Looking for a corp, WH C1-C3 or gurista null

~120 mil skill points(maybe ballpark guess), primary alt has maybe half that. been around a bit. high sec, null sec, I think I prefer C1-C3, C4 wormholes the most C4 maybe for the right group. Also enjoyed PVP up north way back when I have a PI team doing ISK generation. Looking for a low stress mix of PVP and PVE. No racism / sexism / childish stupidity. Sometimes I just want to shoot red crosses, hunt at others. Always love scanning.

I am on 10-20 hours a week, US/EST TZ, though weekends can be a bit random. I’ll defend them, clear sites for them, but probably never going to actually do mining again.

This account is just an alt, my main can’t release quite yet.

Hey come check us out Cry Of Death is Recruiting!

You may like my corp. C2 with HS/c1 statics. Older guys, mature, no drama. Pve with a side of pvp if targets are around. Very relaxed atmosphere, we help each other, no douches allowed. Optional alliance ops on occasion. Join t.h.e. Public in game or reply to me if you’d like to know more.

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