Looking for a Gate Camping Guilld

Hi all, Returning player here looking for a gate camping Corp. Looking for some good chaps to just hangout and blow stuff up with.

Hello, I am a recuiter for Cold Pixels. I understand you are looking for PvP corp/alliance. Come check us out we do small gang and large scale fleets, as well as a gate camping. If you are interested here is a bit more information about us.

Our discord link is in link above, and come see if we are a good fit for you.

I think the invite expired

I apologize for that here is a new link.

I have heard Safety. does professional Gate Camping in HighSec. :slight_smile:

You Are Welcome WIth Us :grinning:


Among other things our members are doing, camps are a way to find content up here and blow things up.We do pipe camps and also find content in the regions near by, as you can prob see on our kb.

If anything sounds familiar to you, have a chat with me.

Whats your discord


is what i would like it to become (ish). I will be needing police, border patroll to gate camp and hunt.
Got fw as well you can turn to for more action.

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