Long term player looking for null sec PvP

5 year player (USTZ) looking for opportunity to get into null sec PvP. So far mostly null, low sec and high sec exploration. Two toons: 92 mil sp and 82 mil sp. Can fly well-fitted ships from frigate through to BS, now training main into carriers. Favourite ships Sleipnir, Glia, Tengu, anything cloaky. Looking for a mature group, having fun, but staying anchored in RL.

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Hi Xan,

SBBAL is recruiting. We’re a null PVP corp with a strong indy/isk making background.

Here is our ad for our small family oriented corp.

pm me if you have any questions

Milli o7

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Hi Mate,
I believe you could be a good fit for our group, we fly with Triumvirate, a medium sized PVP focused group. Giving you the chance to take part in a wide variety of content, from combat deployments, to wormhole whaling.
We are predominantly EU and have several US based players, everyone in corp runs from 2-5 accounts, so you’ll have the opportunity to use ALTs, we also have some great moon ore to strip every week.

Here’s the link to our add:

Wasted Potential (Triumvirate) is Recruiting! Recruitment Center

Join ‘BOOF Public’ if you’re interested in a chat!

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You should consider joining Shepards of Mettle! They are an active corp in my alliance, Federation Uprising, which is a Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord: FEDUP Public

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