Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Give ancillary armor repairers unique icon
Keywords: Items, User interface
Armor repairers and ancillary armor repairers look the same. This is inconvenient when looking for modules in hangars.
Ancillary shield repairers have the cap booster in the item icon so it would make sense for ancillary armor repairer to have nanite paste icon.
Quick mockup


Suggestion: Turn in your corpses to faction for standing increases
Keywords: corpses, graveyard, cadaver, selling
Note: useful even if you’re killboard padding on an alt

This would be really useful instead of just having a one-time only opportunity to hand in tags on a single character for faction standing increases at data center agents as an option to change. It would also create more interest in collecting corpses. Maybe also have a system to check if the character is one of the empires so if you turn the corpse in to the opposing empire then you get more standing increases, same goes for pirate factions (blood raiders have a slightly higher standing gain because blood raiders)

Suggestion: Add notes tab on corps and alliances like characters already have when showing info
Keywords: ui, notes
Note: Makes life easier for managers of channels, access lists, mailing lists, corps, alliances, etc.

I’ve dealt with possibly thousands of characters in my EVE life, way more than my memory can remember, so I kind of rely on my notes to help me keep track of things like if I’ve talked to this character before, maybe they mailed me in the past, or someone shared valuable info about them, etc. The notes-tab helps a ton here, and very often when I deal with corps/alliances, I miss it.

Suggestion: Station Camera should point towards front of ship instead of behind it
Keywords: camera, station
Note: when docking the camera shows the ship from behind. It should show the ship from the front (its much prettier looking at the front of the ship and I always have to move camera to view ship from front (but off center a bit at an angle)) Thanks!

Suggestion: Change the “Report isk spammer” report option to something more clear, like “Advertising real-money trades”. Change the followup screen to clarify what RMT actually is.

Keywords: UI, reports, RMT


I know tons of megabads who report jita isk doublers for isk spamming, since it seems like “spamming free isk” is the same as “isk spamming.” The report button is actually for RMT, but loads of scammers/advertisers get reported for it by people who confuse its intention.

The followup screen isn’t any help either:

This doesn’t do anything to clarify what “isk spamming” actually is. It could be changed to provide a definition, like “This function is for reporting people advertising real-money trades, including websites purporting to sell ISK and in-game items for real money. The only legal way to purchase in-game items is to buy PLEX and other services from CCP.”

This would probably cut down on superfluous reports a lot.

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SUGGESTION: compress moon ore

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Suggestion: Contest applied damage readout after contest in incursions
Keywords: Incusions, contesting, UI

When two fleets go into the same site in an incursion it is a contest. It is indirect pvp. You win (And get paid) or lose based on which fleet does more applied damage. The only indication we have currently is who gets paid. We can not actually see if it was a close contest or a one sided event. I believe it would foster a bit more competition if people can see how far behind they are and how much better little or a lot they need to be.


Suggestion: Ability to see remaining distance in ship HUD while approaching
Keywords: ui, ship controls
Note: Useful to see how many km/meters are remaining to the object when selected item or overview tab is switched

When ship approaches or aligns to the object, it would useful to see remaining distance as clear as when ship is warping to, especially if you have to switch selected objects in overview or change its tabs.

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suggestion: change “Base armour damage” or “base shield damage” to “average armour damage” and “average shield damage”
keywords: ui, info, damage
note: It’s misleading and doesn’t communicate very well to players

Suggestion: give the normal right-click options to the home system in the character page

Keywords: ui, home station

Notes: let me “set destination” using this button like a normal system link


would be real handy for going back to stagings/etc.


Option to set default settings for chat channels. I have to set text only and compact member list for every channel I join. Better to have defaults.

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Suggestion: Allow to make private contracts to alliances rather than locking alliance contracts to those players/corps inside the alliance.
Note: Right now you can make contracts to any corporation regardless of if you are a member or not, but for alliance level you must be inside the alliance. This just seems counter-intuitive to what is possible. Also a complete pain in the backside for those producing for alliance contracts through an alt-corp as it is more characters to manage and move isk/items around.

Suggestion: Change the icon for the ‘Metamaterials’ from using the same icon as Ferrogel.
Note: You could use the same image but change black colour to red/yellow/blue/green for the minm/amarr/caldari/gall metamaterials. This will make picking out and seeing the materials easier at a glance and avoid any confusion.

Allow selling from station containers and not just root of the inventory. Very annoying having to move items all the time to sell it.

Also allow selling from ship inventory if docked at station.


Show corpse names in contracts.


Suggestion: Allow alphas to partially train for skills if it goes past the 5m limit

Keywords: alpha, skill queue, training queue

It’s nice to squeeze as much SP as I can from an alpha, but when I forget skills with long trains like medium guns or Energy Grid Upgrades, often it is too large to add and training abruptly stops without allowing you to partially train it. This essentially leaves out SP you can’t train or have to waste on skills you don’t need for that character. In this example screenshot, I’m left with more than 400k SP I can’t use.

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Suggestion: set all skins on SISI to available/collected
Keywords: SISI, skins
Notes: It could be useful to see and test skins before they get released on the live server. A good example would be the Spirit skin for the Proteus (I had it, and I’m still not over it being replaced with a useless implant), or a more recent example are the Vitalshift skins, which look good, but I would like to actually see how they function, before I decide to buy and activate one.

Suggestion: T3 Sub-system Bay in Fitting window
Keyword: Fitting, Ghost Fitting, Button, Subsystem

Note: When fitting ships we don’t have a quick button to open the recently added T3c subsystem bay. Please add a button that appears when fitting a t3c so we can quickly open the bay with out having to right click.

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suggestion: Change low sec security status loss to only lose status when you aggress pods, opening up low sec for pvp and removing “punishment-for-being-successful-mechanics” model of low sec. Suspect and normal status changes work as normal

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Just a thought - maybe only allow ECM drones on ECM bonused ships

Suggestion: Radial Menu for Fleet controls
Keywords : FC, Radial Menu, UI, Fleet
Note : Make fleet warp and other commands easier

Put all the fleet commands on a Fleet radial menu. Currently dropping down all the menu options is too clunky. Radial menu please !!