Looking for a lowsec pvp corp

Im looking for a small-midscale pvp corp/ alliance.
I have about 40mil sp on my main and im tripleboxing with like 20mil sp on each of my alts.
Dont look at my Zkill it isnt green^^
I love hunting and gatecamping but im
not looking for a fw corp.
I can fly every t2/t3 cruiser of every race and i have good experience with fcing and also some solo pvp.
Fly dangerous nerds o7

Morning mate,

No problem about the zkill haha, we all have things we don’t want people seeing on there :skull:

What’s your timezone and FC’g experience?

Here’s a little bit about us if you’re interested in getting in touch, we’re LS and a mix of PvP and Industry.

heyyy thx for your fast reply :))
sounds great ill hop into ur discord.
im eu, +1 eve time
my fc experience is limited to small scale with some friends, mostly nano cruisers or 100mn skirmish with up to 20 people nothing bigger.

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Sounds like the right sort of fit for us, I apologise for the late response we were doing some shenanigans and lost track of time, still looking to get in touch with you and see how things roll via voice, reach out when you’re available my man.

Hello would you be fine with null sec?

tbh not really, i love flying my 5b pod so yeah :))

i will o7 see ya soon

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