Looking for a mining corp

I’m currently looking for a chill mining corp for me and one other(who also enjoys PVE encounters). I’m a returning player with quite a lot in the way of mining research. I find industrial stuff quite fun and interesting. Australian Timezone preferred but willing to join others if they are the right fit.

Gday you big wombat / ever thought about coming to nullsec ? Maybe even becoming a goon ?

If yes is the answer to at least one of those questions come check us out :slight_smile:

Heyya! LOLI is a small close knit alliance, we are primarily a PvE/Indy focused group with some PvP on the side and if presented to us. We have a lot of AUTZ (Australia & Asia) people with us and we’d love for you to check us out!

Hey what’s up.

We could definitely use the help in mining and industry.

The Corporation is still recruiting initial members, so we aren’t too fast-paced just yet.

I can send you a mail in-game if you want more details.

Hello Vemtricle Niminen!

We are Strongly US/AU corp with a bit of EU which we are trying to expand, We are a low sec corp (pirate) that lives and operates in Placid/Syndicate(npc null) region

Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
Ratting Space
Fleet pvp
roaming fleet

We also have established our own SeaT website
A fully functional Discord (automatic roles assigned by SeaT)

I hope that you consider us because most our players are mature and 30+yrs old as well
we are laid back and relax and we do our own thing
please do reach back to me and would gladly have a chat with you in comms

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

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