Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Captain Panther) #167

Suggestion: Display estimated content price in cargo scanner result window
Keywords: ui, scan, price

(Captain Panther) #168

Suggestion: Make session change timer visible after changing clone at the same citadel
Keywords: ui, session, clone, timer
Note: Currently if you jump into the clone on the same citadel you are docked in then there will be some hidden session timer with no visible indication denying you from boarding a ship

(Evaldia) #169

@Nunosh could you give an example of an item you could be looking for?

In “Available Contracts” filter options are as follows:

Search field: leave empty if you are not looking for a specific item;
Location: All Regions;
Contract Type: All (or “Want to Sell”);
Item Category: Module (if it’s a module you’re looking for, or pick another);
Item Group: select specific group if you know which it belongs to (only available if you have selected a category)

should remove all the “Blueprint” matches that you do not want to see, “Multi items” contracts may still contain them, though

(Zen BraZen) #170

Suggestion: Ability to set and use preset D Scan settings.
KeywordsL UI, D scan, Preset
Note: Useful for finding targets quicker

Provide some definable buttons to preset range and angel. This way you can go from wide area to precise targeting much quicker.

(KarmicOzzie) #171

Suggestion: Have default “Orbit”, and “Keep at” range settings persist per ship instead of globally.

Keywords: UI, Defaults

Note: Useful for players who perform multiple roles

Any time that I switch from a ship with railguns (close range) to a missile boat (long range) I need to change the defaults for the keep at and orbit ranges. Also, if I swtich between ships with different bonuses, speeds, etc, I set the ranges differently also. Instead of having to reset these values each time I switch to a new ship, I would like the defaults persisted per ship, so that I can set my rail blaster to have a range of 2,500 m and my missile boats to a range of 30km and just leave those as the defaults.

(Laetitia Nzero) #172

Suggestion: Add small green light etc. to show active skin license in Item Hangar
Keywords: UI, Skins, Item Hangar, 2Kool4Skool
Note: Completionist dreams

Skins are a pretty big deal now. I have quite a stockpile and was made aware there is no way to see if you have an active license in the Item Hangar. You must right click and activate the license individually, then see if you have that particular one activated or not through the pop-up window.

I photoshopped a proposed change to the skin icons showing a simple green light on the skin icon, showing the player has this skin activated at a glance.


(Nunosh) #173

my bad, it works perfectly as you suggested

many thanks @Evaldia


(Nunosh) #174

Suggestion: be able to extract to excel the information on both personal and corporate’ wallets, the list of all contracts made and the content of our hangar items
Keywords: data

(Erethond) #175

Suggestion: Broadcast messages in the message frames instead of local
Keywords: Message, PvE, UI
During missions, and in the current Warzone sites when approaching wrecks, messages are broadcast in local (stuff like: “You notice a container next to wreck ???” or “Sleepers are coming!” or “Kruul is calling for reinforcements!”). I use local as an intel channel, by having it along the right side of my screen, but I cover up the actual chat with other windows because local chatter is not really interesting (especially in Jita!).

Having the PvE messages show up in the same UI element as the “Drones are targetting X” or “Your afterburner is already running”, which are much more visible, would be much more useful. These PvE messages are not chat and do not belong in local.

(StaticViolence) #176

can we give shuttles the same 90% jump fatigue reduction industrial ships get so we dont have to keep a bunch of industrial ships around to use jump bridges

Shuttles and pods now have 90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue.

Added in the March 18 release, yay

(Elrond Imladris) #177

I don’t know if this has been suggested before but I think these three items would be beneficial to the player base.

  1. Clones
  • Allow multiple clones in a NPC & player owned station.

Many of the people I know use clones for specific purposes besides jumping to remote stations. A clone will usually have specific implants to do a specific job like one for mining, PvP, research and invention, etc. As it stands each clone requires going to a different station with a clone bay which can be and often is a major hassle.

  • Allow those clones to have a editable description label say about 15 - 20 characters
  1. Multiple wallets for a character.

Like Corporations players would benefit from having multiple wallets. As in real life having multiple wallets would make managing ISK easier; right now we have one wallet for everything. The code is there for corps so it just a matter of adapting it for player wallets. A good example reason say your saving up for your next blingy ship or want a “rainy day fund”; having you “savings” money separate from your regular cash funds could help.

  1. Add a sub menu/dial to the “Align”/“Approach” for a celestial object.

Everyone in EVE uses the “Align”/“Approach” menu/dial option at some point in the game but anyone who does PvP or PvE encounters you often want to align some place else other then the only objects available. Adding a Align/Approach 90, 180, 270 to the existing Align/Approach at 0/360 would be a useful addition.

(Misty Mourning) #178

I’ve found this to happen if using right-click to move the camera but left-click leaves the view where I left it.

On a related note, I’d like to be able to lock the camera into a default position, say directly behind and slightly above my ship, with the option to still be able to look around. I get tired of re-aligning my camera after every jump so I can see if there are any red thingies ahead of me.

(Misty Mourning) #179

Also the “Are you sure you want to repackage this item” nag. Yes, I’m sure!

(Misty Mourning) #180

Also allow switching characters within the same account without logging off the account. Logout, login, select character… just logout the character and choose another on the same account… if that is possible.

(Misty Mourning) #181

Also, there should be more emphasis on Character Name Policy, specifically, Section 3.b.:
“Blatantly offensive names created in direct violation of the EVE Online Terms Of Service and the User and Character Name Policy will not be eligible for name change approval under any circumstances. These characters and their assets will be immediately deleted upon discovery and disciplinary action may be taken against the player’s account.”

(Misty Mourning) #182

Unless I am misunderstanding, you can see that by expanding the drone group so it shows the individual drones. Along with their activity, (idle, fighting, returning, etc), it shows their shield, armor and hull status as a bar that turns red with damage.

(Giddy McFee) #183


You have say 3 characters on one account, you log into toon B and want to start his training, but toon A is already training. You don’t want to buy training time you choose to stop training on toon A, but you have to log out and log in, stop training, then log out and log in.

It would be nice if we could start training (and auto stop training) from within one login session.

(Misty Mourning) #184

I have this problem too using a 4k UHD TV for a monitor. The images are beautiful, but text and mouse cursor gets lost easily. It’s not the brightness so much as the color of the font and cursor blend in with light backgrounds. It would be nice to be able to adjust the color to see them better. I have tried the shaders and color blind options, but it doesn’t help. Especially because on 4k the cursor is so tiny and does not scale with the rest of the UI.

Suggestion: Scale the cursor with the rest of the UI. I’ve been told it isn’t possible because it is hard-coded. You need to fix that.

(Misty Mourning) #185

Not only that, but have it use the existing inventory window that is already open.
I have set the option in Settings “Try to use existing window except when Shift is pressed” but it doesn’t “try” hard enough. It opens a second window and leaves it open, resulting in a stack of open windows all looking at the same inventory.

(Misty Mourning) #186

I also noticed that the Inventory Window option “Always Show Full Tree” does not expand the Corp Hangars, thus does not “Show Full Tree”.