Looking for a Corp that needs free hauling

I fly a blockade runner and am looking for a Corp that can make use of me. I’m assuming a Low Sec to get cargo (like ammo re-supply) through gate camps.

This is not a service, I’m looking for a Corp to join.

Will fly for tips (no contract minimum), but will ask that collateral amounts be reasonable. No null sec routes atm. 9k max volume.

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Greetings o/
I have seen you post looking for work with your blockade runner. I would like to acquire your services.

I have 3 Alts in a C1 Wormhole that has a NULLSEC static, more often than not, I find this static drop way out on the edge of Eve. I also have a Blockade Runner with me, would you be interested in picking up a load of Missiles for me and drop them off at a destination?

I will send isk to cover the Missile Payment first plus 20million isk. Then after drop off is made I will pay a further 20million isk for your services.

I am not looking for insurance on the delivery, I believe this is exciting for both you and I and maybe a business relationship we could continue as I am more often than not , a very long way from anything. If my NULLSEC static is way too far out for you, I am happy to scout out a bit closer with my own blackade runner but encourage you to make the dangerous journey as it will rewarding gameplay :grin:



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Thanks for reaching out! I’m not looking to do nullsec right now because of the bubbles. Takes a lot of set-up to make a moderately safe journey.

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Ok no worries, iv got alts in Lowsec as well if you are more comfortable with that.

Bubbles are easy to avoid once you understand the pulling power and what trajectory you are flying from point to point wether you will be pulled in or not. It is actually exciting once you are comfortable navigating around them.

The only time I have ever lost my BR is docking at Jita :grimacing:, this was my Alts unfortunate Jita death. My mistake though, wasn’t paying attention :frowning:

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Bumping this post

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We are about to have a influx of pirates. If you’re open to indy corps, check our Scarlet Trading in-game. Based in Kinakka (low-sec pirate den), we have a manufacturing/invention structure with blockade runners that can work on tips.

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I looked it up, your Corp has 4 members?

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Yep, this is the CEO. We are actively trying to recruit recently. As Famine said, there is an active Pirate/PvP/FW system we live in where we provide manufacturing and hauling services for the locals. Mostly ship building of Tech II ships such as Assault Frigs, Recons, and HAC’s. We are only a few jumps out of Jita and it makes for good Indy opportunities to help keep the guys active in PvP here.

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