Looking for a mining and industrial corporation

I am looking for a mining corporation for digging moons for the tax in Null Sec
Ready to build ships
My spoken language is Russian

so here you are :smiley:


We love mining and would like to speak to you

Our corp would really need someone like you who loves to mine and your timezone isn’t far off from mine!! Our corp is currently located in Deklein and we have exclusive access to our system as well as additional shared systems. The main thing for you is that we provide buyback for ALL of your mined ore if you want. We are building things all the time and really need the materials in mass so your input to the corp would be a huge boost for us and you would be able to do your favourite activity knowing it’s going to a larger cause.

We’re not a mining corporation but we are trying hard to build a very capable industrial arm to what we are doing! Please check more us out

I’d be very interested to tell you more if you are interested. Please contact me in game (Jadecougar) or on discord: jadecougar#4377



Greetings … if you still looking take a peek at us .



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