Returning player - Looking for nullsec

Im a returning industrialist, got my skills for my hulk and working on learning exploration, Looking for a nullsec corp.

Preferably low requirements, I can do comms to hear but cant speak.

you are welcome with us
We life in Providence 5 Jump to Amarr market and we have our Nullsec market
we have R64 and R32 Moons and we have our industry park
about comms if you can lisen is so good
Come join US join TBD-Public channel or contact newboys or theblack-death in game

Come check out Outer Reaches Imperium.

We’ve got plenty of corp moons to keep your mining side happy.
Corporation, Alliance, and Coalition stations for all your production needs.

Dont worry about no mic, as long as your speakers work you’ll do fine.


Active Null-sec Corp - Imperium Member - Looking for ratters, miners and PVP pilots - Outer Reaches Imperium [ORI-1]

It wont allow me to apply, i did try.

Not really interested in provi, lived there bofore

Hotdropoclock™ [USRK] has returned! We are looking to add both combat and industrial focused pilots to come be a part of the foundation being laid down. Hotdropoclock™ is an active PvP oriented corp residing in Vale of The Silent as part of the great :panda_face: Fraternity Alliance.

What we can offer:
:skull_and_crossbones: PVP & PVE combat content
:cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette: Specialization in Black Ops
:family: Relaxed atmosphere with a RL comes first mentality
:100: Experienced leadership & FCs
:man_factory_worker: Industrial and moon mining operations w/buyback program
:truck: Jump freighter services
:green_book: Newbro training
:flying_saucer: Ship replacement program
:money_with_wings: Thriving Null Sec Market

3m+ skill points preferred
Omega is a must
Must use Discord and Mumble for comms

In game recruitment: U.S.R.K Recuitment
Or message Lynusvan Pelt [discord:Tedruxpin#2305] or Lordsory Ownage [discord:Top#4970] in the game [discord] if you have any questions.

Join Discord :Purgatory Gaming Community
Zkillboard: hotdropoclock Enterprises | Corporation | zKillboard

For the comms requirements, would i need to speak or just listen?

Hey bro come check us out Imperium Technologies well establish null-sec corp looking for people like urself.

Imperium Technologies

hello we are a corp located in null join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

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