Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Eric Shang) #1425

Suggestion : Decoration Cost Update - User Experience
Keywords : Corporation, New User, Decorations
Notes : Making decorations Cost 5 mil to make and 1 mil to assign

I run a 400 man corp of new players and vets mixed into one bag. We would like to do some achievements for the new players as they come in and achieve things like helping in the first structure bash we did 2 weeks ago. We had 30 on EU time zone and 30 On US time zone.

60 x 5 mil a decoration is insane for a corp to fork out when our tax is only 1% and decorations is a great way for a corp to give new players incentive to achieve specific things like Magic 14 skill training completed or joining in their first PVP fleet or getting a kill. Even simply having a solo kill of the month decoration or Corp frigate championship winner decoration.

It is a sign of pride for new players and old. Please make it cheaper as our corp can’t afford this type of expense and really once the medal has been created I feel its a little silly to fork out the same amount again and again.

(Aone Clyde) #1426

Suggestion: Colour theme palette
Keywords: Corporation, Player, UI
Notes: Creating a colour palette for ship themes on independent Player owned Corporations

Thei idea is that when a player owns starts up an corporation they can then create their own colour scheme the ships used in that corporation only. The initial cost could be based on design/theme and colours - the player purchases the theme which gets added to the owners ships, other players of the same corporation could purchase the colour scheme or obtain it for free while in the corporation. Should the corporation cease to function or the player leaves the corporation, the theme is removed.

(Aone Clyde) #1427

Suggestion: New Ship design - Industrial Command Ship
Keywords: ORE
Notes: An Industrial command ship

The idea is simple - an industrial command vessel for each major faction in the game. Gallante, Caldari, Amarr and Minmitar [I think]

ORE has two Industrial command vessels - one is more of an exploration vessel than a fleet vessel, the other is a fleet vessel. - I am talking Porpoise and Orca - the big Big [Rorqual] is another matter

The problem is with these two designs is that they can’t use mining lasers or strip miners. For mining purposes they are not quite a dinosaur.

So surely Ore would have come up with an industrial command ship that could use strip miners and/or mining lasers.

So my idea is this

Based on an Orca

Hi Slots - 4 of which two can be fitted with strip miners
Mid Slots - 5
Low Slots - 5
Rigs - 3

Can use fleet command modules - max two.
Fleet Maintenance bay reduced
Ship Bay reduced to 20,000m3
Ore bay reduced starts at 75,000m3 and increases by 5% per skill level - max 91,160m3 at level 5 skill
Fleet command bonus - 2.5% per level
Drone Attack, speed and Damage Bonus 1% per Skill level
Shield resistances +1% per level
Armour resistances +1% per level
Reduced mining laser cycle by 2% per skill level

Ship Bonus

+15 % to Ice & Gas mining
Tractor Beam range increased to 48km
Strip miners and mining lasers gain +10% mining yield.

The idea is the ship kind of meant to be the ‘Battlecruiser’ to the Orca ‘Battleship’ - it is an idea and I know it looks strong - but then a lot of ships look that way. This is sort of a mid range support command vessel - almost combining exhumer and industrial command capability.

Just an idea…

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(addelee) #1428

Suggestion : Allow for keyword search in Fittings
Keywords : Fittings

Similar to how the search in Personal assets works, add keywords to the fittings screen.

For example

faction: amarr

This would list all amarr fits regardless of ship class

Quality of Life Improvements
(Kevrev) #1429

Three things I’d like to mention…

  1. In shortcuts, Under BOTH Window and Combat tabs there is the same shortcut for D-Scan selection. This seems redundant.
  2. Is it possible to add a D-Scan selection to Radial Menu? It could default to already selected Range and Angle settings.
  3. When Organizing a long Training Queue. Its slow and tedious to have to drag a skill from the bottom to as close to top as possible. Can you PLEASE add a Prioritize item in right click menu that would automatically move the selected skill as high up training queue as possible?
(Arline Kley) #1430

Suggestion: Reoccuring Event option in Calendar
Keywords: Calendar, Player UI

Note: Some people run internal events on a weekly basis; this would speed up setting them up in the calendar so that people can get notified more easily.

(Lillith Sakata) #1431

CCPlease fix the corporation and structure management.

I understand you’re trying to ‘simplify’ things for new CEOs, but you’re system makes it both obscenely complex, and completely hoses having any kind of granular control.

Corps need to be able to assign granular roles, such as the ability to say, give officers access to ONE wallet, and they can put up corp buy orders with that wallet. Or the ability to have an ACL for “in corp” and “in group officers” and such things.

Instead of the current system, we should move to 100% ACL-based access for corp and structure management. Make ‘groups’ use roles.

Then corp directors can use ONE system, which will simplify matters significantly while giving more granular control.

(Tabula Rasta) #1432

What is the question mark ‘help’ icon for in the corporation/standings/NPC standings window for, it doesn’t do anything?

Why does the standings number show a downward arrow in the mouse pointer when you mouse over it, it doesn’t do anything when you click it?

Why does the name of the faction/corporation/agent show a menu icon when you mouse over it, it doesn’t bring up a menu when you left click on it, right click menu behaviour seems not to be consistent, one of the options closes the entire corporation window?

(Sjup Dupont) #1433

Is this topic still a thing?

Is it possible to copy all my client setting from one to another?

To save me redoing all my accounts every time the launcher breaks?

So many questions. Someone satiate me.


(Katyn Malukker) #1434

Suggestion: Ability to see which modules are missing in Multi-fit window
Keywords: Fittings, Multi-fit, Player UI
Notes: When using multi-fit to fit multiple ships, all you see is that you have x fits available (including 0). It would be nice to see which modules are missing, similar to the industry window, so you didn’t have to search for each one.

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(Dredwerkz) #1435

Chat channels have an optional link at the top of the channel at all times.

When using a player chat channel it has a link at the top limited to 32 visible characters at all times meaning if there’s a heated convo in the channel you can easily grab the info you need from the channel. Each piece of text can have it’s own link to a toon/solar system/corp/whatever. Example: -
FC Sys SRP Drones This is displayed between “Member list settings” and “Number of channel members”

Colour/number code ammo, set colour/number code hotkeys

Select any type of ammunition in your hold or hangar and you can assign it a colour code. Antimatter(Red) Lead(Green) Iron(Blue). Keys on the keyboard can be assigned 1(Red) 2(Green) 3(Blue).
When in space press 1; the ship tries to load any red ammo(Antimatter) to all weapons on the ship.
When in space press 2; the ship tries to load any green ammo(Lead) to all weapons on the ship.
When in space press 3; the ship tries to load any blue ammo(Iron) to all weapons on the ship.

Add flag cruisers to ship list on all PvE gates

I can’t think of any reason not to allow a ship that can’t do anything into PvE sites. Specifically Incursions.

Nanite paste wont load to modules (ancillary armor rep) when dragged onto ship fitting window

More of a bug I guess really.

Much quicker way to report bot on a large number of toons

A button at the top of the overview for “select multiple characters.” By clicking it a window pops up and every line in the overview you then click is added to a list in the new window. Also in the window is a menu with various options. The only one I can think of is to “report bot” but it could also have “send mail” “send isk” or other things you might want to do with everyone on your current grid.

Split a stack by volume or quantity

Shift>Drag click and the set quantity window opens, with a drop down box you can select “quantity” or “volume.” When using volume the value rounds down to the closest possible value typed in.

Cooling vanes

New module(s) I envisage this in a few ways. Both fitting and function.

  1. A module that will fit any slot, low medium or high. and will only affect heat in that rack. Minimum fitting requirements, in the region of a tracking computer or damage mod.
  2. A low or medium power module, large powergrid requirement but it helps all heat in all racks. Limited to 1 per ship.
  3. A module that fits to any power slot and will only affect modules adjacent (just as heat affects adjacent modules). No limit on fitting numbers.

  • Misc : The module will either reduce the chance per tick of a module taking damage or slow down the rate at which heat is produced in a rack and will cool the rack down faster.
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(Cypr3ss Deteis) #1436

Hey, I think you need to format each suggestion as per the OP if you want them considered.

Oh and welcome to the forums!


(Giribaldi) #1437

Client Scaling that supports as low as 70% instead of 90%

Channel Admin changes that allow you to drag and drop contacts into the allowed portion of a channel instead of requiring us to search each corp/alliance/member individually. (moderated mode)

Graphics Presets (so you can make profiles in the ESC menu that you can load on any account)

Support for F13-F24 keys

(Dredwerkz) #1438

You might find this useful for copying settings.
batch file: -

title Copy Dred config to all others?
color 1f
@echo off
cd /d %~dp0
echo Directory Correct?
echo Copy Mains settings to all other toons?
echo Character Data
echo alt
copy core_char_101.dat core_char_450424503245.dat
echo alter
copy core_char_101.dat core_char_452345045.dat
echo alternate
copy core_char_101.dat core_char_45340534053.dat
echo Accounts Data
echo acc 1
copy core_user_5210002.dat core_user_4502.dat
echo acc 2
copy core_user_5210002.dat core_user_40453.dat
echo acc 3
copy core_user_5210002.dat core_user_853045.dat

(Rich Athonille) #1439

Suggestion: Shortcut key to send an eve-mail

Keywords: ui, eve-mail, shortcut keys

Note: Ctrl+Enter is usual

In every email client I’ve used, Ctrl+Enter has worked as a shortcut for Send. It caught me out when it didn’t work in the eve-mail window.

(Rivr Luzade) #1440

Suggestion: Sort PI things in the PI window by category and then by name and not just by name.
Keywords: PI, PP, planetary, UI
Notes: UI ambiguity should be removed to improve the UI and make it easier to figure out in the storage portion of the list what is consumed and what is produced in the UI.

And I would probably also like if the window had a right-hand border and would not continue the item list into infinity beyond the visible window area and without a scroll bar.

(Abathur Warfield) #1441

Suggestion: Ship skins account bound rather than character bound

Keywords: Ship Skins, Account
Note: See suggestion

(Circumstantial Evidence) #1442

Suggestion: Improve sorting of Salvaged Materials, T1 and T2 blueprints and items are separated by meta levels and icon overlay tags, but the materials to build them are not.
Keywords: Industry, UI
Notes: T1 and T2 rigs construction may occur in different places, players may want to easily separate blue salvage icons (T2 construction) from orange (T1 construction.) Example: to help players make an item filter (easier than naming each item they want to see in the filter), change all blue icon Salvage Materials “Volume” values from .01 M3 to any different number, such as .02.

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(Rivr Luzade) #1443

Suggestion: Add Jump To Clone button to the Cloning service window.
Keywords: UI, clone jumping, jump clones
Notes: I want to jump clone to the clone in station from that window without having to open the laggy char window where I additionally could misclick on the wrong clone.

(elitatwo) #1444

Suggestion: Add a “delete all” button to the fitting browser

Keywords: UI, fitting browser, fitting management

Notes: I am currently trying to maintain 5 different fitting files with various fittings. There are 248 personal and 281 corporation fittings that I can keep track of but I have to delete every single one of them with about 900 clicks to be able to import a different file.
My right wrist will thank you in advance for preventing carpel tunnel a little longer.