Long John Silver - Looking for members

We are an established corporation in Sovereign null-sec space and now we want to grow our numbers. Mainly we are seeking PvP heart players to enjoy roams. We guarantee daily fights and fair kills along with most amazing alliance and coalition Fleet Commanders.

We also have a solid industrial branch mass-producing Capitals and bigger ships, Structures and whatever we need for strategic use or market, so miners for ices, ores, moon materials or PI are always welcome.

While we offer a high variety of best content, we are struggling for members as some prefer larger corporations or simply cannot overcome their fear of null-sec. We are aiming to break this critical point in which we have to call us small corp without giving an apology for it, but instead a promise of stubbornly keep pushing.

We are serious about what we are doing. We enjoy our giggles and jokes but not the fooling around, the immature brat nor the drama queen.

Real life comes first. There is not quotes on hours or schedules but we expect that when you log you try to play to win and we appreciate the open minds always eager to explore new ways and learn constantly.

I say no more for now. I keep it for further bumps , Message me better in game if you have interest in discussing your recruitment.

Thank you.

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