Longer Insurance policy periods

Heyyyyy what’s up CCP how’s things? There were some cool pics of the lava flows from that one volcano. Volcanos are tight

So I was just curious if it would be possible to extend the insurance period by maybe like a couple years?

I have some ships that I thought would die because everyone in the game converged on us but I think I’ve insured a set of megathrons four times now? Maybe our timelines need some updating.

Or the invasion I mentioned is just bad and insurance is fine. I’m not sure, what do you think?

Oh and some people seem to get really close to those lava flows. Seems dangerous, like aren’t the fumes toxic?

Thhhaaaaaanks CCP love ya

You could choose one of the cheaper insurance options and renew every 90 days.

Or more extreme: if I don’t expect a ship to die within 90 days, I usually don’t insure it at all and rely on base insurance.

I’m thinking this post is actually propaganda/ship talk, and not a serious request.

You’re probably right.

If insurance was modernized. More people would welp ships creating content. I never lost a ship that was insured. Besides a few cruisers in the abyssals. Point is the insurance premiums reflect the prepatch values and dont apply to faction or t2…

Hey all, I’m hearing things that maybe leads me to believe I don’t mind 90 day insurance periods

Love ya CCP

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