Long-term Stable Sale Of Vexor Navy Issue Blueprint 45 M Each For Now

I have 200+ Vexor Navy Issue Blueprint for sale everyday

Current Stock: 1200

Locate JITA 4-4

Post ID and Number here if you want to buy , i will set up contract everyday EVE 14:00.


Can “Anastasia Vemane” have 3 please?


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contract up.

Happy to deal with you, thanks

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I’d like 100 BPCS at 38.5mill each if possible?
Contract to this toon ^^


sorry. I cant.
Update Price for now is 41M.

Give me 10 please

contract up 10 vni bpc for 410M from nakisha to Kree Tawate.

Thanks boet will accept

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daily bump.

daily bump.

Update Price for now is 40 M.

ill take one please issued to this character thanks

contract up to fatima’blush

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Hi, can I have 1? Thx)

I’ll take one for 40 mil.

please contract 3 to me.