Lockheart Trading Company | Recruiting Abyssal Divers and PvPers

War Profiteers: https://youtu.be/KQDf1Z9S_Vw

Hello everyone!

Lockheart Trading Company is an organized, established corporation that specializes in providing Triglavian wares and enemy corpses to the larger Eve community. We’re a null-based corporation and proud founding member of the sov-holding Hardly Competent Alliance.

Although our members have a diverse set of interests, we’re currently focusing our activities to develop a more effective, tight-knit community - and with that in mind, we have the following requirements:

  1. 5mil SP minimum
  2. Must be interested in Abyssals and PvP (even if you aren’t experienced)
  3. Must be able to fly a Hawk and must be willing to train into corp, alliance, and coalition doctrines.
  4. Must be willing to use voice comms and get involved with the community
  5. Must be willing to live in sov null, defend our space, and participate in other ops as needed.

We’re looking to make friends who want to play together and achieve things together, not just numbers to fill stratops.

If that sounds interesting to you, send Martin Lockheart a message ingame or join our Discord and shoot me a message there.

Martin Lockheart