Returning player looking for null sec corp

Home found thanks.

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you are welcome

Come by and check out Zero Reps Given.

o7, Agartha forgeries is a AU/EU/US tz null corp that lives out in tenerifis where the isk is rich, and the lazy enemy ishtars are more prevelant than ever

we get rich pvp content, our hostile neightbours arent cyno campers, and nor are we unless someone pisses us off. both us and our content neighbours fly in fun and fightable ■■■■ and we encourage anti-blobbing content, so its alot more interesting and enjoyable for pew pew.

Ratting is really nice, we have access to some really high sec status systems with the ability to lock down our constellation and monitor traffic - good for both gatecamps and times you want to gigacrab

As a corp we do nano roams and yeet fleets, alliance and coalition go bigger and more baddass - so if 20 man to 150+man tickles your fancy youll have the option, thats SRPable. Our nano roams and gangs are srpable if they are cheap, our expensive nano gangs dont get srp, but they dont end up on the kb either

Check us out: Agartha Forgeries

Found my home thanks.

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