Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Viper Low) #127

Suggestion: Ability to disable Notification Subscriptions via Context-Menu on a Notification
Keywords: ui, notifications
Note: Disabling Subscriptions via Context-Menu on Notifications beats “working” through the Notification Settings

Just reinstalled my System and got to configure my client… The notification settings are a piece of work to get through. Make it easier so we can just disable notifications via Right-Click if we don’t care for them.

New ContextMenu…

  • “Hide from History”
  • “[Enable|Disable] Popup”

(Evaldia) #128

Suggestion: Fitting Simulation - Tutorial video

Keyword(s): Newbro, Tutorial

Note: A Tutorial video (for the F12 > Tutorial Videos) on how to use Fitting Simulation. Will be very helpful for the NPE.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #129


Market Window-style ship categories for the SKINs tab in the Character Sheet


SKINS, Categories, Menu, Character Sheet, QOL


Scrolling through the SKINs tab has become highly tedious, with so many different SKIN types being listed all at once, one on top of another. If the menu had categories and subcategories like how the market window does for ships, plus a search bar, then navigation would become far easier.

(Sarmatiko) #130

Suggestion: Remove “Report bug” section and button from F12 help menu and create separate button for it in Neocom menu and panel.

Keywords: ui, support, bugreports

Note: For years newbie and veteran players confuse Bug reports and Support tickets in F12 menu. Since Support tickets were long removed from the client, many players click buttons without reading description text and submit their support requests to first form they see on screen (spoiler: it’s Bug reports)

(Sarmatiko) #131

Suggestion: Implement bounty protection for first characters on accounts younger than 30 days (e.g for rookies).

Keywords: UX, NPE, rookie griefing

Note: Bounty system frequently used as trolling and griefing mechanic forwarded towards unsuspecting rookie players.Either protect them by disallowing bounty placement on newbie players (else some may leave the game without searching what exactly “Bounties” are) or make bounty notifications\tooltips clearer with full info about consequences and removal methods.

(George Tomato) #132

Suggestion: Add an option to track integrity of player structures
Keywords: Notifications, Citadels
Note: Let people(not structure owners) add various public citadels/engineering complexes to some kind of watchlist which will notify them if said structure is attacked/enters reinforcement period.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #133


something would be great for notifying us why a job has stopped or been cancelled. It can take weeks to get info from the owners if your lucky.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #134


Upon reaching Rank Tiers in Project Discovery, automatically award a Medal for each Tier.


Project Discovery, Medals, Ranks, Tiers, Automatic


Having a medal automatically rewarded from the Project Discovert corporation in CONCORD upon reaching each rank tier, once they’re increased up to the Lv1000 final tier, would allow players to display with no room for untruthfulness that they’ve achieved a certain level in it. Additionally, the “number of times rewarded” attribute would allow players to compare how well they’re doing against the rest of EVE very easily.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #135

Suggestion: Customisable Market Ticker(s)
Keywords: ui, market, ticker
Note: Ability to see what we want, where we want

When observing market prices I have no interest in messing with an Orca, although the most famous items is a nice idea I would like to be able to customise it or add another ticker with the options more relevant to me, would also be nice to be able to split it from the market window and place it either on top or bottom of the screen.

(Sentient Blade) #136

Suggestion Multisell CSV Import
Keywords: UI, Market, Putting things in the wrong thread

When I’m stocking markets, 90% of my time is just calculating numbers and manually typing them in. If we could just import a CSV or paste a TSV with [Item Name], [Price] and it would automatically update those fields, it would be an absolutely ENORMOUS time saver for those of us managing alliance market logistics.

It wouldn’t need to select the items from the hanger or anything (although bonus points if it could)… even having it update the pricing of the items already in the multisell window would be a huge improvement.

(IcyMidnight) #137

Do special sorting for old characters (especially on Eve websites like SSO and forums). My main is always at the bottom of the character list and I want to choose that character 95% of the time!

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #138


It would be great if the overview icons for the MTU and Mobile Depot would indicate when they where operational. The MTU is pretty fast at 10 seconds, but the Mobile Depot takes one whole minute and it’s hard to see it with the fitting or scanning windows open.

We get yellow and red boxes when targeted/aggressed etc, would it be possible to make a white box, or blue for fleet members effect for this purpose?

(Giddy McFee) #139

The indicator for this is in space, a green progress circle shows this information… OK it isn’t in the overview but the info is on screen (or can be if you don’t have it visible)

(Arcanith Lionheart) #140

Suggestion: Smoother weapon/miner turning
Keywords: turrets, miner, effects
Note: Take care of the erratic spazzing turrets/miners sometimes make

You know that ‘glitch?’ when you have two targets locked, you kill one, and without clicking anything you just press F1 to fire your guns to the next target, and you see your lasers or turrets fire where the last target was and it smoothly turns to the new target? Bring that to the turrets when they switch hardpoints, the most noticeable example is in Ice belts where the ice rotates around, so the turret instantly snaps in a new angle to fire at a different hardpoint

(Echo Mande) #141

Suggestion: Wallet Remarks Everywhere
Keyword: Wallet

Here’s an idea that’s been on my mind for a while. Basically, I would like the ability to put a remark in everything that can potentially cause a wallet entry, like what can be done with wallet transfers right now.

The reason I would like this is so that I can more easily keep track of money and materials related to multiple industrial projects on multiple characters. Currently I have to guess or keep a cumbersome manual administration on the amounts of money spent on things like invention and manufacturing fees, purchases through market orders and sales, etc. This is especially cumbersome if I’m selling from or buying for two batches of the same item. Being able to tag the orders as belonging to one project or another would vastly simplify this and might even convince some enterprising soul to take a crack at a hypothetical EVE-ERP.

On a somewhat technical note, doing this should lead to the same market transaction having two different remarks, one for buyer and one for the seller.

(Tasman Cabrillo) #142

Oooh Ooh I have one;

An easier way to tell the straight line out of the station or citadel undock to make instant undock bookmarks. Having to manually mess around with the angle is annoying when you have a whole bunch of systems to do.

And fix Kick out stations. They suck.

Plus more Nugoeihuvi skins. The orange camo is cool as hell. Seems a waste to only have it on the caracal (i think)

(Drummin Zerglin) #143

Suggestion: Hide (or add an option to hide) all but the selected signature on the scanning overview.
Keyword: scanning, probing

When you scan a system with multiple sigs in the same spot, it’s very cluttered. When I jump into a system with 10+ sigs (every wormhole) I just don’t bother scanning it, it’s too tedious. The old probe scanner only showed the selected sig, and this would be a huge QoL change.

(Elementatia) #144

Suggestion: I want to move the head of my character
Keywords: ui
Note: -

As a player, i like to see my character. But the standard head angle does not look always good (depends on the char). I want to have tho ability to move the char head myself in the character sheet.

(twoflower Secret) #145


Suggestion: Filtering on Deliver (to) options
Keywords: ui, station, citadel
Note: -

Would like to see a filter on the deliver to option (where you select people from a listbox). Would be fine it you could either type & search or limit to a certain standing. Normally I only deliver to corp members but the list of bad guys is much larger.

Related issue: the options to deliver differ between citadels and stations. Not sure why. Maybe align these a bit.

(twoflower Secret) #146

Suggestion: Have Concord end/invalidate wars prematurely (at least have a chance on it happening)
Keywords: gameplay, concord
Note: -

To restrict corps of endless war-decking (and have 100 of wars simultaneously) in hi-sec it would be nice if there was a chance (like 10%) that Concord would intervene and end/invalidates a wardec.

Reason is quite simple that it is annoying to get wardecced by an unknown corp as number 42 or 43, never see an offender and just automatically being extended.