Looking for a C-1 or C-2 WH corporation

I am not new to the game just revamping my game after living in high sec for most of time here.
I’m hoping to find an easy-going laid-back Corp that is west coast American time zone with active members so we can goof off together and build a fun corporation where people don’t scream at others as little Napoleon’s ruin what should be time well spent.
I have a second account that I am working on to go full on Indy as my second account has literally billions in ships and assets thanks to my character I recently sold to take myself in a different direction.
So my main is self sufficient so no need for begging for isk or anything.

Mostly I plan on focusing on PI and PVE but will definitely get my hands dirty if need be and am definitely interested in learning some PVP so I don’t get blapped all the time.


Check us out man. We might convince you to leave the bear life behind.

Will send in app in soon, in the meantime this is my current skills getting trained up;


And recon ships ships are next up, I have a lot to learn about PVP because I stink

Join ingame channel ‘The Ruckus’ When next you are on.

Ok, been working to inject every possible skill book that might/will be needed for a WH, otherwise I am using T-2/3 cruisers so I think I have it covered however any recommendations on anything?

As long as you can fly t3s cruisers and have a useful alt (for scanning, dictor alt, cyno alt, logistics alt etc.) you will be welcome.

Hummm, no alt for those purposes, my main is in high sec to do Indy and missions, this character was made for support of fleet ops and PI, with PVP in mind.

Join ingame channel “The Ruckus”

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