Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Edit expiration for shareable bookmarks.
Keywords: Bookmark edit
Note: We can edit a bookmark from the right click menu, but we cant change its expiration after its been created.

If you want to change the expiration option on a bookmark at the moment, you have to create a new one. How about enabling this option from the right click menu->edit bookmark.


Suggestion: Adding Base Yield capacity of the Reprocessing Plant to the Structure Browser in the game.

The only way to tell which is the base reprocessing yield* of the refinery is to dock to it and try reprocess something, as only the tax rate is included in the structure browser. Which limits the usage of otherwise amazing feature.

Adding it to the services section of the Structures Browser would enable capsuleers to find best refinery opportunity at the glance.

By base yield I mean this indicator:

Could be added to:


I would also like to apply this to pirate skins, if rats have a skin for a ship it should be available for player ships

Suggestion: “collapse all” option for market tabs

Keywords: ui, market
Note: Useful to help search through tabs

Tabs stay open… for example, if you utilize the fitting window, it opens all tabs of the items you looked at, same when viewing the price of SKINS, we need a “Collapse All” function…please…it would make my OCD feel better


Suggestion: Ability to see corporation invitations that are outstanding

Keywords: ui, corp management
Note: Useful for CEO’s, Officers, & recruiters

It would be lovely to be able to see outstanding corporation invitations.

You can filter by various applications states by clicking the icon to the left of the search bar, in the Applications To Corporations tab

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1. Block message that contain: *******

Tags: UI

In the chat settings there is an option to block messages that contain: -

Links to chat channels
Links to contracts
Links to hypernet
Links to external websites

Spam? poof, gone.
This is the same menu that has font size for that chat channel, and only applies to that channel, so I can block all adverts in local.


I will check this out.

Suggestion: Setting on Selected Item Window

Keywords: ui, Selected Item, Settings

The auto change to large icons moves all my stuff around under it and i have to unpin and move and pin it again. a choice to having it stay as small icons would be amazing to QoL.

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Holy hell, we don’t need more pop-ups. How about a column that shows what ME/TE, like the ones we have that show volume/size ect? LAST THING WE NEED IS MORE POP UPS!

move the chat out of EVE into a separate application which you can launch from inside the Eve launcher and run it from a second screen.


“Little” things. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, I like the idea

Suggestion: Filter for chat chanels to hide hypernet link spam.

Keywords: UI, Hypernet, Spam, Peace.

What @Galaxy_Raid said… x 100.



Suggestion: make a wardrobe similar to the PLEX vault
Keywords: player appearance, wardrobe
Notes: It would be infinitely easier if we could just use any special clothes we have, rather than go to the station where it is located. A wardrobe similar to the PLEX vault would work just fine, we could access everything we have and remove items if we want to sell them. Clothes already work in a weird way, they stay on when we jump clones, and getting killed doesn’t seem to affect them either. Almost like they weren’t actual clothes, just some blueprint/license that gets 3D printed on our bodies any time we want. It makes no sense to not have all of them available at all times.


suggestion: In the new market order screen sllow us to filter by region.
Keywords: Market Orders
Notes: I have the ability to create 273 market orders and I sell items in 4 of the 5 major trade hubs. Currently if i sort by station and adjust the price, the item moves elsewhere in the listing making it difficult for me to track what items prices I’ve changed so I have to currently sort by name so that the item doesnt move.

By allowing us to filter by region we will be presented with a list of items that is easier to administrate when it comes to changing the item prices.


Suggestion: Replace learning implants with Cerebral Accelerators
Keywords: Skillpoints, PVP, Implants, Cerebral Accelerators

Because of life, I often do not get to choose when my play session ends. The biggest thing preventing me from losing as many T1 ships as I can afford is worry over lost SP gains from my inability to manage learning/empty clones do to my unpredictable schedule. If learning implants were replaced by time based cerebral accelerators that persisted through death, I would be out there every chance I get loosing poorly fit cruisers to whoever will fight me.


Suggestion: Shortcut for clearing broadcast icons on the watchlist
Keywords: ui, fleets, watchlist
Note: To fix current issue where players who have recently taken damage show red in watchlist even after damage has stopped

A shortcut for this saves some clicking through menus to find the “Clear Broadcast Icons” and reduces the likelihood of mis-clicking “Clear Watchlist” in combat.

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Suggestion: Add separate list of chat channels where I am owner or moderator
Keywords: UI, chat channel list
Note: This would make more convenient access to chats where I’m admin.

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Suggestion: Shortcut + Click in “Saved locations in [System]” window

Keywords: ui, bookmarks, shortcuts

I have set my own custom shortcuts alot and only just seen a Saved Locations window, which is absolutely amazing but doesn’t allow for a shortcut button being held and a click to use that list of bookmarks.

I was gonna suggest being able to see bookmarks in overview but then discovered this window
so just using my short cuts would be awesome but its very useful with right click or radial but i’m not used to warping with the radial yet but guess this will train that until i can shortcut it.

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Suggestion: Make view of reduced remaining time more understandable and readable on skill point injection window
Keywords: ui, skills, skill queue, skill points, skill point injection
Note: When I inject skill points I would like to see more accurate value of what amount of time skill training time will be actually reduced on. In existing system I see amount of total remaining skill training time, in which is included already acquired amount of SP before (or simplier, it takes into account already trained skill points/time).