Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Can we have an option to “collapse all” on the browse market tab as it seems every time it is opened there are multiple trees open and it isnt as easy to find anything. I believe the market tree used to always collapse but now it doesnt.


A “feature missing”: To be able to trash equipment in Upwell Structures (not under attack / reinforced). I never seem to be able to trash useless equipment remotely.

I have tried dozens of times. Some structures I can dock in, others no longer, but this also happens in the ones where I have full admin/docking rights, and even in the ones I own. I just tried to trash a single scan probe in a structure I own and manage, with full admin rights and as the CEO of the corporation, 25 jumps away. “This item is no longer within your reach”.

Yeah yeah, I can “Asset Safety” (which really needs a UI overhaul), but what a hassle for a probe or 1 unit of Trit… Especially when I own the structure. :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Additional skill filters in the Character Sheet.
Keywords: Character Sheet, Skills
Note: Narrowing results to make it easier to find things to train.

May be a bit of a bitter vet issue, but the more I train the harder it becomes to find things to train.
2 suggested Filters:

Uninjected: As it implies shows only skills that are uninjected, similar to the “My skills” filter but in reverse. Currently the best way to find these skills is the “All skills” filter, which causes a lot of bloat and scrolling just to find something you’ve not yet trained. These skills also show up in the “Have prerequisites for” filter, which works great when you’ve already started down a path are are looking for secondary/tertiary skills to complement, but not for looking into new skill paths you’ve not started.

Untrained: A filter similar to the “Can train now” filter but it filters out only skills that have been fully trained, allowing players to quickly find skills in a specific category they’d like to be training in, but without the bloat of skills they’ve already completed

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Suggestion: Make ‘Shareholders’ section of Corp Wallet Copy-and-Paste-able
Keywords: ui, wallet, shares, copy and paste
Note: Eliminates massive tedium when making shareholder statistics

Our corp (300+ chars) uses the shareholder system extensively, and we get a lot out of it. We have begun publishing pie charts of corporate ownership, but inputting the name, corp, and count of 119 different shareholders was extremely tedious. Updating it will be a similar matter unless the information can be copy-and-pasted. It would also be very helpful if the information was pasted in a .csv format or something else with a delimiter.

Suggestion: Treat alternate ship holds like the cargo hold when running missions

Keywords: UI, mission, hold
Note: Too many incorrect warnings when mission loot isn’t in the cargo hold

When you are running distribution missions using a transport ship the UI presents incorrect warnings:

  • Insufficient cargo space (fleet hangar is big enough)
  • Missing cargo (actually, its in the fleet hangar)

The agent dialog box doesn’t show that the mission can be completed upon arrival at the destination (I guess the game only looks in the station hangar and the ship’s cargo hold).

The mission cannot be completed until the cargo is manually moved from the fleet hangar to the station hangar. (The game only moves cargo from the ship’s cargo hold).

Sure these are small things but will allow me to concentrate on warnings that matter, improve mission running pace, and, most importantly, help newer players.

Thanks for listening.

Suggestion: Allow fitting ships from hangar containers

Keywords: ship fitting, containers
Note: Allow a ship to be fit with fittings in a container other than the hangar floor

When fitting a ship, either throught “right-click -> multifit” or “fit ship” option in the fitting window, allow for the selection of a container where it will look for the modules to fit to the ship. Currently, only modules on your hangar floor are used in fitting the required ships. With these changes, you would be able to keep alliance/corp modules in a separate container and fit up ships from there, without having to drag the entire container contents to your hangar floor first (which is very slow, and often needs a restart of the client or a session change to update the UI succesfully)

All alliance logistics will thank you enormously should this be implemented!


Sorry if this has already been suggested.

Suggestion: Auto D-Scan
Keywords: Scanning, Directional Scan, Exploration, PvP, PvE

As an explorer, having to just constantly push the V key to D-Scan is extremely tedious. If there were a significant gameplay purpose, I could understand, but as it is I don’t see what manual D-Scanning actually adds.

Please, let me just “turn on” my D-Scanner if I choose to. Thankya.

Suggestion: Counter locking should be near instant, And locking a ship that is attempting to lock onto another ship should also be near instant.

Why: this suggestion is not intended for balance but for realism. Simply put, if a radar system is attempting to lock onto something it will be blasting radio waves at the target in question, and all over the place. This in turn should make it incredibility easy for something to counter lock them due to the above. When a radar system is locking a target it is screaming “here I am.” Any locking activities done by a pilot should make said ship incredibly easy to lock by any ship on grid. IF eve online was using optical sensors to track ships that be a bit different, but they are not.

Suggestion: When undocking camera faces away from staiton

Keywords: camera, undock
Note: Very frustrating when undocking and needing to right click to get to bookmarks to warp yet since the camera is facing the station you end up clicking on the station instead of in space. Make it easier to undock and go specially if you need to undock and warp fast.

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Suggestion: Close all unpinned windows - keyboard shortcut or neocom menu button
Keywords: keyboard shortcut, necom, button
Note: easy shortcut or neocom button to close all unpinned windows with one quick move, would make out space life easier

Suggestion: changing T3 destroyer mode icons, they are not clear enough
Keywords: T3 destroyer, icons, UI changes
Note: all three messing with each other, i think it will be lot more clear to remove triangle from sharpshooter mode and defensive mode, leave just a crossair and make just shield instead in those modes

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Suggestion: Active kill marks & running total for hull type

Note: After the “Red Baron” Von Richthofen’s Albatros D.V crashed due to a forced landing near Wervicq, His new Albatros D.V was delivered and the kill marks were painstakingly transferred to his new plane.
I like the kill mark system but it would be really nice to have the illuminated bright blue active kills overlaid on darker kill marks that indicate a running total for that particular hull type.

PI Suggestion:

The submit button should not be needed when refreshing extractors. It is not like when building a site or modifying the actual site, where there is a cost and a confirmation is required.

No confirmation is needed for refreshing extractors. It is just one extra pointless click.

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