Looking for a new alliance

looking for new home spent the last 11 months doing null sov warfare stuff … don’t want to do that stuff anymore! want a laid back place where i can play my own game, my own way, have lived in high, low, and null over the years ( i have been playing on and off since 06 ) time to just chill and enjoy new eden… not interested in mining corps, sov warfare, or big fleet fights ! everything else is up for debate ! :slight_smile: mail me in game if interested.
ok an update i have gone back to my old corp and now we are looking for a new alliance, we don’t want WH space, we are looking for somewhere to have fun again without endless strat ops CTA’s and big boring tidi fights ! ( hope i’m not asking for too much ! ) ? if you can help message me in game please thanks !


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Hello there o7

I’m Lambda Thyl from the Caldari Navy, and I was wondering if you are interested in joining and kickstarting a new corporation in Faction Warfare?

It is obviously PvP oriented but with slight focus on Roleplay and economy (planetary interaction, trading and logistics).

If you are interested let me know in game and we can discuss details!

Fly safe o7

Hello Tamanade!

you should check us out o7

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Hi Arkitekt of Destruction

I think we (CVA) would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: do everything that you are looking for in a corp. We are active betwen EU & US TZ. We are based out of NPC Null and Low Sec.

Our doctrines are Temps and Machs for Battleships, we also run T3 Loki / Tengu fleets as well as BLOPS Legions.

We regularly run small to medium sized fleets so you will feel as though you are contributing towards regrowing and modernising our community.

Check out our latest video, explains what we have been up to since leaving Provi.

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?

Ernak Barca

Come check out TDSIN in Solitude!

Tired of the null blocks? try something new!
C5 wh corp recruiting!



-Lots of isk to roll in!

  • Moon Mining

-mainly USTZ

  • Gas Harvesting


  • Ratting

-Manufacturing in hole

  • Great Buyback system!

  • Fleet events

-SRP on fleets!


  • Seat esi login

  • Discord

-Character MUST be 10+ days old

come talk to us here for more info :slight_smile: Murderous Mindset


You sound our speed, if you’re still looking check us out.

Are you tired of null politics? Do you wanna fly with a group of non toxic people? Wanna enjoy the game not live it?
Join us at The Order of Omerta …

We are The Order of Omerta and we are mostly a mining/indy corp. But we also enjoy missions,abyssals, wh exploration and more. We are looking for veteran, returning and newer players alike to join our various fleets and help us build this Corp.

We are small but were trying to find chill folks to who like to hang out with like-minded people while shooting the ■■■■ on coms. (discord)

What we offer:
Buyback programs
Engineering structures
Mining boosts
Mission fleets
Nearly maxed out reprocessing
Moon mining (HS and null)
Nullsec ratting and indy
PvP roams and filament fleets
WH mining and exploration
Relaxed attitude
All time zones are welcome (US and EU are our strongest)

What we Want:
Mic for coms
Esi check
Newbros must have finished tutorials
Active for at least once a week (in eve online)
Bonus points if you like to pvp and don’t mind helping newbros out.
Relaxed attitude (it’s a game not a lifestyle)
Open mind (if you can’t handle people who are different or opinions that don’t match yours then don’t apply)

Future plans:
Upgrade pvp capabilities
Lowsec presence
Stronger industry supply chain (reactions/Gas huffing/mass production)
Wormhole presence

We are trying to build a great community and welcome others to join and help us create a great corp and alliance.

Come say hi and we will be happy to answer any question.
Discord The Order of Omerta
In game channel The Order Recruitment

just sent you an ingme mail and to the top we go


Found you :smiley:

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We would love to speak with you pop by our discord




Nash Equilibrium Fair Industrial Enterprise are recruiting EUTZ and USTZ members. (NOW ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS)

We are a close knit bunch of guys and girls that enjoy all aspect of eve and the high, low and Nullsec life we are looking to recruit more people and grow the corp. plenty of laughs to be had and there is always something to do here.

Who we are: NEFIE is a corporation with very experienced pilots from all different types of play styles in eve …weather it be PvP, mining, exploring we have it all here any active that wishes to expand there gaming experience.

Our corp kill board:

What we offer:

  • PvP all forms - juicy kills…big fleet, small fleet, hotdrops, PvP training
  • Many ISK Making opertuninitys
  • Very socialy friendly EUTZ and US corp
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining and production
  • GateCamps
  • Ratting
  • Logistics
  • Exploration
  • Alliance level SRP
  • Strong alliance and blue umbrella
  • have fun

Here is our pilot requirements

  • 20m skill lvl
  • comms and esi check
  • PvP interest
  • Have a mic and vocal on comms …make friends
  • Able and willing to fly doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
  • Active and willing to get stuck in
  • Willing to learn
  • Contribute any way you can to our corp
  • Omega

Please Join our discord for more information or to ask any questions.

If you are interested in piracy life then have a look and come join us,

hey come check us out o7

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Hi there Tamanade,

Glad you have seen the light and from what you wrote you are a perfect match for our humble house.

We are an 100% independent t pvp corp/alliance that operates from venal.

We are focusing on cloaky loki/bomber camping, blops and nano roams.

With us you will have NOTHING to do with sov warfare, blue doughnut, structure bashing etc

We don’t even care about you api since we have nothing worth spying on.

If you want to hear more just have a look at our website www.mortisangelus.com or join our discord below