Log YC119 - Am I you? You are me?

(Kleenet Crendraven) #1

I’m alone and yet I see so many others… from my view they look and act just like me, yet they have a purpose. It was not long ago I awoke to find ports on my backside and name label showing “Kleenet Crendraven”. There was friendly voice guiding me, even presented me a ship. This was the last time my lips curved upward and I felt needed.

There must have been a past life, which I am unaware of. I awoke into Gallente, I don’t clearly know what that means. I was brought to a university where I studied Military and Mining. I was able to get some new ships and some hands-on experience. I enjoyed it.

I lay here contemplating meaning. I’m here to live, to become a great and well-known citizen of the stars… This is exciting up until I get into my ship. I don’t have a place to be. Shall I just explore? The stars are beautiful yes, but stargazing only lasts so long. I see in my university that the police or fellow capsuleers hunt bounties for fun, but I’m not ranked up enough yet to produce a good result. I don’t want to die trying to find life.

I have been studying and training mostly. Ranking up in my skills via my courses with no hands on experience. I’m pretty good at scanning, though its not difficult to scan an area I don’t know what I am scanning for! Sorry, sometimes the unknown pointlessness gets to me. I do not want to give up. I enlisted in this life and I will find a purpose… I desperately hope.

I am transmitting my log today to seek help, stories, education or maybe… maybe if the luck of the stars is with me… a purpose.

When I woke, the friendly guide passed me a note, advised I not speak of it. It must be from my prior Earth life, it spoke of family and my brother. We used to encode messages to each other. So I’ll my log with this:

nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa’‘e’? wait, that means where’s the toilet…

I meant: Qapla’! & Fly Safe,

Kleenet Crendraven

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #2

I thought you said you were going to stop eating moldy Rye bread?

(Boldly Gone) #3

Perhaps today is a good day to die - qul!

(system) #4

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