Looking for a EU Corp

Hello i started to play this game recently, currently i have 3.5 mil SP, what i have been doing is c1 to c3 WH exploration, i am looking for a PVE and PVP corp, my goal is to continue with WH activities, (i do really enjoy them), ratting, abyssals, pve stuff, even some mining time to time, but at same time i want to do some pvp aswell.

I have alot to learn and research about this game, for all that matters i am a new player.

My time zone is GMT +1


You can check us out if u want

Hi Rhayne,

Check out Corporation 1 - we are a mix of new (me and a couple of others) and returning (the majority for now) players with a relaxed attitude to the game, here to support, encourage and help all members to grow in whatever field they want.

message me or grislymonster in game if you’re interested

Fly safe!

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