[AU] Old bittervet considering returning to the game

G’day all,

I’m considering returning to the game as not much else seems to scratch the itch that only eve can.
I previously “quit” in mid 2019.

About me:
2006 Player with multiple characters & accounts ranging from 240m sp - 40m sp.
240m sp main
~180m sp industry
~170m sp titan/s
~70m sp supercarrier/support
and various sub cap / trade toons / cyno alts

I believe RL comes first as I have a family + FT professional job, as such can only dedicate at most 1-3hr/night at best (currently).

Previously I have enjoyed Industry + speadsheets with casual pvp on the side.

I do not know exactly what I would want to do next in the game, but a relaxed atmosphere, no drama, ‘family’ type corp where I can just have fun would be great.

Im open to HS/LS/WH/0.0 / piracy/ etc although admittedly the thought of “paps” or “mandatory” fleets is off putting.

Feel free to reply here but Im unlikely to be checking this very often.
You can also reach out on discord: BladeM5#4611


Hi BladeM5,

I think we would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: CVA do everything that you are looking for in a corp. We are split between EU / US TZ. Live in NPC Null and Low Sec.

CVA - (PVP/Null/Low) Eagle Wing Industries 🦅 - #14 by Ernak_Barca)

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?


Hey Blade,

I recommend u join our Imperial Adventure in Null Sec, a part of the biggest and most powerful alliance and coalition in the game, we got activity across all timezones including AU

Looking to hear back from u

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