Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Use the Sensor Overlay display settings to show//hide items in the Solar System map

Keywords: ui, sensor overlay, solar system map
Note: Useful in systems with lots of bookmarked locations (primarily)

I am living in a WH and have lots of bookmarks for Sigs//anoms//safes//etc. In both the People and Places window and the Sensor Overlay from the capacitor hub, bookmarks (and other items) can be filtered out of the Sensor Overlay and thus the display in-space. This is a nice feature that can de-clutter a Sensor Overlay that makes finding important things easier.

I would like to see this functionality extend to filtering what is shown in the Solar System map. So for instance when a folder (or category) of things are disabled in the Sensor Overlay or People and Places window those same items should be hidden on the Solar System Map as well.

My typical pattern is to save the Sig/Anom sites in one folder and as the sites are run or despawn I then transfer those bookmarks (with a rename) to another folder. As I tend to only update these bookmarks every 2-3 days the list can be rather long. And with the number of bookmarks in my “Safes” and “Sigs & Anoms” folders my solar system map is extremely cluttered. Being able to filter out folders in the system map would allow players to control their solar system map view the same way they can control the Overview, Sensor Overlay, and D-Scan views.

As an addendum to this suggestion. I would also like to add the ability to center the solar system map on a bookmark be added as an option in the context (right-click) menu. This mirrors the double-click functionality of sigs//anoms in the Probe Scanner window. Ideally the short-cut would be the same (double-click) however since that conflicts with the current functionality of opening the edit window for that bookmark the context menu option would be a great secondary.

Suggestion I would love to be able to exchange a smaller cargo-hold on the Orca for a jump drive capable orca

you could make it a high slot module and you could remove it just like the Clone vat Bay and that could become like the fuel tank and it would take the cargo bay from like the 37000 to 7000 and take the 30 thousands
and turn into the fuel tank for the jump drive and you could give it a jump range of somewhere between say three to four thousand light-years

of course it shouldn’t be able to jump as much as a maxed out rorqual

because that would defeat the purpose and the fact that you can haul non industrial ships in the Orca would give it too much of an advantage if you gave it to much jump range

if you gave it enough that it could be useful it could be quite an interesting that would help

the Small industry guy who enjoys being nomadic like myself to get to quiet pockets tonight I was at jumping around I found a really nice pocket I got an point 0.1 system there was nobody in system if I had that ability tonight to jump like that I could have made quite a nice little profit I mean you still have Logistics of moving all your characters to that location so you’re not really getting too much of a disadvantage of putting more money into moving especially with interceptors

I mean really at the end of the day I still not have been a huge profit because I could only haul back what I could With the jump. Drive configuration
There are two NPC stations in the system I could have unload it

I could have I did lot of mining lot and I guess make couple trips but it still would have took me

sometime and logistically been a nightmare laughing it would have been nice to have the option


Suggestion: Add jumpgates to autopilot route-planning
Keywords: Route, jumpgate, navigation, route, autopilot, starmap
Note: not sure if this entirely a little thing, but right now the method of utilizing jumpgates in routes is wonky at best.

This suggestion comes as two parts:

1 - allow the autopilot to choose jumpgates as a route just like any other gate in new EVE. Makes the process the simplest for everyone and makes it less confusing to share routes.

2.a - when a jumpgate is set as a destination or waypoint, the autopilot can (given proper settings) assume that your next point is to be mapped from the other side of that gate. This helps de clutter and deconflict a route when planning. For example, you want to travel to system E from system A. A jumpgate exists between systems B and D. As it stands now, if you set jumpgate B as a waypoint and then E as a waypoint, you get all the systems in between. Properly implemented, system C should not show up on your route.

2.b - allow jumpgates to be selected directly from starmap. AFAIK the only way to include a jumpgate in a route you find is to bring up the system info, go to structures tab, and find your gate (thankfully it’s almost always the last item on list). This would make route planning much more intuitive.

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It’s a good Idea to have a capital module for jumping.
There are modules for bushing and MJD.

But I don’t see the reason not to just have a Rorq, can they jump?
You can always at present use a service to move the ore for you. but this does not mean your idea is not valid.

I would also like to see other modules for the orca, that perhaps are prohibited (cause a suspect timer) in highsec, like a compression module.
There have been requests for a T2 orca/ T2 porpoise.

Suggestion: Organise chat channels with custom folders
Keywords: chat channels
Note: helpful to group and find related channels

When I’m trying to find a channel, I have to scroll through a list of all of them trying to remember the name. It would help if I could create folders (like for bookmarks) so I could group channels into related categories.

create a mobile deploy-able that creates an XXX-KM sphere of influence that sets all wrecks in the affected area to Owned by X. any interaction on an affected wreck will issue a suspect timer to the aggressing party.
Limits: if this structure is anchored then no other Mobile structure can be anchored. (mobile tractor, depo ect). If the structure is un-anchored then all in space assets revert o the default setting after XX-seconds (session change timer)
Counter: 2 options here…

  1. A Drone that hacks the ESS and causes a Suspect flag. With a complete hack the ESS off lines and local spatial assets revert to normal status. The drone is 1 use and will explode after the hack (drone is medium to large and takes 15mb DBW)
  2. a structure that will anchor and issue with the ESS owner a warning. This will have a longer online time but will cause the ESS to set all wrecks Blue. This structure can be destroyed with no suspect timer for either party. (The structure can be RRd (no GCC)) the goal here is to control the field for the parties involved.

Suggestion: New icon to distinguish missile guidance disruptors from computers and their scripts
Keywords: UI
Note: Clarifies which scripts apply to which module. Consistent with tracking disruptors and computers having separate icons.


Suggestion: Add New event button to industry jobs
Key words: Calendar, Industry

When creating industry jobs have an option to automatically create a calendar event for the finish time, by adding other characters to the event makes it easier to manage industry jobs across multiple accounts/characters


Suggestion: Indicate amount of HP in enemy health bars
Keywords: ui, combat, clarity
Note: Make it easier for new players to understand aspects of combat at a quick glance

Currently, every ship in the game (whether it’s a frigate or a capital) looks the same when targeted. At a glance it is impossible to make a guess of how hard a ship would be to break. The only way to make an estimate is by knowing all the ships and how they could be fit. That is great, but hard for new players and spectators to grasp.

Suggestion, roughly indicate how much HP ships have in the UI, similar to how games like League of Legends decorate health bars to convey more information than just % max HP.


They use small tick marks every 100 hp, large tick marks every 1000. I don’t expect this exact system would work in EVE considering the large differences of HP between ship sizes, but it would significantly increase combat clarity and I expect it would help with new player retention.

Things to consider:

  • Attackers would find it much easier to spot if a ship is shield/armor or hull fit. This may break some cheesy baiting strategies, but not all of them.
  • Knowledgeable attackers could guess whether a ship is passive or active tanked New players would still have to learn what to expect from different hulls to make these guesses.
  • You would still not see enemy resistances in the UI.
  • New players would have an easier time understanding how tanky NPCs are.

I have been keeping a list of thoughts from my PI adventures, and compiled them all into a list of suggestions. @CCP_karkur, I hope you see this :smiley:

Suggestion: PI - Set a preferred duration
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, essential
Note: Be able to specify a preferred duration for extraction, which is selected automatically when starting an extraction.

Configuring extractors is where I spend a lot of my PI time. Setting the duration is always quite finicky, so even just remembering the last duration I used when configuring a new extractor would be a great help.

Suggestion: PI - Increase duration by days
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Be able to choose the units for the duration selection, so you can jump ny hours but also days as needed.

Ties in with the suggestion above: when using a specific duration in days, being able to increase / decrease duration by days would be great.

Suggestion: PI - Remember filter settings by resource
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Remember the visible resource limit for each resource for easy switching.

Especially when switching between resources that have very different amounts available, I have to reset the filter to my liking. If the system could remember the filter by each resource, that would remove a lot of hassle.

Suggestion: PI - Shortcut to move all extractors together
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, essential
Note: A bit like probes: be able to press a key to move all extractors with the mouse at once.

Optimizing extractor positions can be really frustrating. Being able to move them all together would be a real boon, like CTRL + Mouse move.

Suggestion: PI - Predefined extractor formations
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, nice to have
Note: A bit like probes: Standard formations to easily add extractors in one stroke.

Really just a nice to have, for example for the star formation for the round shaped mining spots that often appear.

Suggestion: PI - Be able to move extractor control units
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, essential
Note: Think spice extractors in dune, who can get a lift. Could be a paying service that costs more than tearing down and putting up a new one, in order to make the choice meaningful.

This one has to be my pet peeve. You can almost never leave your control units in the same spot, so you have to set up new ones somewhere else, and redo all the routing. Even if I had to pay a fee to move them, I would gladly pay it. Not for any of the other installations, just the extractor control units - I believe that makes a lot of sense. As an engineer, I definitely would develop something that can be moved.

Suggestion: PI - List of planetary installations
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: List of all installations on a planet, double-clickable to jump to the installation’s location on the planet.

When you place facilities on the other side of the planet or even at the poles, it is sometimes hard to find them. You rotate the planet a dozen times before you find that little installation that has almost the same color as the planet’s surface :slight_smile:

Suggestion: PI - Facility labels
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Hovering over facilities should display a tooltip with the kind of facility it is, and as applicable, what it produces.

This would avoid having to click on a facility to see what it does, which is especially useful when creating a link, and you don’t know which of the two factories you needed to link to.

Suggestion: PI - Customizable facility labels
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Allow players to give labels to facilities, which are shown as tooltips and in the aforementioned list of planetary installations.

Personally, I like to create pretty complex installations. Having a way to document things with short custom labels would be really cool, especially if you have multiple storages that you cannot otherwise differentiate from each other, except by checking the routes.

Suggestion: PI - Snap to facility
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, nice to have
Note: When placing new facilities, have them snap to existing facilities, to the minimum distance possible.

Suggestion: PI - Route creation planet double-click
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Be able, when creating a route, to double-click the planet to jump to the planet’s center (like is possible when creating links).

This is a small thing, but which can still be pretty annoying. While creating a link, you can double-click the planet to jump to the origin. If you do this while creating a route though, it cancels the route creation process.


My suggestion… can we please ditch the session change timer on ship change/exit ? Caused me to undock in a pod so many times… its also bloody friggin annoying when you select the wrong ship on accident then have to wait about.

I recall that it used to be instant but some select few peeps had some weird issue of being ejected during tidi or something, but can we please revisit this?

@Galaxy_Raid your post and mine kinda go together…

Suggestion: Hide the ‘Aggressive Wars’ symbol outside of high-sec and low-sec

Keywords: notification, ui
Note: Useless when you are based in null or wormhole space

Knowing that you are under a wardec is only useful when you’re in high-sec, and perhaps in low-sec so you know you could get tackled on a gate more easily I guess. People based outside of high-sec can obviously be attacked by anyone without CONCORD spawning, meaning that knowing there are wardecs is pretty pointless. It also further adds to making it easier to be safe in the game, by not even having to check your corp/alliance tab for active wars. You’re slowly making things less safe for people, if you want to continue down that road (and you should) then you should consider more simple things like this.

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standings acl ccpls :heart_eyes:
that way someone whos made blue can access that standing list without doing it all manualy

1 way to make blue red or otherwise global for small confederations and big blocs

Make it really really obvious what the drawback is on a module. Not just the percentage.
For example a module has a 10% drawback. On what? Oh signature radius in another tab.
Just have the information on one page.

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yes please

Suggestion: Contact notes on nickname mouse hover in chat
Keywords: ui, chat, notes, contacts
Note: This was suggested by player in RuHC. Currently mouse hover over player names in chat channels contains no useful information and shows only “Show Character Info” string. This could be improved by showing “Notes” contents from character description (if they are filled for that character) in pop-up.


Suggestion: Open an empty watchlist whenever you join a fleet

Keywords: ui, fleet, watchlist

Note: It would be such a QOL improvement for fleet OPs, when you are under heavy time pressure and you are right-clicking your fleet buddies to open a side panel, to open another side panel to find ‘pilot - add to wachtlist’

Whenever you open a fleet or join one, you usually don’t have time to go through all your overview settings or chat channels to be able to add them to your watch list.

It would be so much easier if your watch list window would open with the fleet window so you can just drag whomever is important at this time will be in your watch list with a simple drag and drop.


I suggest in the planetary industry:
When you attempt to create a new link between two structures that already have a link between them, you offer to upgrade the link rather than dump a useless error message.
The reason being it is incredibly difficult to select the link between two structures if the link is very short, and we need a way to upgrade the links.