Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Use the Sensor Overlay display settings to show//hide items in the Solar System map

Keywords: ui, sensor overlay, solar system map
Note: Useful in systems with lots of bookmarked locations (primarily)

I am living in a WH and have lots of bookmarks for Sigs//anoms//safes//etc. In both the People and Places window and the Sensor Overlay from the capacitor hub, bookmarks (and other items) can be filtered out of the Sensor Overlay and thus the display in-space. This is a nice feature that can de-clutter a Sensor Overlay that makes finding important things easier.

I would like to see this functionality extend to filtering what is shown in the Solar System map. So for instance when a folder (or category) of things are disabled in the Sensor Overlay or People and Places window those same items should be hidden on the Solar System Map as well.

My typical pattern is to save the Sig/Anom sites in one folder and as the sites are run or despawn I then transfer those bookmarks (with a rename) to another folder. As I tend to only update these bookmarks every 2-3 days the list can be rather long. And with the number of bookmarks in my “Safes” and “Sigs & Anoms” folders my solar system map is extremely cluttered. Being able to filter out folders in the system map would allow players to control their solar system map view the same way they can control the Overview, Sensor Overlay, and D-Scan views.

As an addendum to this suggestion. I would also like to add the ability to center the solar system map on a bookmark be added as an option in the context (right-click) menu. This mirrors the double-click functionality of sigs//anoms in the Probe Scanner window. Ideally the short-cut would be the same (double-click) however since that conflicts with the current functionality of opening the edit window for that bookmark the context menu option would be a great secondary.

Suggestion I would love to be able to exchange a smaller cargo-hold on the Orca for a jump drive capable orca

you could make it a high slot module and you could remove it just like the Clone vat Bay and that could become like the fuel tank and it would take the cargo bay from like the 37000 to 7000 and take the 30 thousands
and turn into the fuel tank for the jump drive and you could give it a jump range of somewhere between say three to four thousand light-years

of course it shouldn’t be able to jump as much as a maxed out rorqual

because that would defeat the purpose and the fact that you can haul non industrial ships in the Orca would give it too much of an advantage if you gave it to much jump range

if you gave it enough that it could be useful it could be quite an interesting that would help

the Small industry guy who enjoys being nomadic like myself to get to quiet pockets tonight I was at jumping around I found a really nice pocket I got an point 0.1 system there was nobody in system if I had that ability tonight to jump like that I could have made quite a nice little profit I mean you still have Logistics of moving all your characters to that location so you’re not really getting too much of a disadvantage of putting more money into moving especially with interceptors

I mean really at the end of the day I still not have been a huge profit because I could only haul back what I could With the jump. Drive configuration
There are two NPC stations in the system I could have unload it

I could have I did lot of mining lot and I guess make couple trips but it still would have took me

sometime and logistically been a nightmare laughing it would have been nice to have the option

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Suggestion: Add jumpgates to autopilot route-planning
Keywords: Route, jumpgate, navigation, route, autopilot, starmap
Note: not sure if this entirely a little thing, but right now the method of utilizing jumpgates in routes is wonky at best.

This suggestion comes as two parts:

1 - allow the autopilot to choose jumpgates as a route just like any other gate in new EVE. Makes the process the simplest for everyone and makes it less confusing to share routes.

2.a - when a jumpgate is set as a destination or waypoint, the autopilot can (given proper settings) assume that your next point is to be mapped from the other side of that gate. This helps de clutter and deconflict a route when planning. For example, you want to travel to system E from system A. A jumpgate exists between systems B and D. As it stands now, if you set jumpgate B as a waypoint and then E as a waypoint, you get all the systems in between. Properly implemented, system C should not show up on your route.

2.b - allow jumpgates to be selected directly from starmap. AFAIK the only way to include a jumpgate in a route you find is to bring up the system info, go to structures tab, and find your gate (thankfully it’s almost always the last item on list). This would make route planning much more intuitive.