Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Dominous Nolen) #1424

Suggestion: Colour theme updates for Triglivian ships
Keyword: UI, Colour
Note: Currently the UI can be changed to match a version of the racial ship type being flown including pirate factions. Triglavians should be added to the selection list (One per faction with in conclave?)

(Eric Shang) #1425

Suggestion : Decoration Cost Update - User Experience
Keywords : Corporation, New User, Decorations
Notes : Making decorations Cost 5 mil to make and 1 mil to assign

I run a 400 man corp of new players and vets mixed into one bag. We would like to do some achievements for the new players as they come in and achieve things like helping in the first structure bash we did 2 weeks ago. We had 30 on EU time zone and 30 On US time zone.

60 x 5 mil a decoration is insane for a corp to fork out when our tax is only 1% and decorations is a great way for a corp to give new players incentive to achieve specific things like Magic 14 skill training completed or joining in their first PVP fleet or getting a kill. Even simply having a solo kill of the month decoration or Corp frigate championship winner decoration.

It is a sign of pride for new players and old. Please make it cheaper as our corp can’t afford this type of expense and really once the medal has been created I feel its a little silly to fork out the same amount again and again.

(Aone Clyde) #1426

Suggestion: Colour theme palette
Keywords: Corporation, Player, UI
Notes: Creating a colour palette for ship themes on independent Player owned Corporations

Thei idea is that when a player owns starts up an corporation they can then create their own colour scheme the ships used in that corporation only. The initial cost could be based on design/theme and colours - the player purchases the theme which gets added to the owners ships, other players of the same corporation could purchase the colour scheme or obtain it for free while in the corporation. Should the corporation cease to function or the player leaves the corporation, the theme is removed.

(Aone Clyde) #1427

Suggestion: New Ship design - Industrial Command Ship
Keywords: ORE
Notes: An Industrial command ship

The idea is simple - an industrial command vessel for each major faction in the game. Gallante, Caldari, Amarr and Minmitar [I think]

ORE has two Industrial command vessels - one is more of an exploration vessel than a fleet vessel, the other is a fleet vessel. - I am talking Porpoise and Orca - the big Big [Rorqual] is another matter

The problem is with these two designs is that they can’t use mining lasers or strip miners. For mining purposes they are not quite a dinosaur.

So surely Ore would have come up with an industrial command ship that could use strip miners and/or mining lasers.

So my idea is this

Based on an Orca

Hi Slots - 4 of which two can be fitted with strip miners
Mid Slots - 5
Low Slots - 5
Rigs - 3

Can use fleet command modules - max two.
Fleet Maintenance bay reduced
Ship Bay reduced to 20,000m3
Ore bay reduced starts at 75,000m3 and increases by 5% per skill level - max 91,160m3 at level 5 skill
Fleet command bonus - 2.5% per level
Drone Attack, speed and Damage Bonus 1% per Skill level
Shield resistances +1% per level
Armour resistances +1% per level
Reduced mining laser cycle by 2% per skill level

Ship Bonus

+15 % to Ice & Gas mining
Tractor Beam range increased to 48km
Strip miners and mining lasers gain +10% mining yield.

The idea is the ship kind of meant to be the ‘Battlecruiser’ to the Orca ‘Battleship’ - it is an idea and I know it looks strong - but then a lot of ships look that way. This is sort of a mid range support command vessel - almost combining exhumer and industrial command capability.

Just an idea…

(addelee) #1428

Suggestion : Allow for keyword search in Fittings
Keywords : Fittings

Similar to how the search in Personal assets works, add keywords to the fittings screen.

For example

faction: amarr

This would list all amarr fits regardless of ship class

Quality of Life Improvements
(Kevrev) #1429

Three things I’d like to mention…

  1. In shortcuts, Under BOTH Window and Combat tabs there is the same shortcut for D-Scan selection. This seems redundant.
  2. Is it possible to add a D-Scan selection to Radial Menu? It could default to already selected Range and Angle settings.
  3. When Organizing a long Training Queue. Its slow and tedious to have to drag a skill from the bottom to as close to top as possible. Can you PLEASE add a Prioritize item in right click menu that would automatically move the selected skill as high up training queue as possible?

(Arline Kley) #1430

Suggestion: Reoccuring Event option in Calendar
Keywords: Calendar, Player UI

Note: Some people run internal events on a weekly basis; this would speed up setting them up in the calendar so that people can get notified more easily.