Returning player lf high sec EU focussed corp, but NOT full mining

I’m a returning player, played until 2011 or so and tried again around 2014, looking for a corp in high sec, preferably Gallente high sec. The plan is to pick up my old habits again doing combat sites and anomalies for income and solo null pvp to toy around. Would be cool to add some team play elements to this.

A few things I’m looking for:

  • EU focus
  • Gallente high sec based
  • No (full) focus on mining
  • active group with active members
  • not just a bunch of null alts who rarely log in
  • Smaller corp preferred, not really looking for a 1000+ members corporation in a 5000+ alliance

I’m happy to help out others, happy to guide/teach newbies in things I know. Just really looking for interaction and some team work.

Hi Maxim Sharpe

I think we (CVA) would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: do everything that you are looking for in a corp. We are active betwen EU & US TZ. We are based out of NPC Null and Low Sec.

Our doctrines are Temps and Machs for Battleships, we also run T3 Loki / Tengu fleets as well as BLOPS Legions.

We regularly run small to medium sized fleets so you will feel as though you are contributing towards regrowing and modernising our community.

Check out our latest video, explains what we have been up to since leaving Provi.

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?

Ernak Barca

EU Police Force is for you m8 :sunglasses: :policewoman:


I have contacted you in game, contact me when your on and we can have a chat and go from there.

Iron M

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