Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Improve the sorting of ammo by adding more logical sorting layers
Keywords: UI, Inventory
Note: This will reduce the frustration when looking visually for specific ammo

When having all your ammo(all sizes, variatiosn and for all weapon systems) the current sort functions are not very usable since none of the four (Name, Price, Type, Quantity) do a good job. The biggest problem is that T2 ammo is seen as a different type of ammo( example Hail) and this is not sorted with projectile ammo. Same thing with pirate ammo since the game sorts by type and then by the first letter. So get the Guardian, Guristas and CN Hybrid ammo and three times the same upto 18 different ammos in a row (size*type). See screenshot
So I propose to include secondary and tertiary sorting on ammo or maybe even simpler to disregard the ‘Advanced’ in T2 Ammo type. And after that sort by their T1 ammo variation, so all Iron and all Antimatter charges stay together. And then go by size from big to small. I have attached a screenshot to hope fully explain my point better.


Suggestion : Create Region specific logos for medals & regional gates
Keywords : Logo, Region, Medal, Gate
Note : Provides the ability to create region specific medals for deployments and wars. Gives each region an identifier.

Just coming at it from a Legacy Co perspective initially, the enduring Southern war against Winter Co has been worthy of medals. It’d be great to give medals with the obverse of the medal having a graphic specific to each region. Could also have the same region graphic displayed at regional gates.

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Suggestion: Remove reduntant skill requirements from capital ships
Keywords: Skills, Ships

Lets take Nidhoggur as an example.

Nidhoggur requires:
Capital Ships I
Minmatar Carrier I that requires Capital Ships IV
As a result the skill requirements page lists Capital Ships skill (and all of its prerequisites) twice and the Capital Ships skill info window does not show Nidhoggur requiring IV of this skill.

It would be much simpler if Nidhoggur required Capital Ships IV. The UI would be easier to use and skill requirements would be clearer.

This applies to all capital ships except Rorqual and titans.

Advanced Spaceship Command skill has same issue with freighters. The freighters say they require Advanced Spaceship Command I but actually require Advanced Spaceship Command V.

Suggestion: Corp/Alliance background logo for character
Keywords: UI, Character creation
Note: It will allow people to show their allegiance to their corp or alliance


Suggestion: allow sorting of items in multibuy.
Keywords: ui, market
Note: I like to use multibuy to put a shopping list together and then compare prices with an alt in Jita. However inporting a list changes the order of the items making it difficult to find the same item in both lists. A sort by group, type or name would be useful.


When I am in any station or citadel with an industry facility and a BPC i can view that item in the industry to see what items I need for it, however if I look at buy all I can only select stations/structures in the system that I am in. It would be really handy to be able to select my own system, (ie a trade hub) so that I can see exactly what it would cost to make those items using materials from the closest trade hub (or other station of my choice)

Suggestion: Add warning when sending corp mails
Keywords: mail, corporation, EVEMail
Note: Will prevent the very annoying ‘Reply All’ mails new players send

As a new player corp of ~480 members, we often run into people mailing the entire corporation for something very unimportant or in some reply all to an actual corp mail. This is very annoying for a lot of people, and embarrasses the sender. Although I would prefer if the ability to send corp mails was a role (someone could join a corp and spam corp mail constantly until they are removed), having a warning that states that they are about to mail some 500 people would be nice. A lot of people don’t know they are doing that, or they don’t realize how annoying they are about to be. Discord does his for @everyone and @here. It could depend on corp player count, say if there are more than 25 members.

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Suggestion: Make it possible to trade/share DED escalations themselves
Keywords: Shareable Bookmarks, Escalations Trading
Note: Shareable Bookmarks - Public Testing on Duality!
Another sight on resolution of issue with non-tradeable BMs in new bookmark system is to make expeditions themselves shareable. It would work like it’s possible for killright system - the determined people would buy the escalation and run it.

Suggestion: Allow locator agents to provide more information
Keywords: Locator Agent
Note: Make the NPC responses more intuitive by showing online/offline status

  • A pilot could be “resting” in a system/station/uncharted(WH) if the user is offline

Depending on your standings & level of the agent extra information could be randomly provided, If you have 1,000,000 ISK I have some extra information for you:

  • The sleazebag currently in “whatever” system and was last seen flying a Caldari Cruiser
  • The sleazebag just killed a NPC in “whatever” system
  • The sleazebag is currently in the xxxx system alone / with several corp mates
  • The sleazebag has an active mission with an agent named …

The locator agent is supposed to be an information broker - give him some more info to dish out.

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Suggestion: “Remove location” confirmation window to show name of bookmark being removed
Keywords: UI, Bookmarks, confirmation window
Note Currently, the confirmation window when removing locations/bookmarks isn’t really that useful, as it doesn’t specify which bookmark is being deleted.

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Suggestion: Quickbar options
Keywords: UI, quickbar, market, quality of life

  1. Color option for folders (also for items themselves).
    1A. Color option for “Additional text”

  2. “Additional text” option also have option to have icons, For example same icons used in market browser and or new colored icons

  3. Option to sort folders freely, instead of automatic sorting by text as it sorts now and the ability to chose between the two. (right now to sort folders i use numbers and numbers, dots and letters before the name)

  4. Same sorting option as above but for individual items in the folders (and ability to switch in options).

  5. Ability to search in quickbar. (the item in different folders is shown including the folder or folders that item is in)

  6. Ability to export and import quickbar, NOT to share with other accounts but a easy option to save ones quickbar instead of how one make backups of the quickbar now. (As i have understood it the quickbar is saved locally and not on the server)

  7. The option to have a quickbar that looks and sorted like the “browse” window, including the subcategories. One would be able to select the folder option, as it is now, and the option that items in the quickbar is sorted under the default category.

  8. Example 1: you right click on item and select save to quickbar, that ONE item is shown in the quickbar including that items category and sub categories.

  9. The ability to mark items as “Favorite” and when checking the box “show favorite” you only see those items.

  10. Example 1: you right click on an item in market browser and select “add to favorite”. In quickbar AND market browser you can chose “show only favorite”.

Suggestion: Color option for “On Autopilot route” highlight in the Overview window
Keywords: UI, overview, color
Note: Change, or provide an option to customize, the color of “On Autopilot route” highlight in the Overview window in the default color theme.

The current yellow color is hard to see and differentiate from the grey. I currently use the color-blind options to make it green and it’s so much better (see difference in example below). However, this approach also changes colors of other UI elements which is not great.

It doesn’t have to be green, just a different, better recognizable color than the current yellow.






Suggestion: Adding a color indicator matching the system security to the personal and corporation asset lists
Keywords: UI, overview, color
Note: This would allow you to quickly see if a stations/structures containing your items is located in high/low/null. Now you have to right click each station/structure and examine the info to see what security the station or structure is in.

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Suggestion: Option to filter only Alpha Skills from Character Sheet
Keywords: ui, character sheet, skills
Note: Allows you to see all the alpha skills regardless of whether you can train it now or not.

There really isn’t an option now that lets you see them all besides “train now” but you can’t see if that skill is a prerequisite to something else that is also an alpha skill. Also, I could imagine how daunting training would be as a new player to see all those skills and not be able to filter the ones you can only train under a F2P account.


Suggestion: RGB Lightning Slider (or at least switch from cold BLUE to warm Yellow) for the Station Interior Lightning

Keywords: UI, Station Interior RGB

Note: i cant stand that bright blue neon light in our Keepstar anymore, i get headaches, my eyes are burning, and sometimes i catch myself CloneJumping into Highsec just to have that WARM Lightning in the Station. It feels like Christmas, like a SummerBreeze at the Ocean Beach with Margharitas in one Hand, and more Margharitas in the other Hand.

CCP if you can, give us a little slider or only three or 4 LIGHTNING Colors to choose from, when we are in a Station docked up.

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Suggestion: Make it possible to combine icons in the neocom.
Keyword: UI, neocom, icons
Notes: Similar to the Chats icon, I want to be able to have a combined icon for holds instead of separate icons for cargo, ore, ammo, pi, drones, etc. Other things I want to combine in one icon are Scanners and Maps.

The Mordus Legion Battleships are individually using the plural Battleships in their name in the overview, should be Battleship, no “s” at the end.

I’d propose something else that would (normally almost) solve the same issue

Suggestion: Add “scoop to cargo hold” to the Selected Item window actions for MTUs
Keywords: ui, MTU, selected item
Note: streamlines a very common operation

It is always a bit of a hassle to have to right-click on one’s MTU from the overview or in-space icon, then look for the “scoop to cargo hold” command, which is a bit lost down there. Would be nice if we could have the same “scoop to cargo hold” action in the Selected Item window that we have for, say, drones.

Yes, right! I noticed that something along the lines of your idea has already been done: when I set a filter for invetory display, I’ll select (e.g.) a module group and find, in the drop-down list, “Turret energy” “Turret hybrid” “Turret projectile” one after the other, instead of “Energy turret” “Hybrid turret” and “Projectile turret” disseminated all over the place. Same goes for missile launchers. So it seems there could be some “hidden subtype” added to each ammo name, that would allow the kind of sorting you suggest :wink:

Suggestion: Add Report As Bot to pilot right click menu

Keywords: ui, reporting, pilots
Note: Maybe change Report ISK Spammer to Report as… with secondary Bot and Spammer options