Lonely is the word

The life of the carebear is a lonely life, a solitary life… a hard life.

Carebears work their fingers to the bone to provide the industrial backbone to Eve, yet their efforts go unappreciated and unrewarded.

Carebears are forever the focus of hate, scorn, and derision for all, of praise for none. Who among you has not mocked and ridiculed the carebears among you? Who among you has not sneered while a carebear drilled his rocks and filled his hulls with the fruits of his hard, menial, tedius, lonley labor? Who among you has not pointed and laughed with his friends, while the only friends of the carebear were his drones, and the cold steel of his surrounding hull?

This is the testament of I, Carebearus Primus.

It’s a long way to the 'roid anom
And I’m leaving very soon
On the way I pass so close
To the back side of the moon

Hey join the carebear
If you’ve got nowhere to go
Hang your head and take my hand
It’s the only road I know

Oh! Lonely is the word!

I’ve been higher than stardust
I’ve been seen upon the sun
I used to count my friends in millions then
But now I only count in one

Come on, join the carebear
If you got nowhere to go
Hang your head and take my hand
It’s the only road I know

Yeah, lonely is the word
Got to be the saddest song I ever heard…

Expect to be burned at the stake shortly


I prefer:

Me so lonely… ;(

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Goddamn Hippes!

Gief friends…!


Meh. The true carebear anthem is this one:

Just substitute “bear” for “French”.

Yeah, lonely is the name
Maybe Eve’s a losing game…

Well, the lonely and solitary part are chosen by yourself, there are plenty of people to play with :wink:

I don’t hate all carebears only the dumb ones,also there’s plenty of players PvP capable who carebear more than they PvP I’ve noticed the ones good at PvP also make great efficient farmers-make more lose less or nothing.

Carebears serve their function and play the game the way they want to, same as everyone else.

Carebears of the world unite!


Are you lonely? Seeking a friend? I can help! I can talk AAAAALLLLLLLLL day and nag on your ears until they fall off! You would never ever feel lonely again! I can promise you that! You can buy me expensive clothes and I need glasses! Or we can skip the clothes, I just need the glasses! Usually I’m in underwear anyway! People like that the most! Kinky stuff costs though, I gotta make some money too, ya know? Also I don’t really do extremely pervy stuff, like dressing in animal costumes or diapers or this kind of stuff. That’s just really gross, you know? Why would I hide my body behind some costume? It takes away all the best parts needed for some fun! :smiley:

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