Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Malou Hashur) #1261


Remove the 5 minute delay in updating the asset list.

This is a real pain and serves no apparent purpose.

(Tonto Auri) #1262

Suggestion: Make “Unpin” button a smaller circle without a central dot.

Keywords: ui

This should improve the UI clarity and visual feedback.

Suggestion: Show stack volume in toolip.

Keywords: ui

While the amount of items is usually visible, the stack volume is of little interest for most players most of the time.
But when it is needed, it is rather hard to obtain at a glance, unless your UI is already configured to show it.

Suggestion: Show crystal damage in toolip.

Keywords: ui

This one is more like a bug/oversight. There’s no way to obtain the crystal damage information other than fitting the crystal to the appropriate turret and checking the tooltip of the turret.

(Tonto Auri) #1263

This is not going to happen any time soon for performance reasons.
If you want to update assets list “now”, change session (dock/undock, jump to a different system, relog).

(Roric Enaari) #1264

Suggestion: Amend default mail notification link
Keywords: Notifications, mail
Note: refine link from new mail notification

When we click on a notification saying that we have new mail, could it automatically take us to the EVE Mail tab of the mail window rather than the communications tab? Apologies if this is something I’ve just got set up wrongly!

(Auriga Menkalinan) #1265

Suggestion: Ability to send bookmarks by evemail
Keywords: bookmarks, evemail
Note: Useful sharing locations, especially in multi-corp fleets

It would be helpful to be able to drag and drop bookmarks from the ‘places’ window into evemail and vice versa (from evemail into the places window). “The rendezvous coordinates are here.”

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1266

I thought I read somewhere, that if there is a way to do it, they probably won’t revisit it if its gonna change too much coding… and there is a way to do split stacks.

(Argylle MacDonald) #1267

Suggestion: Make display settings for accounts persistent
Keywords: ui, multiple account, display settings
Note: Resetting display resolution/adapter and ui scale each log-in is tedious!

Current model: Launcher opens Client(s) with display settings from most-recent active Client on the video adapter currently used by the Launcher

Proposed: Launcher opens each Client on the specified video stored resolution & UI scale.

I’m running multiple Omega accounts on a quad monitor setup (1x4K, 3x1080p). The Launcher seems to use settings from the last client logged off for display resolution/UI scale and opens new Clients on the monitor the Launcher is currently active on. It would make my life much easier if the Launcher would open Clients at the Client’s last monitor with Client’s last resolution and UI Scale. Moving and resizing 3 (or 4) clients every log on is tedious to say the least.

Thanks for all your awesome work!

(Domins) #1268

Suggestion : probe scanner window ui changes

Keywords : ui, probe scanner window

Note : easy overview of combat site/anom difficulty

it would be nice if there was some more info about the combat anoms in the probe scanner menu, either a number system showing difficulty or maybe advice on minimum ship req for the site

(Kelsia Thellere) #1269

Pending that, you can drag and drop bookmarks to an item hangar and contract/trade them like a regular item.

(Knicpaw) #1270


I had a similar problem, because some UI settings are account level, and some are character level.

I had to get around this by creating multiple (3 for me) profiles within the launcher… perhaps a NW, NE, SW, SE… that way each account can start (and save at the end) different UI settings. Also, the profile can store the “adapter/monitor”, size and/or fixedWindow/fullscreen settings… so each account always pops up in the same place.

I am still having the problem when I open Acct 2 with NW-profile to access a 2nd “toon”, that sometimes there are a few windows out of place which I think is because some settings are at acct level. :frowning:

I hope this helps as a workaround,

Knic o7

(Residium Fall) #1271

Suggestion: Let us copy to clipboard selected items while using the ‘Icons’ view in the Inventory
Keywords: UI
Notes: The three different views (Icons, Details, List) sort things differently so swopping from one to another and having to reselect everything to copy a list of things for eg. Evepraisal is confusing as hell. Let us copy what we have selected directly from the default ‘Icons’ view.

(Taliah Meyhin) #1272

Have you tried EVE-o-preview ?

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #1273

It would also be great if this also aplied to your pods name.

(Mattie Silks) #1274

Add the ME/PE of a BPO or BPC into the hover-over tool tip.

(Grimaldi) #1275

Suggestion: Ability to see which specific services “Industry” provides at a station
Keywords: ui, industry
Note: It’s lame to have to go to every station to see which ones offer research versus production

Sometimes I need to make stuff. Sometimes I need to research. Sometimes I need to copy. In systems you know well, this is no big deal because you know which service is provided at which station. But in an unfamiliar system, there’s no way (that I can find) to tell which station offers which service. All I can tell is if it offers “Industry” or not. Could you somehow put which specific services are available in the info dialog for each station, so I can look around before making a trip? Or, even better, have a map filter that shows which stations offer which services? Thanks! (apologies if there is a way to do this I don’t know about).

(Grimaldi) #1276

Suggestion: Auto-stack/repackage/tidy up inventory
Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: Can we please have some tools to keep our inventories tidier?

OK, this has bugged me since I started playing in 2004. (So I’m a procrastinator!). First, I don’t know why the “repackage” system was ever put in place to begin with since it’s essentially useless (except perhaps with ships), but in any case it’s embedded far too deeply in the game to get rid of. BUT we can still make inventory managment easier.

I think if I added up all the time in my life I’ve spent clicking “Select all; repackage; stack all” it would probably add up to hours. So i’d like to suggest some/all of the following QoL improvements:

  1. UI option to “Always stack” - this would make it so that if you drop an item or items into an inventory panel, if there are already items of the same type there, they would stack automatically. If you need to split a stack, just use the current Shift-click and the game would suppress the auto-stack function that one time.

  2. UI option to “Auto-repackage”. Same thing as above but with repackaging. This should include when items are dropped into inventory by the game (such as when stripping a fit) as well as when done manually by the player.

  3. If not both of the above, then maybe a new “Tidy up” item in right-click menu for inventories. When selected, the game automatcally selects everything, repackages it, stacks it, and sorts it. Not as elegant as the other option but at least an improvement.

I think these are pretty minor and fairly easily implemented (since they just us existing functions) and would really help a routine thing that, while very brief, has to be done very often.


(Kelsia Thellere) #1277

I agree this should be implemented. There is a way to find out but it’s fairly tedious. The Services tab on the Show Info of each structure does list out the specific industry types of services available there.

(Grimaldi) #1278

It may do this for POSes, but not for NPC stations.

(Kelsia Thellere) #1279

Ah, right. You can also use the Industry Window, Facilities tab to see specific options :slight_smile:

(Grimaldi) #1280

Suggestion: Show info about volume and value in “Personal assets” dialog
Keywords: ui, inventory, organization

In “normal” inventory windows (station.ship inventories), the UI shows both the total volume/value of everything in the window as well as everything currently selected. It does not do this in the “personal assets” dialog. That would be very helpful. Bonus points: Show this in the flyover info whenever anything at all is selected.

I should add that because of this flaw, it’s kind of impossible to make contracts remotely, at least with any kind of sensible idea of value or collateral. Say I have a bunch of stuff (like, a whole lot of stuff, not just one or two things) and I want it shipped. If I were at that station, I could quickly get an estimated value. But since I have to use the “Personal assets” dialog to look at the inventory, and since that does not show value, in order to get a value for my cargo I would have to either fly all the way there.