single day in rookie help and main help, newbies have to ask how to split stacks. Adding it to the right click menu is such an obvious thing that it’s incredible it’s not been done before.

(Julien Brellier) #1260

Suggestion: Increase functionality of fitting simulator
Keywords: UI

For over a decade, several 3rd party services have offered fitting simulators which far outstrip the functionality of the in-game version CCP have blessed us with.
It’s amazing that apps created by a single player have far more functionality than a product made by CCP themselves.
Things available on these 3rd party apps and not in the fitting Simulator include, but are not limited to:
DPS graphs.
Ability to simulate Implants.
Ability to simulate skill levels.
Ability to simulate environmental effects.
Ability to simulate command bursts and other remote effects from other pilots (reps, cap chains etc).
Enemy damage type simulation to show the actual tank vs that damage profile.