Looking for a Corp

I am looking for a corp in the hope of finding somewhere I can just chill out and relax.

I am NOT interested in Null and WH corps - These are areas of the game I find dull and irritating, period. While I am sure some people love these aspects (and good on them). I am not now, nor will I ever be, one of them.

At this point in my career I have sufficient SP and ISK to be self sufficient, so really what I am after is a bunch of guys I can chat to and have a few laughs with.

Hi SB Rico,

It sounds as though you’re looking for a highsec corporation. Whilst your post doesn’t make mention of any particular activities of interest, the members of my corp (Eclipse Innovations) are frequently out and about doing a range of things, though most particularly mining. We’re a great bunch, a little quiet at the moment but going through a recruitment drive. We’re always keen to bring onboard great people who enjoy a chat and contribute to our sense of community.

Whilst we do have aspirations of nullsec, we will always be maintaining a large highsec presence and you won’t ever be left behind. Unfortunately most corporations reach a point where they realise they need to branch out in this fashion to make a corporation viable in the long term.

If being a part of our highsec crew sounds like it may be of interest to you, visit our Recruitment Centre and take a look at the additional info there. Feel free to join us in our Eclipse Innovations Recruitment channel (there are a couple of us there now) and have a chat, or drop an application. o7


Dirt ‘n’ Glitter is a PvP oriented corporation serving in the Caldari militia in faction warfare. We offer content and fleets to eager PvPers at any SP range.

What we offer

  • Strong US TZ presence

  • FCs that will actually remember your name

  • An environment not dominated by obsession with kb stats

  • Regular roams - typically brawly armor droneboat comps

  • Dank memes, which we share with all of new eden in local

  • Stratops with and against other local lowsec corporations

  • The good word of our goddess Kesha

  • Did I mention dank memes?

  • Slack with in excess of 200 pepe emotes

  • 100% SRP for doctrine logi

  • 50% SRP for doctrine DPS

What we’re looking for

  • Strong independent pilots (or corporations) looking for gudfights

  • Unwavering loyalty to Kesha

Join our pub channel dirtnglitter for more recruitment info or contact Mikal Vektor, Commander Sertan, Thov, or FallenDream09 in game.

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