Looking for a late EU or US group to destroy two Athanor

Hey, perhaps you are a new merc corp looking to establish yourself or an experienced team. Either way, I have a small job of taking out two Athanors based in Stain NPC.

Payment to be negotiated and received on completion of job. Privacy and security of contract is of importance.

Contact me in game to discuss details,

Many Thanks,

Posting about it in a public forum certainly helps.


Thanks for the totally helpful impactful comment.

If these structures belong to Wrectical Supremacy or Happy Cartel and you send someone who is at all inexperienced they are toast and you will lose whatever you pay them.

This is very true, It’s a job not for the faint hearted. I’m unable to confirm target on public post but happy to talk with an entity if interested.

I’m totally interested, but I fall into the category of “toast”. I’m good at becoming toast and lack a lot of experience, like I’ve never attacked a structure for example.
Stills I find the idea facinating

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