Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Edit expiration for shareable bookmarks.
Keywords: Bookmark edit
Note: We can edit a bookmark from the right click menu, but we cant change its expiration after its been created.

If you want to change the expiration option on a bookmark at the moment, you have to create a new one. How about enabling this option from the right click menu->edit bookmark.

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Suggestion: Adding Base Yield capacity of the Reprocessing Plant to the Structure Browser in the game.

The only way to tell which is the base reprocessing yield* of the refinery is to dock to it and try reprocess something, as only the tax rate is included in the structure browser. Which limits the usage of otherwise amazing feature.

Adding it to the services section of the Structures Browser would enable capsuleers to find best refinery opportunity at the glance.

By base yield I mean this indicator:

Could be added to:

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